spareparts list no.2 Spareparts list no.1  
spareparts list no.3 Å.K.M. Racing   
spareparts list no.4 Lerpyttervej 31 7700 Thisted Danmark
spareparts list no.5 Tlf. +45 97 92 01 82
spareparts list no.6
spareparts list no.7
Lucas spare parts 01.04.2020
from 10112 to AGZ760021
Parts number Parts                                                                                       
10112 Brake caliper rep kit
101140 Drag link end  ? MG TA/TB/TC ???
10525 Gaskt set top Jaguar
11998 Sleeve petrol pipe
12072 Door hinge
12443 Wiper arm L/H Jaguar XJ 6 S1 S2 NOS
10525 Oil seal 
36234 Gasket Triumph
79124 Clips
100499 Oil seal Triumph
104433 Bearing G/B.
104438 Shims G/B.
104556 Bearing pinion
104582 Parts oil seal
104618 Connector
104662 Oil seal T. TR2->4A
104750 Clevis pin
104829 Rcker shaft T/Spit MK2 (NOS)
10506 Nut
105143 Bush Triumph
105689 Spring
105690 Spring kit Triumph
106365 Sold ----
106663 Valve cotter
108496 Rubber ring
108976 Bolt
108977 Rubber bush
109054 Oil seal Triumph
109586 C Wheel nuts chrome Triumph TR4/5/6
110748 Head nut
110748 Head nut
110748 Head nut
112653 Bolt
112654 Spring ring
112672 2 nd gear to Triumph He/Spitfire
112892 Gasket
113229 Washer
114488 Wiper arm MG.A. / T.TR3-3B
114749 Gasket dif Triumph
115784 Hose
117853 Needle roller bearing
117952 Oil seal Triumph
119072 Headlamp rim OE. T/TR3A->TR6 (NOS)
119451 Bush Triumph
119891 Ring G/B.
119893 Needle roller G/B.
120130 Plate
120139 Rubber H/B. Triumph
120350 Gasket G/B. T/Spit MK3/4
121251 Valve spring Triumph
122126 Parts
122289 Pedal pad Triumph
122324 A Bush
122569 Gasket G/B.
123135 H/B. parts T/Spit
123998 Bush Triumph
125217 Parts H/C. Triumph
126857 Inlet valve Triumph 12/1300cc
127211 Handbrake cable Triumph
127814 Petrol tank sender unit Triumph 13/60 Estate (NOS)
128978 Oil seal
129839 Spring ring G/B.
129862 Bush
130032 Shim
130879 Switch Triumph (NOS)
130985 Engine mounting T/TR.4. (NOS)
131212 H/Brakr grip
131476 Washer
131843 Washer
132317 Wheel studs RR. T/TR4->6
134176 A Resistor ballast
134217 Plastiv fix
134529 Brake light switch
136104 Contact set Rolls-Royce/Bentlet (NOS)
136936 Bearing
137532 Spring
137599 Bush
137834 Split collar
137881 Gasket
137907 Wiper arm
138701 Gasket W/P.
138702 Gasket Triumph
139386 Bush Triumph
140549 Clip
141444 Shim inner
142597 Hub adaptor Triumph
142598 Hub adaptor Triumph
143148 Oil seal Triumph
143456 Oil seal Triumph
143848 Parst
144580 Parst G/B.
144595 Layshaft OE. Triumph (NOS)
145083 Parst Triumph
145109 Engine mounting RH.
147354 Bush 2/3 gear (NOS)
147659 Gasket Triumph
148196 A Shim adjusting
148198 A Shim adjusting
148200 A Shim adjusting
148204 A Shim adjusting
148206 A Shim adjusting
148208 A Shim adjusting
148210 A Shim adjusting
148216 A Shim adjusting
148876 A Volt age stabiliser
149011 A Sold ----
148215 Shim camshaft
148217 Shim camshaft
148409 Synchro ring T/Spit (NOS)
148926 Bush rear Triumph
149080 Head stud T/TR.7.
149963 Shim
150328 Baulk ring (NOS)
150881 Pedal pad Triumph
151956 Wiper arm L/H  T. Spitfire MK3
151957 Wiper arm R/ H T. Spitfire MK3
152432 Light switch Triumph
152588 Bush carster Triumph
153677 Flange Triumph
153888 Clip
154060 Valve ccotter
154218 Hose
154653 Clip
154821 Gear wheel
154829 Use 22G1818
155310 Bush Triumph
155455 A Clip linkage
155751 Wheel nuts chrome
155805 Washer
155806 Washer
155807 Washer
155808 Washer
156084 Washer
156346 Cable accel assy  L.H.D. 1500cc Triumph Spitfire
156968 Synchronizer hub3/4 Gear Triumph (NOS)
157732 Bearing G/B. Triumph
159005 Gaskrt rubber
159209 Bush Triumph
159716 Relay159978
159978 Washer G/B.
160018 Washer G/B.
201246 Brake drum T/Her/Spit
209327 Brake disch Triumph TR.
209423 Bush steering column
213689 Brake M/C. Triumph
214482 Thermostat housing Triumph
214890 Hose Triumph PI
215331 Bolt
215350 Gasket Triumph
215846 Petrol tank sender unit
216909 Dolomite lower wishbone seal
217025 Sold ----
217268 Bearing
217539 Use  GCC228
218559 Sold ----
219753 Bush
219768 Oil seal L/Rover
231505 Gasket L/Rover
236022 A Gasket to fan switch V8
241839 Parts
241839 Parts
241839 Parts
243302 Use  GWC1307
244151 Collar washer
244700 Internals 989 holderCollar washer
247916 Parts
255444 Bolt
257015 Bolt
262625 Switches
272564 L/Rover 2,0cc Diesel 1957->61 gasket set Head gasket No 535649
275565 A Gasketfuel pump
275744 Repair kit wheel cylinder L/Rover V8
301417 Use 17H5108
309701 Brake pipe (NOS)
309705 Brake pipe (NOS)
330660 Rubber seal
330661 Chrome seal L/Rover S.2-3
330957 Nut
338871 Gaiter L/Rover S.2-3
346140A Catch
347151 Finisher
347668 Clip
349765 Trim door Rover
352985A Push fix to badge
360958 Botton
361523 OE. Sill LH. Rover P6. (NOS)
369696 Clips
371590 Sold ----
390609 Capping
390738 Handle
390769 Rubber seal
390960 Bracket
391092 Pivot
391094 Wasker
391096 Locking handle
391098 Spring
391099 Spring
391100 Parts
391101 Washer
391102 Nut
391103 Lock ring
391104 Boss
391105 Washer
391106 Spring
391107 Spring pin
391109 Lock handle
500289 Use GEX1377
500319 Spring oil filter
500929 Headlamp rim OE. ROVER Not LUCAS
501466 Contact set (NOS)
501505 T Parts
502087 A Sold ----
502333 Repkit Brake M/C. L/Rover
505237 Rubber ring
505244 Rubber ring
505492 Glass front flasher lamp Triumph
505704 Repkit Slave cylinder Triumph GT6/TR5/6
506069 Bush L/Rover
507631 Sold ----
508170 Brush set wipper motor
509324 Shaft distributor T/TR5/6
510293 Screw
510536 Needle valve
510618 A Nut
510875 A Glass
511031 Pin
511080 Rubber ring
511269 Sleeve plast
511800 Glass rear lamp T/Spitfire MK1-3
512278 Rubber parts Stromberg
513123 A Plug
513675 Glass front flasher
513682 A O ring
513772 Spring B/Healey
514191 B Bush 
514416 Glass rear T/Herald 
515053 Glass front Triumph 1300
515122 Gasket G/B. Triumph
515218 A Head lamp rim
515297 Repkit Slave cylinder Triumph
515341 Repkit brake servo Triumph
515399 Sleeve plast
515859 Vacuum unit 25D (NOS) 5-13-10
516227 Repkit brake M/C. Triumph
516306 Glass front flasher
516308 Glass
516788 Slavecylinder Triumph GT6/TR5/6
516962 A Clip
517004 Use  520666
517332 Repkit brake M/C Triumph TR5/6
517645 Parts wipper
518030 Cover number plade Triumph
518095 Spring ring
518845 Crown wheel & Pinion 41/9
518868 Screw
518995 A Cover
519067 Use  AAU2067 A
519323 Parts
519723 Hartop Kit Triumph Spitfire MK4-1500
519760 Support plade Triumph
519812 Bush kit
519920 Glass rear Triumph
519941 Oil seal Triumph
520160 A Parking switch
520357 Parts wipper Triumph
520358 Sold ----
520403 A Adjuster kit 5½" Head lamp
520089 Lens rear
520666 Diaphragm 1,75"
520957 Use  GRK5005
520999 A Switches overdrive (NOS)
521153 Parts 150 CD carburettor
525428 A Plug
525520 L/Rover  S.11.B   2.1/4" L  Diesel gasket set
528004 Bush Land Rover
529221 A Bearing frontdynamo
530586 Washer Rover SD1
531939 Sold ----
533934 Sold ----
534128 Parts
536094 Use  90536094
537027 Switches Rover (NOS)
540918 A Rep kit c/cylinder
541809 A Rep kit c/cylinder
542192 Termostat L/Rover
542495 Oil seal kit
545872 Sold ----
546435 Breather
548595 Bush
552650 Fastener
552651 Dot plate
554163 Gasket 
554700 K Bumper bolt assy
554914 Spring
557257 Parts
557922 Bolt
557967 Exh valve L/Rover 2,25cc
558851 Bush
564719 Bottle cap
564905 Tube assy L/Rover
565396 Bush
565755 Sold ----
565850 A Cigar lighter
567228 Rivet
568027 Jet
568122 Igniton/Starter switch (NOS)
569339 G Brake M/Cylinder Land Rover (NOS)
570599 Sold ----
570600 Sold ----
570779 Clips
570847 Hose
571718 Oil seal L/Rover
571719 Oil seal L/Rover
572167 Bush L/Rover
572527 Sold ----
572854 Bracket Rover
573110 Parts
573446 Sold ----
575580 Bush L/Rover
576453 Sold ----
576454 Sold ----
576723 Cilps
576825 Wheel studs
577356 Cable ACC  R/Rover V8 L.H.D. 1969->84
578047 Hose Rover P5-P5B
578759 Hose Rover P6 (NOS)
586304 Switch L/Rover
587131 Use  GTS112
587182 Clips
589448 Glass rear L/Rover
589470 Oil pressure switch Rover V8 (NOS)
591628 Shim
592840 Pedal pad
593740 Oil seal L/Rover
598822 Rubber seal
600210 Repair kit M/Cylinder L/Rover
600329 A Block 25 D.
600424 Rubber gasket Rover P6
600425 Rubber gasket Rover P6
601541 Rubber gasket Rover P6
601721 A Glass
601879 Diaphragm L/Rover
601916 Cup assy
601959 Bleed nipple
601960 Repkit B/Caliper T/TR6. Mk1
602037 Grommets
602152 A Core plug
602178 A Gasket front V8
602180 A Gasket
602821 Rubber door check arm Triumph
602951 Bracket
603212 Parts Triumph
603213 Parts Triumph
603330 A Flame trap
603672 A Retainrt
603851 Gromet-Air cleaner to engine Rover SD1
605013 A O ring
606030 A Valve to Servo
606253 A CoverValve to Servo
606667 Sold ----
606733 A Bleed nipple
607115 Glass rear Freight Rover
607116 Glass rear Freight Rover
608067 A Seal
608092 A Wiper gear 110 %
608094 A Sold ----
608282 Parts DC175
609118 Clips
609272 Rubber seal Triumph Her/Spit
609742 Clips
609793 Nut
610624 Fastner hood
610675 Seal Triumph
610815 Hose
611409 A Oil seal rear V8
611437 Cover
612792 Seal Triumph
612806 Seal Triumph
612962 Bump stop Bonnet Triumph 
613169 Clips
613277 Sold ----
613848 Seal Triumph
613857 A Sold----
614020 Clips
614088 A Valve in V8
614089 A Valve ex V8
614107 Clips
614583 Sold ----
614584 Sold ----
616428 Seal Triumph
616795 Striker Triumph 1300 FWD.
616796 Striker Triumph 1300 FWD.
616888 Parts Triumph
617402 Gasket handle
617403 Gasket handle
617430 Hinge Triumph 1300 FWD.
619580 Bonnet catch T/TR4/5/6
621465 Parts Triumph
621539 Headlamp rim L/H. Triumph Herald 13/60 (NOS)
621943 Rivet clips
623312 Clips
624151 Clips
624258 Badges T/Herald 13/60 (NOS)
624733 Badges T/Spitfire MK4. (NOS)
625521 A Clip.
625893 Clips
626479 Rivet clips
627243 Rubber headlamp Triumph
627566 Clips
627570 Clips
627733 Courtesy light switch
629426 Badges 2000 MK2 Triumph (NOS)
630884 Clips
630885 Clips
650130 Sold ----
650313 Gasket Triumph
655157 Petrol cap
703634 Overider T/Herald (NOS)
703801 Grille T/Herald (NOS)
703862 Badges (T) Triumph  (NOS)
703863 Badges (R) Triumph  (NOS)
703864 Badges (I) Triumph   (NOS)
703866 Badges (M) Triumph (NOS)
704782 Crome moulding T/Herald
704885 Parts 
706116 Handle L/H.
706119 Parts R/H. T/Herald
707442 Overider Triumph 2/2500 MK1 (NOS)
708536 Crome moulding rear Triumph 1300 FWD.  (NOS)
708586 Parts Triumph 1300 FWD.
708587 Parts Triumph 1300 FWD.
708771 Glass Triumph
711120 Parts
713501 Socketon hood
715004 Sold ----
722757 Parts Triumph
79090 A Nut
79118 PH Grommet
79127 A Clip to brake pipes
806639 R Inner sill Triumph Spit
808955 Glass rear door Triumph
811872 Clips
814016 Sold-----
814624 Crome moulding Triumph
815279 R Boot floor pan Triumph Spitfire
815391FK Front panel  Triumph/Spitfire fitting kit
815391 Front panel R/H. T/Spitfire (NOS)
815392 Front panel L/H. T/Spitfire (NOS)
819959 Rear window T/Spitfire MK4-1500
850281 Sill L/H. Triumph TR4/5/6
850282 Sill R/H. Triumph TR4/5/6
908026SK Door skin R/H. Triumph Spitfire MK2-3
908970 Sold -------------
911101 Headlamp rim  L/H. T/Spitfire  (NOS)
911538 Windscreen Triumph Vitesse
913442 Windscreen rubber seal Triumph
90520978 Piston ring
90570637 Parts Rover
90573474 Indicator switch Rover P6 2/2200/3,5cc  LU 54320842  SB1004A
90578846 Rubber cover
90606870 Bearing engine
90608307 Wipper gear
90624436 Gasket
AAA1012 Gasket Minor MM 1949-52
AAA1097 Nut
AAA1119 Bolt Minor MM
AAA1131 Plate Minor 1000
AAA1178 Ball hinge Minor 1000
AAA1179 Clips Minor 1000
AAA1316 Rubber bush Minor
AAA1323 Gasket
AAA1324 Parts
AAA1326 Suspension MG.
AAA1407 Folcrom pin Minor
AAA1413  Bumpstop front Minor 1000
AAA1414 Bumpstop front Minor 1000
AAA1423 Bush Minor 1000
AAA1449 Catch locking Minor
AAA1450 Spring Minor
AAA1504 Subber seal Minor
AAA1580 Bumpstop Minor
AAA1628 Spring
AAA1645 Rubber bumper Sprite/Midget
AAA1682 Rack gaiter kit MG.A.
AAA17 Elbow nut
AAA1750 Radiator hose top
AAA1908 Surround top Morris Minor 1948-1971 (NOS)
AAA1950  Seal door glass Minor
AAA1952 Seal door glass Minor 
AAA2486 Clips Minor
AAA25 Sold ----
AAA318K Repkit hinge
AAA3256 Moulding bonnet Minor
AAA3257 Moulding bonnet Minor
AAA3337 Plate striker Minor
AAA3342 Barrel assy Minor
AAA3577 Sold ----
AAA3653 Pivot pin upper Morris minor
AAA3664 Escutcheon R/H. Minor
AAA3665 Escutcheon L/H. Minor
AAA3748 Bracket Minor
AAA4039 Bolt Minor
AAA4041 Lens lamp Minor vanBolt Minor
AAA4129 Bush
AAA423 Bolt
AAA444 Pipe
AAA4598K Buffer kit bonnet MG.A. 
AAA4714 Spring
AAA4750 Glass rear T/TR. MG.T. 
AAA4772 Use LU418888
AAA4776 Spring 
AAA4777 Spring
AAA4778 Spring
AAA5024 Plate dist
AAA537 Spring
AAA599 Spring
AAA836 Gasket heater tap
AAF1026 Control lift window Rover 800
AAF1610 Oil seal
AAM1022 Front panel Clubman 
AAM1206 Sold ----
AAM1223 Parts 
AAM307 Badges front Clubman 1100 (NOS)
AAM340 Hose L/H. Clubman
AAR1928 Stering arm Freight Rover
AAR2638 Nut
AAR3488 Pipe assy
AAR38004 Panel
AAU1108 O Ring
AAU1124 Print ciret Morris Marina 1,3-1,8CC
AAU1251 Sensor
AAU1365 Bearing G/B
AAU1620 Wing side repeater lamp
AAU1700A Switches T/TR. & Jaguar (NOS)
AAU1815 Needle roller bearing 1. gear
AAU1816 Needle roller bearing  2-3. gear
AAU1860 Wiper switch
AAU1908A Switch
AAU1910 Print Austin Allegro 1,1-1,3-1,5cc
AAU1998 Horn low tone
AAU2067 A Caliper seal kit to Triumph Stag / Rover SD1
AAU2073A Gasket G/B.
AAU2082         Glass front flasher lamp Rover SD.1
AAU2093 Sold
AAU2094 Glass front flasher lamp Rover SD.1
AAU2866 O Ring
AAU3204 Switch heater
AAU3252 Parts
AAU3296 Wing side repaeter
AAU3355 Gaiter kit steering rack
AAU3509 Valve
AAU4047 U Bolt
AAU4053 Wing side repaeter
AAU4562 Switch light MG. Metro. Mini    
AAU4712 Headlamp assy Allegro
AAU4946 Sold ----
AAU4947 Sold ----
AAU4969 Clutch M/C.
AAU5037 Sold ----
AAU5127 Rear lamp Pick up
AAU544 Switches heater
AAU5486A Bump stop
AAU5510 Rear lamp
AAU6266 Sold----
AAU6732          Fuel gauge      
AAU7644                          Rear lamp Austin Allegro Estate
AAU8240                                 Parts M/Cylinder
AAU8340                               Petrol tank sender unit Mini Van/Est/Pick-up
AAU8424                                    Nose bearing
AAU8791                                              Vacuum unit distributor
AAU8793                             Parts
AAU8990                           Adjuster kir rear brakes Triumph Stag TR.7 Rover SD1
AAU9058                                Front flasher lamp Marina 1,3/8 (NOS)
AAU9060 Glass flasher lamp Marina 1,3/8
AAU9061 Glass flasher lamp Marina 1,3/8
AAU9108  Oil seal
AAU9374 Parts glass
AAU9541                                                   Wipper switch
ABB130050 Bulkhead front assy Rover 600 Vin 144845 on
ABB140040                                             Front panel Rover 400/45
ABB380120 Bulkhead front assy Rover 2/400
ABB39002                                         Bulkhead assy Rover 100
ABC140110 Cross member assy front Rover 400/45/ZS
ABD140150                          Parts inner wing L/H. Rover 45/ZS
ABD36006                         Inner wing R/H. Mini MK5
ABD36006P                        Part of Inner wing Mini MK5
ABD36007                                  Inner wing L/H. Mini MK5
ABD360190                              Inner wing L/H. Mini MK6
ABD38008                                   Part of inner wing Rover
ABD39003 Use ABD39009
ABD39009                                      Boddy panel front Rover 100 
ABD460040 Front valance R/H MG.F/TF
ABD460050 Sold----
ABD470040                                 Part of inner wing R/H. Rover 25/ZR
ABD470050                             Part of inner wing L/H. Rover 25/ZR
ABD500230 Valance front outer L/H.Rover 75/ZT
ABE10004                                     Boddy panel L/H. Rover 600
ABE500460 Sidemember front R/H. Rover 75/ZT
ABE500470                               Boddy panel L/H. Rover 75/ZT
ABF500250                                        Boddy panel L/H. Rover 75/ZT
ABG140040 Platform lockong Rover 400 op to->2000
ABG160020                                         Bonnet locking platform Rover 400/45/ZS
ABG39002                                                Bonnet locking platform Rover 100
ABG410030                                                 Bonnet locking platfirm Rover 800 91->
ABH130040                                          Boddy panel L/H Rover 600
ABH32001                                                   Parts front  Montego
ABH460111 Head lamp mounting assy L/H. MG.F/TF
ABR2043                                             Cabel bonnet LDV.
ABR3151                                                Hinge seal
ABR3158                                          Hinge seal
ABU140360 Bracket assy centre stay Rover 400/45
ABU38090                                              Brkt.Assy.Cenyr. Rover 2/400
ABU470170 Bracket assy centre stay Rover 200/25/ZR
ACA4009                                                      Bush Minor
ACA4012                                                Gasket
ACA500021                                                          Front panel Rover 75/ZT
ACA5121                                                      Bush
ACA5128                                                     Sold ----
ACA5138                                             Rubber gasket Minor & S/Midget
ACA5242                                                Bush Minor
ACA5244                                          Parts Minor
ACA5248                                             Spring Minor
ACA5255                                              Spring Minor
ACA5264                                             Carster rubber Minor
ACA5265                                             Washer Minor
ACA5271                                                   Bush Minor
ACA5280                                                Washer Minor
ACA5281                                          Parts Minor
ACA5282                                              Bush Minor
ACA5284                                                Parts Minor
ACA5286                                                Spring
ACA5304                                            Parts steering Minor
ACA5307                                            Bush Minor
ACA5328                                                  Gromet Sill Minor
ACA5336                                                         Parts H/Brake Minor
ACA5359                                               Pedal rubber MG.TD/F / Minor
ACA5374                                                      Parts MG.A./Minor
ACA5377                                                    Gromet plast Minor
ACA5429                                                    H/Brake cables Minor
ACA5456                                                    Block
ACA5521                                                    Parts
ACA5522                                                    Bracket H/Brake cables
ACA6029                                                    Gaiter steering rack S/Midget  Minor
ACA8014                                                    Gasket
ACA8147                                                    Gaiter gear lever
ACA8149K                                                 Linkage kit Morris Minor
ACA9165                                                    Parts
ACA9177                                                    Accelerator cable
ACA9302                                                    Parts
ACA9556                                                    Sold----
ACA9569                                                    Sold----
ACA9571                                                    Parts
ACA9671                                                    Sold----
ACA9673                                                    Battert tray
ACA9741                                                    Bumpstop
ACA9759                                                    Parts
ACA9778 Brake pipe (NOS)
ACA9779                                                    Brake pipe (NOS)
ACA9803                                                    Rubber gasket
ACA9837                                                    Mounting gear shift A/M 11/1300
ACA9846                                                Bracket A/Morris 11/1300
ACA9848                              Rubber band
ACA9869                            Brake pipe (NOS)
ACA9919                         Use  GSD105
ACA9935                                                    Grommet
ACB8715                                                    Clevis pin
ACB9252                                                    Bumpstop
ACC5062                                                    Cable fitting
ACF4004                                                    Oil seal MG.TD->A
ACG4030K                                                  Parts steering MG.A.
ACG5001                                                    Spring
ACG5002                                                    Rubber parts
ACH5416                                                    Radiator hose
ACH5700                                                    Bolt
ACH5850                                                    Gasket
ACH5854                                                    Clip hose
ACH6001                                                    Sold
ACH8292                                                    Exh mounting
ACH8508                                                    Spring
ACH8723                                                    Handbrake cable L/H
ACH9041                                                   Hose vacuum
ACH9042                                                    Cable fitting
ACP1114                                                    Hinge Rover SD.1
ACP749                                                   Jacing brkt.
ACP83                                                    Knob
ACU5431A                                                    Nut
AC606081                                                    Screw
ADA1772                                                 Vent assy  1/4 Light R/H Morris Minor (NOS)
ADA2612                                            Morris Minor rear 1000 (NOS)
ADA2871                                             Badge Morris MINOR (NOS)
ADA3580                                                    Badge front Morris Mini MK1 (NOS)
ADA3622                                                    Rubber to door check arm
ADA3756                                                    Badge Morris 850 MK1 (NOS)
ADA3817                                                    Rubber to door handle
ADA4122                                                    Moulding bonnet Minor
ADA4370                                                    Clips
ADA4374                                                    Gromrt Minor
ADA4484                                                    Clips
ADA458                                                    CUP
ADA5088                                                    Handle R/H.
ADA5089                                    Handle L/H.
ADA5090                                                    Handle R/H.
ADA5091                                                    Handle L/H,
ADA5305                                                    Hug bonnet
ADA5476                                                    Clips
ADA5486                                                    Clips
ADA5557                                                 Door glass L/H 4 door A/Morris 11/1300 
ADA5575                                                    Glass seal
ADA5577                                                    Moulding bonnet
ADA5590                                                  Moulding
ADA5603                                                    Sold
ADA5653                                                    Nut
ADA5653 B                                                    Sold ----
ADA5670                                                    Door check arm
ADA5671                                                    Door check arm
ADA5689                                                    Striker Minor
ADA5690                                                    Striker Minor
ADA5743                                                    Handle Minor
ADA5829                                                  Gasket handle small A/M 11/1300
ADA5831                                                  Gasket handle large A/M 11/1300
ADA5906                                                    Badge 1100
ADA5948                                                    Jet
ADA5957                                                Badge MORRIS (NOS)
ADA6083                                                    Moulding
ADA804                                                    Rubber parts Minor
ADA896                                                   Hug bonnet
ADA900                                                Window regulator R/H 2 doors Morris Minor
ADB4811                                          Use  610624
ADC560                                                    Gasket wheelbox
ADC560X                                                    Gasket kit
ADE9648                                                    Door seal Minor
ADG1682                                                    Clip
ADH3809                                                    Clips
ADH656                                                    Handel Minor
ADH833                                                    Handel
ADL1473                                                    Hosr
ADL2399                                                    Copper washer
ADL2612                                            Insert rubber
ADL2972                                                    Chims
ADL3940                                                    Moulding Rover
ADN360050                                                    Wheel arch rear L/H.
ADO360020                                                    Companion box R/H. Mini MK3
ADO360030                                                    Companion box L/H. Mini MK3
ADU1069                                                    Glass Flasher lamp
ADU1070                                                    Glass
ADU1071                                                    Glass
ADU1072                                                    Glass
ADU1077                                                    Glass rear
ADU1078                                                    Glass rear
ADU1446                                                    Nut
ADU1472                                                 Mirror interior
ADU1825                                                    Petrol tank sender unit
ADU1843                                                 Int. lamp
ADU1960 Use DAM8740
ADU1973                                                    Headlamp Rover
ADU2009                                                    Clips
ADU2038                                                    Nut to mirrors
ADU2041                                                    Headlamp assembly MP.
ADU2072                                                    Bonnet buffer
ADU2287 Oil seal camshaft
ADU2485                                                    Wipper arm
ADU3018                                                    Clubman front indicator laml
ADU3055                                                    Number plate lamp
ADU3432                                                    Clips
ADU3476                                                    Clips
ADU3490                                                    Piston 998cc 10,3-1 cr
ADU3500                                                     Washer
ADU3834                                                    Clip
ADU3922/20                                                    Piston 998cc 8,3-1 cr
ADU3922/40                                                    Sold ----
ADU4023                                                    Number plate lamp Metro
ADU4024                                                    Clip
ADU4185                                                    Clip
ADU4235                                                    Clip
ADU4278                                                    Rivet
ADU4482                                                    Bulb holder
ADU4778                                                    Switches light
ADU4784A                                                    Switches heater
ADU4800                                                   Switch  light     
ADU4810                                                    Switches washer pump
ADU4905                                                    Valve seal
ADU4981                                                    Clip
ADU4992                                                    Spring ring
ADU5065                                                    Clip
ADU5116                                                    Cover wiper motor
ADU5125                                                    Cover wiper motor
ADU5260                                                    Relay
ADU5738                                                    Oil seal dif
ADU5996                                                    Tank sender unit
ADU6025                                                    Svitch ignition
ADU6109                                                    Sensor air temp Mini SPI
ADU6262                                                    Bulb holder
ADU6289                                                    Screw
ADU6472                                                    Bolt
ADU6581 A                                                 petrol cap Rover SD1
ADU6606                                                    Screw
ADU6617                                                    Clip
ADU6836                                                    Screw
ADU7004                                                Clip to brake pipesScrew
ADU7079                                                    Front indicator lamp Metro
ADU7080                                                    Front indicator lamp Metro
ADU7130                                                    Sensor Rover SD1
ADU7152                                                    Parts SU.
ADU7184                                                    Tube dhrnes
ADU7309                                                    Side indicator 
ADU7340                                                    Sensor Mini 1,3I. SPI-MPI.
ADU7538                                                    Connector
ADU7619                                                    Bearing G/Box
ADU7737                                                    Rubber hose
ADU8050                                                    Circlip
ADU8128                                                    Clip
ADU8153                                                    Connector
ADU8225                                                    Sensor
ADU8229                                               Sensor knock igniton 2000cc T. serie
ADU8463                                                    Retainer
ADU9027                                                    Parts
ADU9102                                                     Sold ----
ADU9144                                                    Oil seal
ADU9198                                                    Clip ??
ADU9475 EVA                                                   Wheel bearing front Rover 800
ADU9617EVA Use  GHK1260
ADU9665 Wheel bearing rear Rover 800
ADU9826EVA Use GFE189
AEA3030                           Sold -----
AEA306                                                    Termostat housing Sprite MK1
AEA311                                                    Valve spring
AEA312                                                    Bolt
AEA401                                                    Valve spring
AEA403                                                    Collar
AEA434                                                    Exh. valve
AEA536                                                    Spring
AEA574                                                    In. valve Cooper 997cc/1100cc
AEA596                                        Sold ----
AEA602                                                    Spring SU.
AEA635                                                    Plug 1"
AEA653                                                Top cap Cooper S. Competition
AEA695                                                    Sold --------
AEA696                                                    Sold --------
AEA764                                                Sold --------
AEA765                                              Sold --------
AEC2075                                                    Spring SU.
AEC2083                                              Gasket
AEC339                                              Gasket
AEC876                                              Core plug 1-5/16"
AED172                                              Washer
AEG167                                             Rocker screw Cooper S. (NOS)
AEG3008                                             Synchronizer gear hub
AEG3123                                             Spring
AEA314                                             Push rod 1275cc
AEG352                                             Parts SU.
AEG554B                                             Gasket
AEG584K                                             Cam follower Cooper S. kit
AEG592                                             In. valve 35,6mm Cooper S
AEG653                                             Top cap Cooper S. S/T.
AEH194                                             Bolt MG.A/C.
AEH551                                             Gasket SU. H4
AEH592                                             Core plug
AEH771                                             Camshaft gear Steel S/T. (NOS)
AEK113                                          Parts
AEU1061A                                             Headlamp assy.
AEU1273                                             Repkit servo steering rack
AEU1313A                                             Bulb holder
AEU1322                                             Rep kit air condition
AEU1541A                                             Gromet
AEU1645                                             Repair kit steering rack Rover SD.1.
AEU1760                                             Pick up moduel distrubutor
AEU2078L                                         Bolt cylinder head VN Diesel
AEU2761                                         Repair kit  L/Rover
AEU3040                                             Sold ----
AEU4275 Use TGK705973EVA
AEU4331                                             Gasket  Rover SD.1.
AFA1491                                             Hingr rear door Mini
AFA560                                       Glass rear door Morris Minor
AFB160020                                             Boot floor pan assy R.400/45/ZS.
AFH1684                                             Tap
AFH2546                                             Parts
AFH6533                                             Catch door glass L/H.
AFK1570                                             Gear parts
AFP1024                                             Door glass seal
AFP1025                                             Door glass seal
AFP1072                                             Gromet
AFP1231                                           Door upper hinge Austin Metro
AFP132                                             Bonnet Metro 80->84
AFP1522 R                                             Rearvalance  Metro 80->90 Repro
AFP1537 R                                         Boddy parts panel
AFP562 R                                      Front panel Metro  80->84
AFP572                                             Sold -----
AFP573                                             Sold -----
AFP663                                             Screw
AFP668                                             Sill Metro
AFP669                                             Sill Metro
AFP704                                             Front wing  Metro Turbo & GT.A.
AFP737                                             Sold ----
AFP906                                             Front panel Metro 84->90 Repro
AFP933   R                                             Bonnet locking platform Metro 84->90 Repro
AFP970 Sold ----
AFR46011 Reinforcement luggage flor MG.F/TF
AFU1090L                                             Clip
AFU1175                                             Clip
AFU1871/LG                                           Cap
AFU2557                                             Bolt
AFU2644                                             Clip Montego
AFU2644                                             Clip Montego
AFU2786                                             Sold ----
AFU2703                                          Wiper switch
AFU2813                                             Clip
AFU2861                                        Wiper arm L/H/D. Metro
AFU2889                                             Headlamp L/H. Metro 84->90 MG.Metro
AFU2890 Headlamp R/H. Metro 84->90 MG.Metro
AFU2894                                             Headlamp Assy Metro 84->90
AFU2993                                             Switches Wiper
AFU3000                                             Switches heater
AFU3080                                          Interior lamp MG.Metro
AFU3112                                             O ring
AFU3358 OE                                             Wing side repeater lamp
AFU3389                                             Front repeater lamp Mini MK5
AFU3389White                                             Fronr repeater lamp Mini MK5
AFU3609                                             Fastner
AFU3640                                             Clip
AFU3775                                        Petrol cap
AFU3778                                             Petrol cap Metro 5 doors
AFU4053                                             Nut
AFU4091                                             Interior lamp
AFU4092                                             Interior lamp
AFU4093                                          Switch Door glass
AFU4106                                           Use  YUF101890PMP
AFU4122                                             Screw
AFU4191                                             Switches light Metro 84->90
AFU4208L                                             Switches L/Rover
AFU4322                                          Use  YUE10009
AFU4470                                     Clip
AFU4496                                     Use  GWW196
AFU4506                                             Bush
AFU4537LG Clip
AGZ760011 Retainer
AGZ760021                                    Retainer
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