spareparts no.1 Å.K.M. Racing
spareparts no.2 Lerpyttervej 31 7700 Thisted Danamrk
spareparts no.3
spareparts no.4 Tlf.. + 45 97 92 01 82
spareparts no.5
spareparts no.7
Lucas spare parts
Spare Parts list 6
No. from 1A1559 to 37H9871
Parts number                         Parts                                          
1A1559 Bush rear crakshaft
1A3717 Lock tab G/box
1A4742 Washer
1A4744 Bush to king pin S/Midget
1A8896 Bush brass
1B2802 Use  BCA4758
1B2925 Washer
1B3490 Use 11G3029
1B4400 Use  GHB182
1B4526 Bush anti roll bar
1B8347 Bush rubber
1B9007 Horn
1B9008 Horn
1B9100 Flasher and side clear lamp Mini MK1
1B9101 Sold -----
1E5537 Spring
1G1319 Use  12A398
1G2295 K Rocker bush kit  15/16/1800cc
1G2331 Washer crankshaft
1G2418 Washer to manifold
1G2541 Engine mounting MG.Magnette & Austin A50 (NOS)
1G2624 Gasket SU 1-1/4"
1G2874 Sold ----
1G3576 Washer
1G3577 Washer
1G3578 Sold ----
1G3579 Washer
1G3580 Washer
1G3584 Nut
1G3594 Sold----
1G3666 Gasket G/box
1G3667 Use  22H1337
1G3704 Bush
1G4271 Use  21B251 K
1G4349 Top bolt
1G4505 Cork seal
1G5999 Spring clutch
1G7444 Dif cross pin
1G7448 Nut rear aksel
1G7582 Nut rear aksel
1G765 Bush rear crankshaft 15/16/1800cc MG.A/B.
1G8791 Rubber buffer
1G9198 Locktab
1G9310 Bush
1G9384 Bracket G/box
1H1059 In valve 1500cc
1H1134 Nut
1H1257 Spacer block SU 1-1/2"
1H1321 Spring washer
1H1323 Exh valve
1H3275 Sold ----
1H3305 Sold ----
1H5616 Use  GPR106
1H5748 Use  CHA600
1H6029 Use  88G597
1H722 Valve spring
1H723 Use  12B1344
1H756 Spring oil valve
1H9077 Switch light
1K4029 Bearing
1K800 Valve cotter
11B284 Bush
11B350 Ball jointBanjo bolt
11B357 Banjo bolt
11B427 Banjo bolt
11B5138 Parts
11D5050 Use  TN606031
11D5263 Use  21A654
11D5264 Use  C5192A
11G12 Use  CAM1039
11G176 Thermostat blanking sleeve
11G2007 Switch headlamp dip in floor Minor & MG.
11G203 Camshaft gear
11G2073 Parts
11G227 Gromet
11G3022   Sold -----
11G3027 Circlip laygear
11G3028 Sold ------
11G3029 Bush 3nd gear (NOS)
11G3063 Sold ------
11G3064 Sold ------
11G3069 Selector fork (NOS)
11G3070 Sold ------
11G3085 Fush rod
11G310 In valve 34mm
11G3127 Thrust washer
11G3128 Trush washer
11G3129 Ring G/box
11G3135 Selector fork 1-2nd gear MG.A/B. (NOS)
11G3147 Gasket G/box
11G3195 Bush
11G3196 Bolt
11G47 Adjuster
11G62 Rovker shaft
11H1028 Use  88G598
11H1103 U. bolt
11H1116 Hub cap
11H1148 Rubber ring
11H118 Use  GSA138
11H1189 Suspension knuckle A/Morris 18/2200 (NOS)
11H119 Use  GSA139
11H1214 Handbrake cable
11H1222 Use  GEX7130
11H1232 Use  GEX7131
11H1239 Use  GEX7209
11H1240 Use  GEX7210
11H1251 Use  GEX7212
11H1374 Parts
11H1384 Use  GEX7063
11H1385 Use  GEX7050
11H1434 Parts
11H1449 Use  11H1649
11H1540 Use  GEX1297
11H1590 Bracket
11H1624 Use  GEX7212
11H1626 Use  8G4243
11H1628 Bracket
11H1629 Cover plate
11H1633 Use  11H2084
11H1643 Enginr mounting A/Morris 1800cc (NOS) front L/H & rear
11H1648 Enginr mounting A/Morris 1800cc (NOS) front L/H
11H1655 Bumpstop
11H1659 Bumpstop
11H1677 Handbrake cable A/Morris 18/2200 MK1-11
11H1684 Use  GEX7133
11H1725 Use  GEX7132
11H1781 Parts
11H1801 Use  GRH248
11H1938 Accelerator cables
11H2062 Choke cable
11H2084 Accelerator cable
11H213 Use  GBH136
11H460 Bush anti roll bar MG.C.
11H5168 Wheel trim
11H5297 A Use  GVP1053
11H5310 Handbrake cable
11H550 Use  GBH130
11H5550 Use  FAM8175
11H5736 Use  NRC6481
11H77 Use  GEX7120
11H778 Use  GRH248
11H8101 Use  GRH248
11H87 Use  GEX7124
11H953 Link
11H971 Exhaust
11K2132 Hose petrol
11K243 Oil filter
11K2780 Radiator hose
11K2846 Adaptor Temp Gau
11K7322 Oil seal
11K7521 Use  13H6766
11K9101 Parts
11K9181 Clip
12A1048 Use  12A1212
12A1093 Use  GZA2083
12A1139 Gasket
12A1148 Washer
12A116 Sold ----
12A1171 Use  12A1382
12A1175 Use  GUG5505GM
12A1176 Gasket
12A1211 Washer manifold
12A1212 Side  cover with breather
12A1215 Adjuster
12A1261 Use  12G107
12A1344 Dowel
12A1358 Rubber bush
12A1380 Pulley
12A1382 Side cover with breather
12A1419 Use  12G2506
12A143 Use  88G402
12A1433 Rubber gasket
12A1435 Bolt
12A1553 Camshaft gear
12A1591 Rubber ring
12A1626 Conrod 850cc
12A1627 Conrod 850cc
12A1735 Breather hose
12A1772 Pulley
12A1855 Top bracket radiator
12A186 Valve guide
12A187 Piston set 948cc
12A1910 Sold ----
12A1950 Rocker shaft
12A1987 Ex valve 25mm
12A201 Sold------
12A2035 Use  GUG705553GM
12A2075 Pipe
12A2076 Hose
12A22 Use  AEG5554
12A221 Sold----
12A222 Sold----
12A24 Use  12A1139
12A247 Heat shield R/H Cooper 997/8 (NOS)
12A248 Sold ----
12A250 Use  2A14
12A284 Sold ----
12A302 Thermostat housing
12A310 Sold ----
12A313 Use  CAM4202
12A34 Use  12A1772
12A360 Use  12G1318
12A361 Engine bracket L/H.
12A398 Locktab
12A4 Bracket SU.
12A402 Rocker cap
12A479 Heater valve Mini MK1-2
12A6 Spacer SU 1-1/4"
12A604 Parts
12A621 Bracket
12A667 Water pump pulley Cooper S.
12A956 Gasket
12B1339 Valve guide EX.
12B1344 Valve spring inner
12B2062 Angled pipe
12B2095 Stright pipe
12B2438 Use  GWP138
12B2747 Use  GWP138
12G1009 Use  TAM1098
12G1015 Valve spring
12G103 Thermostat housing
12G1053 Bracket alternator
12G1054 Pulley alternator 2-3/4" Cooper S.
12G107 Sold----
12G1111 Valve guide
12G1127 Sold ----
12G1136 Use  12G1137K
12G1137 Use  12G1137K
12G1137K Spring kit Cooper S.
12G1300 Bolt con rod
12G1305 Plastic fan 1,100"
12G1313 Use 2A964
12G1318 Adaptor plate
12G1319 Bolt
12G1322 Use  AHU1049
12G134 Gasket
12G1428 Plug
12G1444 Ring gear S/Midget 1275cc
12G1811 Sold ----
12G1926 Rocker shaft post
12G1927 Rocker shaft post
12G1963 Valve guide 1275cc
12G1980 Use  8G727
12G2006 Parts
12G201 N Cylinder head Cooper 997cc  (NOS)
12G2075 Linkage  2 X 1-1/4" SU
12G2092 Plug brase
12G2097 Locktap oil pump
12G2098 Locktap
12G2125 Gasket
12G2129 Fan Mini
12G2134 Y pipe
12G2140 Distributor Cooper S'
12G2154 Hose
12G2193 Use  12H67
12G2322 Top radiator bracket
12G2373 EVA Use  GFE1038
12G243 Thermostat housing
12G2453 Bracket 1275 GT
12G2506 Timing cover
12G2514 Use  8G727
12G2518 Pipe to oilfilter
12G2534 Hose
12G2621 Tensioner
12G2623 Sold -----
12G2625 Use  GUG705550GM
12G2626 Front plate
12G2627 Bracket dynamo
12G290 Ring gearS/Midge t- Minor 1098cc
12G2947 Use  AHU1959
12G296 In valve Cooper 998cc
12G297 Sleeve inlet
12G2981 Use  GUG705554GM
12G2991 Use  12G1054
12G3016 Use  LZB10005
12G3017 Use  TAM1089
12G3034 In valve Cooper 998cc 31mm
12G3036 In valve 1098cc
12G325 Use  GRH507
12G3436 Parts
12G3494 B Use  GUG705779GM
12G3503 Plug
12G3512 Spacer
12G4094 Cooling fan
12G4102 Spring
12G4180 45D 1275cc Distributor
12G4270 Bolt
12G445 Sold ----
12G4499 Spindel distributor
12G4520 B Use  GUG705603GM
12G4521 B Distance piece fuel pump
12G46 Bracket
12G617 Bracket Radiator
12G619 Use  GUG705554
12G676 Use  22G2613
12G730 Use  GUG705560GM
12G758 Use  8G2441
12G766 Sold ----
12G793 Use  GLP142
12G815 Sold ------
12G926 Locktab oilpump
12G941 In valve
12G982 Locktap Crankshaft
12H1027 Gasket
12H1060 Bush W/Pump
12H1062 Tube W/Pump
12H1215 Adjuster screw
12H1253 Gromet
12H1293 Heater valve
12H1301 Dowel Crankshaft
12H1303 Locktab crankshaft
12H1317 Gasket
12H1319 Gasket
12H1388 Locktab W/Punp
12H1389 Distance piece SU. 1-1/2"
12H1397 Inlet manifold
12H1405 Adaptor
12H1628 Gasket
12H1630 Bush crankshaft
12H1679 Valve spring 15/16/1800
12H176 In valve spring
12H2041 Use  12H3309
12H2115 In valve 39,69mm 1800cc
12H2117 Use  AHU1709
12H2125 Use  12H2707
12H219 Washer
12H2222 In valve guide
12H2225 Use  GLP114
12H2290 Use  GLP113
12H245 Nut
12H2520 In valve 1800cc
12H2556 Thermostat housing MG.B 67->76
12H2707 Filter head
12H2722 Use  12H5038
12H288 Connectio
12H2894 Use  12H5038
12H2999 Use  AJM377
12H309 Ring gear
12H312 Use  GCP109
12H3292 Tensioner timing chain
12H3309 Top cap
12H3352 Valve springWasher
12H3354 Washer
12H3357 Push rod
12H3580 Use  12H5038
12H3868 Use  22A542
12H3960 Spacer
12H4211 Use  12H2115
12H4271 Gasket SU. HIF 6
12H4344 Hose
12H435 In valve
12H436 Ex valve
12H4403 Spring
12H4467 EVA Use  GWP130
12H4660 Valve spring
12H5038 Sold ----
12H5079 Oil seal O. motor
12H67 Bracket dynamo
12H719 Heat sheld
12H733 Hose
12H751 Use  AJM377
12H766 Use  GWP115
12H792 Use  12H5038
12H797 Thermostat housing
12H814 Gasket water pump
12H862 Gasket
12H865 Valve oil release
12H889 T piece
13H1492 Switch
13H1572 Clip push fix
13H1705 Bleed valve assy
13H1925 Bulb holder
13H1954 Gromet
13H2012 Clip
13H2018 Courtesy light switch
13H2021 Sold ----
13H21 Push rod slave cylinder
13H2132 Use  13H3554
13H2133 Fuel gauge
13H2182 Courtesy light switch
13H2193 Clip hydro
13H222 Rear lamp MK1 Mini (NOS)
13H223 Rear lamp MK1 Mini
13H23 Rear lamp A/Healey TR3
13H2303 Brake light switch
13H2305 Clip hose
13H232 Bracket washer bottle
13H2629 Screw
13H2776 Screw
13H2782 Horn 2 terminal
13H2876 Oil seal
13H2899 Clip
13H2934 Oil seal
13H303 Switch
13H337 Switch ing/starter
13H3388 Cable fitting
13H3486 Switch
13H3554 Volt stabiliser 64->67
13H3655 Push rod
13H3735 Brake light switch
13H3755 Rubber ring
13H4269 ClipRubber ring
13H428 Side & indicator lamp L/H.
13H429 Side & indicator lamp R/H.
13H440 Use  GWW506
13H4444 Cooper S Speedo 200 Kph
13H4459 Oil pressure instrument 52mm
13H4460 Water temperature gauge 52mm
13H4536 water temperature gauge
13H4820 Horn push M
13H524 Sold ----
13H525 Clip
13H5270 Bulb holder
13H533 Sold ----
13H542 Rear lamp
13H5505 Sold----
13H5541 Use  131312
13H5576 Use GRB117
13H5626 Wiper arm chrome
13H5627 Wiper arm chrome
13H5639 Wiper arm chrome
13H565 Headlamp seating rubber
13H569 Bushsteering column lower
13H574 Clip & Rivet
13H5763 O ring
13H577 Oil seal
13H5892 Speedo KPH Clubman ->1983
13H5893 Fuel gauge Clubman ->1983
13H5894 Temperature gauge Clubman ->83
13H5944 Cable to gearbox A/Morris 1800  (NOS)
13H5952 Starter solenoid
13H6010 Number plate gasket
13H6068 Lucas ignition coil  LU 45232 16 C 6 &V Ballast
13H6096 Lamp
13H6263 Elbow
13H6323 Switch wiper
13H6329 Switch wiper 2 Spd
13H6336 Switch heated rear screen
13H6342 Switch light
13H6343 Switch wiper 1 Spd
13H6380 Clip
13H6396 Side & indicator lamp Minor 1000 & MG.A Mk2    Austin A60 Morris Oxford  ser 6   (NOS)
13H6405 Rear lamp L/H. Austin Maxi (NOS)
13H6408 R Rear lamp Austin/Morris 11/1300 MK11-111 Repro
13H6409 Rear lamp Austin/Morris  1100 MK1  (NOS)
13H6409 R Rear lamp Austin/Morris  1100 MK1  Repro
13H6459 Sold ----
13H6461 Clip
13H6472 T.
13H6473 Use  GWW506
13H6479 Sold ----
13H6480 Sold ----
13H6595 Switch washer
13H66 Wiper arm
13H6762 Circlip
13H6766 O ring
13H68 Wiper arm
13H6823 Slave cylinder 25mm Morris Marina 1.1&1,3 1971->72
13H6900 Nr plade body
13H6957 Switch
13H6968 Bearing
13H7014 Clip
13H7065 Clip
13H7137 Sold -----
13H7143 Switch heater 1 Spd
13H7263 Gaiter kit CV joint
13H7286 Bush rear G/Box
13H7343 Clip
13H7357 Fuel gauge black
13H743 Popnit
13H744 Popnit
13H7506 Plast fix
13H7507 Switch heater
13H7613 Sold
13H7759 Sold
13H7760 Switch wiper 1 Spd
13H7761 Switch wiper 2 Spd
13H7765 Red valve
13H7779 Horn indicator switch
13H783 Locktab
13H7848 Idler gear bearing
13H7939 Sold----
13H8133 Use  GSY108
13H8226 Temp gauge
13H8236 Switch rear screen
13H8304 Tramsmitter temp 
13H8424 Clutch master cylinder Morris Marima
13H8527 Voltage stabiliser
13H8549 Part
13H8683 Clip
13H8723 Switch light
13H8724 Switch
13H8728 Switch
13H8740 Switch heated rear screen
13H8745 Switch brake
13H8800 Ball bearing
13H8919 Interior lamp
13H8925 Switch heated rear screen
13H8998 Parts
13H9050 Switch
13H9056 Clip
13H9198 Switch
13H9213 Oil seal rear G/Box
13H9233 Push rod
13H9234 T.
13H9280 Relay
13H930 Popnit
13H9318 Use  GPS120
13H9392 Clip
13H9495 Plug
13H9504 Fuse box cover
13H9513 Needle roller bearing G/Box A+
13H9550 Clip
13H9593 Clip
13H9641 Switch
13H9732 Use  ADU1843
13H9755 Parts
13H985 Clip
14A2846 Spring
14A3839 Clip to seat Minor 1000
14A4255 Clip
14A4729 Rubber under screen frame A/Healey
14A4730 Rubber
14A4859 Sold ----
14A4874 Bonnet buffer
14A4898 Sold ----
14A5497 Rear valance
14A5498 Door skin R/H Mini MK1-2-Van-Pickup
14A5499 Door skin L/H Mini  Mk1-2-Van-Pickup
14A5542 Clip
14A5696 Sold ----
14A5763 Sold ----
14A5802 Clip
14A5845 Rubber
14A6466 Hinge R/H.
14A6467 Hinge L/H.
14A6468 Bracket
14A6476 Front wing R/H.
14A6477 Front wing L/H.
14A6493 Slide catsh
14A6494 Companion box Mini MK1-2
14A6495 Companion box Mini Mk1-2
14A6498 Radiator cowl Mini
14A6499 Battery box
14A6528 Parts
14A6536 Clip
14A6584 Bootlid seal
14A6585 Sold ----
14A6586 Pin bonnet
14A6596 Boddy panel
14A6607 Bracker rear valance R/H. Mini 1959
14A6608 Bracket rear valance L/H. Mini 1959
14A6609 Bracket boot R/H.
14A6610 Bracket boot L/H.
14A6611 Fillerplate R/H.
14A6612 Fillerplate L/H.
14A6615 Radius arm cover R/H.
14A6616 Radius arm cover L/H.
14A6617 Wheel arch outer skin  R/H.
14A6618 Wheel arch outer skin L/H.
14A6675 Dash rail upper
14A6714 Bonnet bracket MK1. R/H.
14A6715 Bonnet bracket MK1. L/H. 
14A6733 Parts
14A6740 Boot cable
14A6744 Checkstrap plate
14A6745 Checkstrop bracket
14A6783 Use  BMP124R
14A6784 Use  BMP125R
14A6802 R Badge AUSTIN Mk1
14A6812 Insert for front/rear screen Mini 1959
14A6818 Door hinge top R/H.
14A6819 Door hinge top L/H.
14A6820 Door hinge lower R/H.
14A6821 Door hinge lower L/H.
14A6824 Fixed rear 1/4 glass Mini MK1/2
14A6825 Sold----
14A6826 Sold----
14A6829 Sold ----
14A6831 Gasket MK1
14A6832 Striker
14A6833 Nylon door buffer
14A6834 Fixing plate
14A6835 Buffer plate
14A6837 R Front surround Austin MK1
14A6846 Pipe
14A6860 Gearlever gaiter 850 MK1-2
14A6861 Frame 850 MK1-2
14A6880 Sold ----
14A6881 Sold ----
14A6889 Cable door Mini MK1 (NOS)
14A6899 Door frame R/H. MK1-2
14A6900 Door frame L/H. MK1-2
14A6901 Hinge panel R/H.
14A6902 Hinge panel L/H.
14A6908 Corner valance R/H.
14A6909 Corner valance L/H.
14A6940 Use  14A5497
14A7031 Gromet
14A7032 Gromet
14A7033 Gromet
14A7057 Fuel neck seal
14A7065 Washer
14A7081 Gromet
14A7090 Gromet
14A7091 Gromet
14A7098 Finiser front R/H (NOS)
14A7102 Finiser rear R/H. (NOS)
14A7103 Finiser rear L/H.  (NOS)
14A7106 Inner skirt panel rear Van/Est/Pick
14A7147 Draught excluder R/H. MK1 (NOS)
14A7167 Upper door glass channel
14A7172 Surround for switch panel MK1
14A7176 Sold ----
14A7177 Sold ----
14A7183 Use  BMP131
14A7194 Boot handle MK1-Van/Est
14A7210 Rear door glass seal Van/Est
14A7211 Rear door glass seal Van/Est
14A7212 Gromet
14A7246 Hinge bonnet R/H MK1-2 (NOS)
14A7247 Hinge bonnet L/H MK1-2 (NOS)
14A7267 Bolt seat squab catch Est
14A7283 Sold ----
14A7284 Spring
14A7286 Rubber surround radiator
14A7299 Grille Austin Mini MK1 (NOS)
14A7304 Bolt
14A7308 Finiser rear R/H. (NOS)
14A7309 Finiser rear L/H  (NOS)
14A7416 Plate
14A7550 SS Rear bumper Van / Pickup
14A7557 Rear lamp panel R/H. Pickup
14A7558 Rear lamp panel L/H. Pickup
14A7599 Badge rear 850 MK1 (NOS)
14A7608 Rubber seal rear door R/H. Mini
14A7609 Rubber seal rear door L/H. Mini
14A7625 Gromet
14A7630 Rear upright channel Estate
14A7631 Front upright channel Estate
14A7632 Upper glass channel Estate
14A7633 Lower glass ckannel Estate
14A764 Retainer
14A7675 Rear door handle wood Estate (NOS)
14A7681 Draught excluder L/H Mini MK1 (NOS)
14A7755 Hinge for tailgate Mini Pickup
14A7761 Tailgate stay R/H Mini Pickup
14A7762 Tailgate stay L/H. Mini Pickup
14A7776 Battery strap
14A7779 Battery fixing rod
14A7781 Moustache MK1 (NOS)
14A7782 Grille finisher R/H.
14A7783 Grille finisher L/H.
14A7810 Glass rear sliding window
14A7813 Catch front L/H. (NOS)
14A7816 Window catch seal
14A7900 Inner wing R/H Mini MK1-1-Van-Pick
14A7901 Inner wing L/H Mini MK1-2-Van-Pick
14A7930 Drain tube door
14A8008 Finisher plastic
14A8094 Clip
14A8095 Clip
14A8096 Sold ----
14A8097 Sold ----
14A8151 Chrom boss
14A8154 Centre valance
14A8160 Rail luggage Mini Est (NOS)
14A8241 Plast bush
14A8300 Bracket number plate
14A8308 Front panel Mini ->77
14A8346 Inner hinge panel R/H.
14A8347 Inner hinge panel L/H.
14A8348 Closing plate  R/H.
14A8349 Closing plate L/H.
14A8429 Rubber parts
14A8462 Drip rail R/H. Mini (NOS)
14A8462 Drip rail R/H. Mini (NOS)
14A8738 Overider Mini MK2
14A8998 Mirror stem black (NOS)
14A9019 Gasket
14A9026 Sill R/H Van-Est-Pick
14A9027 Sill L/H Van-Est_Pick
14A9362 Use JRC2674
14A9533 Crossmember ->73
14A9534 Sill R/H.
14A9534R Sill R/H. MK1/2
14A9535 Sill L/H.
14A9535R Sill L/H. MK1/2
14A9558 Wheel arch R/H.
14A9559 Wheel arch L/H.
14A9672 Clip
14A9715 Sold ----
14A9716 Sold ----
14A9718 Finisher rear R/H Cooper & S (NOS)
14A9719 Sold
14A9773 Upper door moulding Cooper R/H. MK1/2
14A9774 Upper door moulding Cooper L/H. MK1/2
14A9780 Rear boot board bracket
14A9781 Side bracket
14A9782 Centre bracket
14A9783 Clip boot board
14A9796 Clip
14A9838 Parts rear Cooper
14A9877 Corner bar front R/H.
14A9878 Corner bar front L/H.
14A9879 Distance piece
14A9906 Bush
14A9907 Beading for cowl
14A9919 Corner bar rear R/H.
14A9919 Corner bar rear L/H.
14A9923 Overider
14A9924 Overider
14A9942 Retainer for gaiter 1000/Cooper
14A9949 Bezel air vent
14A9980 Sold ----
14A9988 Heater cable MK1
14A9999 Use BMP127
14B1730 Fastner hood
14B2846 Spring for pin
14B5588 Wiper wheelbox MG.A- S/Midget
14B5597 Wiper arm MG.A-Triumph TR3-3B.
14E4290 Check strap grey
14E5946 Sold ----
14G2442 Sun visors
14G2444 Bonet pin
14G5509 Battery bar
14G5716 Clip
14G6451 Cable fitting
14G6728 Clip
14G6856 Grommet
14G7756 Use EAM6891
14G8736 Carpet spike
14G9467 Grommet
17D11 Lucas fan
17G1169 Filter bowl
17H1148 Sold----
17H1167 Circlip
17H1174 Bolt
17H1446 Use 17H846
17H1602 Knob heater
17H2175 Sold ----
17H2281 Rubber ring
17H2458 Parts wiper motor
17H2498 Pivot female R/H.
17H2505 Rubber sealing R/H. MG.B.
17H2506 Rubber sealing L/H. MG.B.
17H2510 Pivot L/H. top male MG.B.
17H2542 Pipe
17H2544 Rubber ring
17H2639 Use 37H2981
17H3368 Rubber ring
17H3496 Use 88G598
17H3500 Use GSJ168
17H379 Nut
17H3996 Track rod end
17H4374 Washer cup
17H4374 Washer cup
17H4379 Lever assy
17H4383 Pin
17H4386 Use 37H6132
17H4507 Use 27H2576
17H4856 Wedge
17H5049 Use 501466
17H5108 Use 17H5493
17H5204 Use AJA5076
17H5243 Use LU 420197
17H5255 Armature wiper motor (NOS)
17H5260 Floor switch starter (NOS)
17H5280 Use 37H5409
17H5302 Rubber gasket
17H5306 Use  LU 554602
17H5356 Bulb holder assy Pick up
17H5359 Sold -------
17H5375 Use LU 555447
17H5385 Screw chrome to number plate lamp (NOS) Lucas
17H5395 Lamp rim
17H5396 Brushes pair wipper motor
17H5400 Screw
17H5426 Bulb holder double
17H5431 Rubber bush wipper motor
17H5469 Use LU 422318
17H5493 Vacuum unit Big Healey 3-13-12
17H5512 Wiper blade S/Midget MK1 / MG.A. 58->64
17H5532 Use 37H5409
17H6379 Nut
17H649 In speedo cables
17H6565 Steering colunm bush
17H6571 Cup seat tie rod
17H6828 Screw
17H6861 Use 513123A 
17H689 Speedo cables
17H6963 Vacuum unit
17H7109 Use 8G8224
17H7480 Use 513123A
17H7507 Front wheel cylinder R/H. A/Morris J2/152
17H7508 Front wheel cylinder L/H. A/Morris J2/152
17H7548 Rim
17H7576 Adjuster Morris Minor
17H7621 Brake lever gaiter
17H7613 Use 17H7949
17H7615 Sold----
17H7616 Backplate front L/H. Mini 1959->63
17H7618 Wedge
17H7619 Tappet type adjuster
17H7621 Use GBK1834
17H7622 Locating clip
17H7679 Rubber ring
17H7861 Use 513123A
17H7947 Spring shoe return R/H. S/Midgrt
17H7948 Spring shoe return L/H. S/Midget
17H7949 Clip
17H7950 Slave cylinder
17H7960 Caliper piston
17H7963 Retainer brake pads
17H7968 Brake shoe spring
17H7969 Brake shoe spring
17H7970 Pin to brake shoe
17H7971 Retainer plate
17H7974 Use BAU2294
17H7985 Push rod
17H7990 K Car set of clip
17H7994 Pin
17H7995 Spring
17H7995 Spring
17H8043 Vacuum  unit
17H8057 Brake lever gaiter
17H8092 Use GBK1834
17H8184 Use GBK1733
17H8185 Use GBK1733
17H8236 Nut
17H8263 Bearing steering rack
17H8266 Use CCA45
17H846 Plate oil filter
17H8583 Use GDC114
17H8596 Circlip
17H8597 Circlip
17H8600 Use GCV1105
17H8601 Drive shafts R/H.
17H8622 Vacuum unit
17H8626 Caliper piston
17H8748 Use RTC1847
17H8764 Seal brake caliper
17H8769 Nut wiper
17H8864 Tie rod
17H8865 Spring kit 25D distributoe Cooper (NOS)
17H9167 Caiter kit CV joint
17H945 Use 13H1528
17H9526 Clip
17H9971 Lens interior lamp  59->74 (NOS)
18G1886 Sold ----
18G8043 Tracj rod end
18G8068 Repair kit 18/2200 68->75
18G8069 Gaiter & Repair kit CV.joint
18G8073 Repair kit
18G8085 Lock tab kit
18G8086 Lock tab kit
18G8072 Repair kit brake regulator valve A/Morris 11/1300   Austin A110
18G8189 Sold -----
18G8223 Nut
18G8270 Use 18G8960
18G8280 Spring
18G8300 Repair kit steering rack Mini MK1 (NOS)
18G8312 Repair kit steering rack (NOS)
18G8327 Sold -----
18G8343 Repair kit steering rack
18G8398 Brake pads
18G8494 Vent Assy 1/4 light Chromr R/H. Morris Minor (NOS)
18G8570 Use  GRK1024
18G8572 Repair kit servo unit
18G8587 Repair kit
18G8601 A Use WLD100350
18G8602 A Use WLD100350
18G8621 Use GEX7048
18G8642 Repair kit
18G8662 Plast prop
18G8689 Repair kit brake caliper
18G8733 Brake shoe
18G8747 Repair kit
18G8766 Badge rear GT.
18G8792 Repair kit brake caliper
18G8803 Plastic column cowl Mini MK2/3 (S/H)
18G8804 Use 18G8986
18G8805 Repair kit M/Cylinder
18G8829 Fastener kit
18G8831 Sold ----
18G8837 Use 601960
18G8850 Bush kit wiper
18G8852 Repair kit servo unit
18G8892 Sold ----
18G8904 Switch ignition
18G8938 Sold----
18G8960 Repair kit
18G8985 Repair kit
18G8986 Repair kit 0,70 Bore
18G8995 Repair kit M/Cylinder
18G8996 Use GSJ211
18G8997 Use GSJ212
18G8998 Use GSJ213
18G8999 Use GSJ214
18G9004 Repair kit
18G9017 Use GSJ215
18G9018 Use GSJ208
18G9019 Use GSJ215
18G9020 Use GSJ208
18G9027 Gaiter kit CV joint
18G9028 Use GDG202
18G9029 Heavy duty gaiter kit (NOS)
18G9032 Gaiter kit
18G9065 Repair kit
18G9071 Repair kit
18G9081 Repair kit brake M/Cylinder
18G9028 Repair kit brake caliper Austin Allegro
18G9123 Plastic column cowl
2A1007 Distributor vacuum pipe
2A1010 Bracket
2A11 Sold ----
2A113 Gasket
2A13 Cam follower
2A14 Push rod
2A180 Cover plate
2A2025 Washer G/Box
2A2069 Rubber gasket
2A2070 Mntg rubber P/Tank S/Midget
2A2071 Mntg rubber P/Tank S/Midget
2A2086 Choke cable S/Midget MK1
2A2088 Washer
2A2163 Sold ----
2A2241 Choke cable (NOS)
2A243 Use  12A2075
2A259 Lock tab
2A2617 Connector
2A265 Blanking plate
2A269 Use CAM6431
2A3006 Bush
2A3007 Gasket G/Box
2A3019 Selector fork 1-2 gear Minor 803-948cc & S/Midget
2A3021 Selector fork 3-4 gear Minor 803-948cc & S/Midget
2A3023 Washer
2A3024 Washer
2A3025 Washer
2A3034 Bush
2A3035 Lock tab G/Box
2A3042 Parts G/Box
2A305 Engine mounting A/Morris
2A3061 Oil seal
2A3076 Plug
2A3088 Sold ----
2A314 Bush
2A3145 Use 2A3226
2A3167 Laygear (NOS)
2A3226 Synchro assembly 3-4 gear Minor / S/Midget smooth case  (NOS) 
2A3245 Ball bearing
2A3282 Bush
2A3286 Gasket G/Box
2A3289 Bolt
2A3290 Bush
2A3295 Gasket
2A3298 Bush G/Box
2A3325 Bush G/Box
2A3330 Use 22A139
2A3333 Sold ------
2A3335 Bolt
2A3344 Gasket
2A3345 Gasket
2A3347 Selelector rod 3/4th
2A3358 Laygear
2A3363 Gear wheel
2A3390 Spring
2A3467 Parts G/Box
2A3468 Bush
2A3474 Use  DAM8038
2A3490 Selector fork (NOS)
2A3492 Bolt
2A3502 Bush G/Box
2A3505 B Gasket
2A3506 Gasket
2A3509 Sold ----
2A3512 Lock tab
2A3521 Lock tab
2A3538 Bush
2A3545 1st Motion shaft 59->68 3 synchro Mini (NOS)
2A3548 Nut
2A3576 Lock tab Mini 1959->60 (NOS)
2A3583 Lock tap
2A3601 Spring anchor
2A3606 Oil ring
2A3624 Bush pinion 
2A3627 Gasket
2A3635 Sold ----
2A3643 Circlips G/Box
2A3647 Spring
2A3659 Bolt
2A3693 Cone synchronising Mini MK1  (NOS)
2A3695 Parts
2A3705 Use 22A381
2A3709 1st motion ball bering Mini MK1 (NOS)
2A3711 Circlips G/Box
2A3712 Mainshaft double ball bearing pre 1962 62mm diameter (NOS)
2A3714 Washer G/B
2A3714 Washer G/B
2A3720 Speedo  drive 6 teeth
2A4006 Washer
2A4010 Tube
2A4011 Yube
2A4020 Falcrum pin
2A4024 Washer
2A4028 Bolt
2A4031 Parts S/Midget
2A4066 Bolt
2A4082 Bump stop
2A4144 Rubber bush
2A4205 Gasket
2A4206 Gasket
2A4241 Shims
2A4263 Tie bar bush
2A4267 Bump stop
2A4272 Bolt
2A4294 Lowerarm bushes Mini Mk1 ->66 (NOS)
2A4295 Sold ----
2A4299 Wheel bearing
2A4314 Bush
2A4315 Bolt
2A4325 Upper arm support
2A4326 Thrust collar
2A4327 Plate
2A4332 Bump stop
2A4337 Bolt lower shock
2A4362 Lower arm support shaft
2A457 Bearing
2A497 Use 12H67
2A5076 Use 2A3076
2A515 Spacer rocker post
2A5176 Bush
2A52 Bush
2A5420 Mounting G/Box
2A5562 Pedal pad A/Healey (NOS)
2A5771 Sold ----
2A5815 Front support pins
2A5818 Bush
2A5858 Nut
2A5872 Rubber bush to steady bar Mini 59->61  (NOS)
2A5873 Support stud
2A60 Use 12G1111
2A6162 Horn brush
2A6208 U Bolt rack to body
2A6215 Sold ----
2A654 Connecting rod no 2/4 850cc - Cooper 997
2A657 Connecting rod no 1/3 850cc - Cooper 997
2A659 Connecting rod bolt
2A660 Locktab
2A69 Engine mounting
2A7015 Pinion
2A7016 Sold----
2A7027 Gasket
2A7062 Use DAM5071
2A7087 Rear hub
2A7089 Wheel studs
2A7091 Gasket drive shaft flange to hub
2A7103 Nut
2A7142 Bump stop rear S/Midget
2A715 Banjo bolt
2A7168 Front brake drum Morris Minor 1000 62->
2A7227 Brake hose
2A7228 Grommet
2A7271 Shim diff 0-010"
2A7278 Bush
2A7279 Bolt
2A7308 Handbrake cable S/Midget
2A7309 Rear spring S/Midget MK1-2
2A7323 Washer
2A7324 Washer
2A7325 Bush
2A7327 Rubber ring
2A749 Locktab cam
2A778 Clip Water pump
2A84 Cam locating plate
2A877 Inlet valve
2A879 Rubber ring to valve
2A9013 Flasher lamp amber
2A9108 Sold -----
2A9119 Number plate lamp
2A9128 Courtesy light switch
2A9129 Wiper switch
2A9156 Nut
2A940 Sold ------
2A964 Rocker pressed steel (NOS)
2A997 Sold ------
2A998 Fan blade 6 fan
2H1082 B Gasket
2H2838 Use  LU 38049
2H3406 Connector
2H3837 Warning lamp Morris Minor
2H4603 Bush with rubber
2H4905 Timing chain
2H4992 Connector
2H7274 Grommets
2H8198 Grommets
2H8445 Clip
2H9215 Parts
2K2545 Washer
2K4608 Plug
2K4874 Locktab
2K4936 Gasket
2K5377 Locktab
2K5622 Clevis pin
2K5806 Washer
2K7140 Seal felt
2K7816 Lock tab crankshaft
2K7914 Washer
2K8169 Core plug
2K8617 Cable wiring looms
2K8686 Nut
2K9679 Gasket bumper
21A105 Shim
21A1058 Back plate R/H.
21A1060 Back plate L/H.
21A1066 Brake pedal Cooper S. MK1-11-111
21A1086 Bush
21A1091 K Tie rod kit
21A1107 Parts
21A1147 Parts
21A1162 Tube
21A1163 Suspension knuckle joint
21A1202 Choke cable Mini MK1
21A1204 Choke cable Cooper S.
21A1220 Use 21A1241
21A1230 Bush shock absorber
21A1241 Eyebolt for towing
21A1257 Brake pipe Mini hudro rear (NOS)
21A1265 Brake disc S/1275 GT.
21A1270 Drive flange
21A1271 K Disc cover Kit S/1275 GT.
21A1278 Studs wheel
21A1279 Brake drum S/1275 GT
21A1294 Sold
21A1314 Bush shock absorber
21A1420 Bush
21A1440 Bolt
21A1465 Sold ----
21A1479 Sold----
21A1482 Upper arm L/H  Hydro
21A1486 Stub axel R/H Hydro
21A1490 Stub axel L/H. Hydro
21A1492 Use 12A1358
21A1493 Felt washer
21A1496 Sold-----
21A1497 Strut rear Hydro
21A1507 Hand brake quadrant Hydro
21A1512 Washer
21A1513 Spire clip
21A1515 Sleeve Hydro
21A1517 Sold ------
21A1519 Sold ----
21A1520 Bump stop buffer (NOS)
21A1524 Adaptor to Hydrolastic
21A1566 Sold ----
21A1575 Sold-----
21A1577 Sold----
21A1598 Bumpstop front Hydro
21A1621 Brake pipe rear R/H Mini hydro (NOS)
21A1622 Brake pipe rear L/H Mini hydro (NOS)
21A1669 Handbrake bracket R/H.
21A1670 Handbrake bracket L/H.
21A168 Sold ------
21A1683 Use 21A1684
21A1684 Alloy strut rear
21A1696 Flange dirve shaft
21A1704 Sold ----
21A1728 Sold -----
21A1729 Bump stop rear L/H Hydro (NOS)
21A1757 Retrainer for hydro sleeve on rear 
21A1760 Drive shaft R/H. Mini ->73
21A1774 Sold -----
21A1789 Regulator valve brake (NOS)
21A1798 Parts steering rack
21A1799 Parts steering rack
21A1805 Strut rear Hydro
21A1806 Sold ----
21A1846 Sold ----
21A1871 Inner colomn Mini MK1 (NOS)
21A1879 Sold ------
21A1881 Lower arm L/H.
21A1882 Lower arm bush
21A1882SP Lower arm bush S/T
21A1889 Use 2A4362
21A1902 Engine mounting Mini
21A1925 Use 21A2066
21A2008 Sold ----
21A2023 Sold ----
21A2031 Brake regulator valve (NOS)
21A2064 Wheel studs
21A2024L Wheel studs 50mm
21A2066 Outer steering column Mini MK1-11-111
21A2081 Sold ------
21A2082 Steering wheels badge (M) Mini 67->69  (NOS)
21A2109 Gasket
21A2110 Miirrors
21A22 Brake drum
21A2224 H/Brake cable Mini
21A2228 Clubman motif for steering wheel (NOS)
21A2233 Parts
21A2234 Brake pipe (NOS)
21A2252 Sold ------
21A2253 Use 21A2254
21A2254 Bracket to servo
21A228 Nut
21A231 Drive flange Mini
21A2324 Sold ----
21A2329 Choke cable
21A233 Bearing spacer
21A2341 Distancepiece  Mini
21A2449 Accelerator cable
21A2454 Hand brake quadrent
21A2553 Anti friction packing
21A2560 Bush
21A2569 Stedy rod
21A2570 Sold ----
21A2597 Bush
21A2598 Pad
21A2599 Mounting subframe
21A2607 Pedal pad
21A2612 Brake disc 8,4"
21A2613/4 Disc cover kit 8,4"
21A2617/8 Disc cover kit 8,4"
21A2624 Mounting subframe
21A2660 Indicator switch Mini MK3/4
21A2690 Upper arm rubber cone R/H.
21A2691 Upper arm rubber cone L/H.
21A2694 Spacer
21A2695 Drive flange 8,4"
21A2743 Parts
21A2763 bracket R/H.
21A2771 Olive
21A2837 Brake pipe Mini L/H front (NOS)
21A291 Petrol tank Mini Van/Est/Pickup
21A30 Gasket
21A303 Tank sender unit Mini MK1 Est/Van//Pickup Smiths FT5301/11
21A304 Clip
21A305 Clip
21A307 Petrop pipe
21A372 Sold ----
21A385 Sealing pad
21A42 Brake pipe
21A423 Nylon cup
21A450 Use 8G249
21A47 Brake pipe (NOS)
21A471 Bracket shock absorber R/H.
21A474 Bracket shock absorber L/H.
21A503 Bush
21A51 Brake pipe
21A5117 Bearing
21A529 Shim
21A530 Sold ----
21A5460 Clamp steering rack
21A5774 Bolt
21A5792 Bumpstop
21A5937 Petrol cap
21A632 Clamp SU. pump
21A640 Grommet
21A654 Banjo
21A70 Pipe
21A73 Steering arm L/H. Mini MK1 (NOS) 
21A74 Steering arm R/H. Mini MK1 (NOS)
21A745 Bracket Mini MK1-2
21A750 Bracket SU pump
21A79 Nut
21A798 Bush
21A804 Pipe oil
21A838 Cable
21A839 Spring
21A860 Rubber
21A90 Bolt
21A907 Knob
21A909 Pal
21A956 Mounting
21A963 Gaiter kit to drive shafts (NOS)
21A979 Bush
21A987 Hanfbrake cable Austin A40 MK11 (NOS)
21A992 Outer steering column (NOS)
21A998 Bush
21B1575 Wheel nut
21B1761 Bush B/Healey
21B251k Pipe kit
21G4009 Bolt
21G5042 Anti rattle felt washer H/Brake
21G5043 Knob Cooper S. (NOS)
21G6052 Plastic column cowl  Morris Minor (NOS)
21H167 Brake regulator valve (NOS)
21H274 Hose
21H294 Accelerator cable
21H315 Choke cable
21H335 Mounting
21H344 Bracket
21H37 H/brake cable Austin Maxi
21H374 Bush
21H407 Heater cable
21H454 Mounting
21H454 Mounting
21H5107 Screw
21H5110 Housing
21H5128 Nut
21H5129 Nut
21H5158 Bush
21H5161 Washer
21H5166 Lever
21H5178 Eye bolt
21H5181 Washer
21H5218 Housing steering rack
21H5219 Nut steering rack
21H5233 Rubber bush
21H5252 Use  GVC2003
21H5290 Grommeet
21H5291 Bolt
21H5312 Brake pipe (NOS)
21H5312 Brake pipe (NOS)
21H5365 Pedal pad
21H5370 Pinion steering rack (NOS)
21H5384 Parts
21H5436 Wheel bearing
21H5437 Parts Morris Marina 1,3/1,8cc
21H5502 Front buffer Morris Marina 1,3/1,8cc
21H5524 Use  NAM3601
21H5609 Sold ----
21H5727 Drive shaft Morris Marina 1,3cc
21H5768 Steering arm R/H.
21H5769 Steering arm L/H.
21H5787 Shackle pin
21H5876 Centre caps
21H5957 U bolt
21H5982 Use  GVC2003
21H5984 Rubber bush
21H608 Spring
21H6110 Wheel nuts Triumph
21H6218 Bumpstop rear Marina 1,3/1,8cc
21H6255 Bracket
21H653 Cable Acc Austin Maxi
21H6659 Rubber bush
21H6687 Rubber bush
21K2870 Mounting
22A1021 Sold -----
22A1120 Sold -----
22A1139 Bolt
22A1155 Locktab
22A1156 Release bearing
22A1240 Locktab
22A1241 Locktab
22A1286 Use 221522
22A13 Dowel
22A132 U bolt
22A134 Washer
22A1365 Locktab
22A1371 Layshaft (NOS)
22A1380 Gaiter
22A1381 Gaiter retainer ring
22A139 Sold ----
22A140 3nd gear (NOS)
22A141 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22A152 Bolt
22A1522 Gearbox casting Mini 850 MK1/2  3 Synchromesh
22A1529 Use  22A1522
22A1545 Thrust washer
22A1546 Thrust washer
22A1547 Thrust washer
22A1548 Thrust washer
22A1549 Thrust washer
22A1557 O ring
22A1558 O ring
22A1560 O ring
22A1562 O ring
22A1563 O ring
22A1566 O ring to H/Spicer
22A1586 Sold ----
22A1611 Gasker
22A1613 Nut
22A1715 Parts
22A1717 Sold ----
22A1761 Locktap
22A1762 Locktap
22A1784 Speedo pinion  15T
22A1786 Speedo drive 4T
22A180 Plunger
22A1832 Parts
22A1881 Sold ----
22A191 sold
22A1960 Drive shaft
22A200 Use 22A204
22A203 Use 22A287
22A204 Gear wheels (NOS)
22A2204 Clutch arm
22A223 Slave cylinder
22A2237 Gasket
22A234 Gear wheels 3rd (NOS)
22A235 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22A251 Locktap
22A253 Sold----
22A26 Synchronizer (NOS)
22A267 Knuckle for gear change
22A271 Plug
22A285 Parts
22A286 Use 22A288
22A287 Laygear (NOS)
22A288 Laygear (NOS)
22A319 Thrust washer U clip
22A321 Shim
22A322 Shim
22A323 Shim
22A324 Shim
22A367 Spring
22A374 Drive flange for output shaft (NOS)
22A377 Reverse idler gear (NOS)
22A381 Reverse idler gear (NOS)
22A392 Nylon flange to gear change op to 1964
22A393 O ring
22A399 Pinion 17T (NOS)
22A418 Cover -change speed lever (NOS)
22A419 Gaiter- change speed lever  (NOS)
22A421 Use  8G718
22A427 Sold ----
22A433 1st/2nd synchronizer (NOS)
22A447 Bush primary gear Mini 1959 (NOS)
22A448 Bush primary gear Mini 1959 (NOS)
22A449 Ring rear primary gear Mini 1959 (NOS)
22A450 Washer
22A465 Ball bearing G/Box
22A469 1st/2nd selector fork Austin-Morris-Minor-MG-Healey (NOS)
22A471 3rd/4th selector fork Austin-Morris-Minor-MG-Healey (NOS)
22A472 3rd/4th selector rod (NOS)
22A481 Gasket
22A495 Sold ----
22A525 Use 22A436
22A526 Use 22A537
22A527 Use 22A538
22A536 Washer
22A537 Washer
22A538 Washer
22A541 Gasket
22A542 Gasket
22A546 Washer
22A547 Washer
22A548 Washer
22A549 Washer
22A557 Use 22A983
22A56 Bolt
22A582 2nd gear (NOS)
22A583 3rd gear (NOS)
22A588 1st motion shaft 19T (NOS)
22A591 Use AEG3008
22A598 Pressure plate
22A6 Spring clutch (NOS)
22A608 Gaiter
22A610 3/4 Selector fork (NOS)
22A611 1st/2nd selector fork (NOS)
22A612 Locktap
22A613 Locktap
22A65 Sold ----
22A71 Bush
22A74 Locktap
22A747 Bolt
22A75 Spring
22A784 Sold ----
22A8 Sold ----
22A83 Thrust washers to primary gear Mini 1959-63 (NOS)
22A84 Plug
22A85 Rattle cap
22A854 Use  37H4231
22A88 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22A89 3rd gear (NOS)
22A90 Sold ----
22A917 Engine mounting automatic
22A97 Sold -----
22A979 1st motions shaft 19T (NOS)
22A980 2nd gear 28T  (NOS)
22A981 3rd gear 23T (NOS)
22A982 Sold -----
22A983 Sold -----
22B295 Bush
22B385 Gasket
22B404 Gasket
22B66 Clip to release bearing
22G1005 Ball bering
22G101 Crown wheel 62T
22G1034 Sold ----
22G109 Bush primary gear
22G1093 1st motion shaft 17T  (NOS)
22G1094 Sold----
22G1095 3rd gear (NOS)
22G1096 1st gear (NOS)
22G110 Gear knob (NOS)
22G1100 Laygear Sprite Midget Cooper S.
22G1118 Use 22G1119
22G1119 1st synchronizer ring
22G1141 Circlip
22G1160 Bracket
22G118 Sold ----
22G1190 Use 22A1586
22G1406 1st/2nd selector fork (NOS)
22G1408 Shaft
22G1417 O ring
22G1420 Gasket
22G1421 Plunger
22G1422 Cover
22G1424 Yoke seat
22G1428 Gear leverYoke seat
22G1434 Sold ----
22G1474 O ring
22G149 Needle roller
22G154 Spring
22G157 Sold ----
22G1554 Gasket
22G158 Parts
22G1584 Selector fork (NOS)
22G159 Spring
22G1638 1st motiond shaft (NOS)
22G1640 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22G1641 Gear 1st speed Midget 1500 -  Triunph (NOS)
22G1643 Gera 3rd speed Midget 1500 - Triumph (NOS)
22G165 Gasket
22G171 1st motion shaft Minor (NOS)
22G1742 Shaft G/Box (NOS)
22G1752 Parts
22G1755 Gear knob
22G1816 Gear wheel Triumph (NOS)
22G1818 Sold ----
22G1837 Sold ----
22G1836 B Gasket
22G1837 Flywheel housing 4 synchro
22G1852 Reverse gear (NOS)
22G1854 Shaft G/Box (NOS)
22G1855 1st/2nd selector fork  (NOS)
22G1856 3rd/4th selector fork (NOS)
22G186 Sold ----
22G1860 Gear knob
22G1870 Detent sleeve
22G1942 Use 22G2262
22G1944 Rubber ring
22G1947 EXT case plugRubber ring
22G196 Collar
22G1975 Synchro hub 1st/2nd gear Sprite1500 - Triumph (NOS)
22G1976 Synchro hub 3rd/4th gear Sprite 1500 - Triumph
22G1988 Pin
22G1989 Spring
22G199 Plug rubber
22G202 Reverse gear (NOS)
22G2024 Speedo pinion 18T
22G2028 Oil seal
22G2031 Use 22G2264
22G2031 Use 22G2264
22G2033 R Baulk ring
22G2053 Rod
22G2098 Locktap
22G2115 Plug
22G2198 Spring
22G2205 Mounting
22G2238 Bolt
22G2262 Spring
22G2263 1rd/2th Synchroniser hub (NOS)
22G2264 3rd/4th Synchroniser hub (NOS)
22G227 Bush
22G2272 Roll pin
22G2277 Peg
22G2286 Plug
22G231 Sold -----
22G2317 Gear knob
22G232 Laygear S/Midget- Cooper S.
22G235 Use 22A981
22G2353 Oil seal
22G2382 Sold ----
22G2383 Use 22G2382
22G2396 Sold ----
22G242 Use 22G374
22G245 Mounting A/Morris 11/1300  S/H
22G2613 Ring gear
22G277 Bush
22G278 Circlip
22G286 Sold ----
22G290 Sold ----
22G292 Nylon flange (NOS)
22G294 Gaiter
22G314 Bearing G/Box
22G317 Spring
22G325 Use 22A979
22G327 Sold ----
22G351 Pin
22G358 Use 22G97
22G274 Washer
22G389 Nylon bush
22G392 Sold ----
22G401 Bush primaty gesr (NOS)
22G410 3rd/4th synchronizer hub (NOS)
22G411 Parts
22G419 Sold ----
22G440 1st/2nd synchronizer hub (NOS)
22G48 Nut
22G673 Layshaft (NOS)
22G70 Mainshaft (NOS)
22G712 Circlip
22G714 Laygear (NOS)
22G72 Use ADU4992
22G721 Use AUD4992
22G76 Sold ----
22G770 Bush primary gear
22G78 Use 22G245
22G81 Bolt
22G825 Sold
22G827 Selector fork (NOS)
22G833 3rd Motion shaft (NOS)
22G837 Bush
22G839 Thrust washer
22G843 Pin
22G848 Bearing G/Box
22G849 Sold ----
22G850 Circlip
22G855 Needle roller bearing
22G856 Washer
22G857 Washer
22G859 Washer
22G860 Sold
22G889 1st/2nd selector fork (NOS)
22G89 Pin
22G91 Sold ----
22G931 Layshaft 4 synchro
22G940 Crown wheel (NOS)
22G943 Sold ----
22G947 Washer
22G97 3rd/4th Selector fork (NOS)
22G979 Parts
22H1013 Use 22H831
22H1051 Gearlever knob
22H1062 Bush
22H1107 Bolt
22H1143 Locktab
22H1294 Pinion
22H1295 Circlip
22H1337 Gaiter
22H1416 Bush
22H1435 Speedo pinion
22H15 Bush
22H1752 Gasket
22H1781 Synchronizer hub (NOS)
22H230 Sold----
22H249 Sold----
22H29 Parts
22H303 Bearing
22H318 Layshaft (NOS)
22H325 Speedo pinion
22H328 Use 22H1435
22H383 Oil seal
22H42 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22H45 Clutch arm
22H54 Sold----
22H56 Sold----
22H466 Front thrust
22H471 Bearing G/Box
22H523 Bearing G/Box
22H571 Layshaft 17,2mm (NOS)
22H589 Locktab
22H6994 B Gasket
22H767 Collar
22H774 Bearing G/Box
22H787 2nd gear (NOS)
22H789 3rd gear (NOS)
22H798 Locktab
22H83 Reverse gear MG.A/B. (NOS)
22H831 1st gear (NOS)
22H837 O ring
22H883 Gasket
22H897 Synchronizer hub (NOS)
22H903 Gasket
22H908 Use 22H83
22H914 LockwasherUse 22H83
22H946 1st motion shaft (NOS)
22H961 Laygear  (NOS)
22H989 Synchronizer hub (NOS)
24A1063 Finiser front R/H. (NOS)
24A1064 Finiser front L/H. (NOS)
24A1066 Finisher front L/H Cooper & S.  (NOS)
24A1078 Seat diaphragm clip
24A1140 Locking handle MK1 (NOS)
24A1153 Sold ----
24A1169 Glove pocket moulding
24A1194 Catch
24A1195 Catch
24A1196 Catch
24A1197 Catch
24A1198 Window catch seal
24A1303 Lower channel R/H.
24A1304 Lower channel L/H.
24A1351 Door seal MK1/2
24A1388 T piece
24A1389 Valve
24A1401 Badge S
24A1402 Badge S
24A1466 Chrome plastic insert
24A151 Clip
24A1535 Pad to interior mirror (NOS)
24A1538 Ashtray Cooper
24A1833 Sold ----
24A1835 Safety boss grommet (NOS)
24A1882 Grommet
24A1885 Wheel arch repair panel R/H.
24A1918 Front panel bracket Cooper S.
24A1928 Air hose
24A1967 Adaptor frech air Mini/Cooper MK1-2 and Van 
24A1974 Air hose
24A1976 Air hose
24A1977 Air hose
24A198 Austin Cooper S MK1 Grilles 
24A2030 Glass
24A2065 Use GZF105A
24A2083 Sold ----
24A2086 Bush
24A2111 Stem mirror
24A2112 Pad
24A2130 Glass MK1/2
24A2132 Window catch
24A2143 Mini lock R/H door MK1-2 (NOS)
24A2145 Lock without safety catch  R/H - RHD.
24A2146 Sold ----
24A2158 Grilles Morris Cooper MK1
24A2173 Gasket hinge
24A2175 Gasket upper
24A2176 Gasket lower
24A2217 Centre pillar Van L/H.
24A2236 W/screen
24A2245 Escutcheon R/H. (NOS)
24A2246 Escutcheon L/H.
24A23 Badge COOPER
24A2366 Sold ----
24A2367 Sold ----
24A2391 Sold
24A2702 Speedo cowl MK1-2-3
24A2708 Moulding to bonnet
24A2738 Heater cable
24A2814 Ashtray
24A3345 Parts
24A459 Washer
24A664 Door poul cable (NOS)
24A734 Rubber seal for windscreen Mini MK1 (NOS)
24A859 Clip
24A88 Lower sliding glass channel
24A948 Rubber seal
24A997 Badge MINI rear MK1 (NOS)
24B1541 Badge rear A40 (NOS)
24B2639 Badge AUTOMATIC (NOS)
24B4057 Handle
24E7299 Sold ----
24G1201 Sold
24G1345 Key & barrel
24G1482K Trunnion kit
24G1834 Safety boss
24G2849 Parts
24G2849 Spacer
24G2902 Sealing ring steering rack
24G2966 Bracket
24G3043 Badge AUSTIN (NOS)
24G3053 Door check strap
24G3074 Headlamp rim A/Morris 18/2200
24G3208 Clip
24G3249 Bumper bolt
24G3518 Ash tray (NOS)
24G3519 Ash tray case (NOS)
24G3582 Grammet
24G3584 Badge MORRIS  (NOS)
24G3591 Spring bonnet Mini
24G3665 Grommet
24G3780 Window winder handle
24G5163 Windscreen  Austin / Morris 1800/2200
24G5286 Spring
24G5573 Grommet
24G5860 Miror
24G625 Bumper bolt
24G629 Rubber pad
24G6290 Sold ----
24G6297 Glass rear lamp R/H.
24G6298 Glass rear lamp L/H.
24G6305 Lamp seating gasket
24G6324 Glass rear
24G6349 Glass front R/H. Marina1,3/1,8
24G6351 Glass
24G6352 Glass
24G6712 Front indicator lamp Austin Prinsess
24G6794 Bulb holder
24K1951 Dzus fastener
27H1248 O ring
27H1993 O ring
27H2031 Link  arm MG.B.
27H2203 Adjuster rear
27H2328 Wiper gear 110%
27H2334 Nut
27H2399 Cover
27H2403 Glass Lucas
27H2470 Glass
27H2474 Glass rear A/Morris 1800 MK1
27H2477 Glass flasher lamp
27H2479 Glass
27H2576 Rubber parts
27H2896 Ball socket
27H2953 Shim
27H3338 Heasdlamp rim chrome
27H3387 Sould ------
27H3467 Rubber ring
27H3468 Parts
27H3496 Use 37H1528
27H3753 Spring
27H3756 Switch horn/light MG.TA-TB-TC (NOS)
27H3821 Vacu 3-10-10
27H3985 Spring
27H4146A Head lamp Lucas
27H4146 Headlamp Lucas
27H4288 Screw
27H4300 Rubber parts
27H4656 Brake caliper S/1275 GT. R/H.
27H4657 Brake caliper S/1275 GT. L/H.
27H4742 Spring plast
27H4775 Driveshaft R/H.
27H5106 Switch light MG.TA-TB-TC (NOS)
27H5310 Rep kit to wiper wheelbox
27H5333 Use LU 291891
27H5373 Wiper rack cable
27H5374 Use LU 743929
27H5385 Wiper rep kit
27H5545 Bulb holder duble
27H5554 Cover Wiper motor
27H5981 A Headlamp
27H6246 Glass L726/7
27H6473 Spring L/H.
27H6474 Spring R/H.
27H6478 Spring
27H6479 Spring
27H6481 Sold -----
27H6713 Parts
27H6768 Parts starter
27H6941 Glass L727
27H6983 Wing nut
27H7164 Banjo
27H7166 BSF. bleed screw
27H7167 BSF. union
27H7189 Banjo
27H7226 Brake hose
27H7547 Bush steering rack
27H7548 Metal spacer steering rack
27H7645 Use  LU 54415328
27H7758 Rubber gasket
27H7818 Sold ----
27H7823 Parts
27H7824 Clips plastic  Lucas
27H7952 Screw
27H8042 Wheel cylinder rear
27H8045 Adjuster
27H8047 Dust cover
27H8252 CV. joint A/Morris 18/2200 (NOS)
27H8352 Track rod end  BMC250. JU (NOS)
27H8531 Sold ----
27H8583 Switches
27H8870 Bush
27H9099 Singel filament bulb holder
27H9295 Ring
27H9629 Nut
27H9629 Nut
28G193 Use  12G202
28G222 Sold ----
28G255 N Sold ----
28G286 E Sold ----
3G3624 Spring
3H1031 Sold ----
3H1557 Sold ----
3H1558 Switch ring
3H1813 Number plate lamp chrome
3H2113 Use 88G396
3H2118 Oil seal
3H2127 Timing chain
3H2229 Brake cylinder (NOS)
3H2388 Switch
3H2428 Bleed nipple
3H2687 Gasket
3H2962 Gasket headlamp
3H3055 Sold ----
3H3079 Bush
3H3100 Switch
3H550 Washer
3H817 Warning lamp (NOS)
3H873 Brake hose (NOS)
31B447 Rubber ring
31G1138 Inner column
31G1141 H/Brake cable  A/M 11/1300
31G1155 Tie bar bush
31G120 Steering column bush
31G1225 Engine mounting
31G1227 Engine mounting R/H. Au/Morris 11/1300
31G1237 Use 31G5961
31G1279 Steady bar
31G221 Bolt
31G223 Mounting
31G279 Parts
31G311 Use  31G429
31G314 Mounting
31G315 Mounting
31G369 Sold ----
31G370 Mounting frame A/Morris 11/1300  (NOS)
31G391 Steady bar
31G410 Pedal pad
31G429 Sold ----
31G5043 Brake drum
31G5047 H/Brake cable Austin Allegro
31G5049 Nut
31G5089 Top rad brkt
31G5299 Use  FAM8101
31G5384 Shaft
31G5385 Sold ----
31G5474 Hydrolastic pipe L/H. Austin Allegro
31G5484 Bush steering column
31G5491 Accelerator cable
31G5493 Accererator cable
31G5547 Bush
31G5621 Bolt
31G5652 Parts Steering columns  Austin Allegro
31G5672 Parts
31G5812 Sold -----
31G5947 Washer
31G5961 Wheel spanner
31G5978 Nut
31G667 Accelerator cable A/Morris 11/1300 to HS4 L.H.D.
31G670 Cable
31G791 Horn push Morris (NOS)
31G840 Gasket under M/Cylinder
31G930 Sold ----
31G98 Washer
32B21 Bolt
32B22 Bolt
32B301 kit Cylinderhead assy A/Morris 2200
32H1018 Hose
32H106 Sold -----
32H1182 Dovl
32H18 Shim
32H19 Shim
32H201 Sold ----
32H222 Thermostat housing
32H228 Hose
32H289 Cotter valve Austin 1500/1750/2200cc
32H296 Pulley
32H310 Shim
32H311 Shim
32H312 Shim
32H313 Shim
32H314 Shim
32H315 Shim
32H316 Shim
32H317 Shim
32H318 Shim
32H319 Shim
32H320 Shim
32H321 Shim
32H409 Inlet valve 15/1750/2200cc
32H42 Tappet
32H490 Part
32H496 Part
32H51 Shim
32H562 Bolt
32H60 Washer
32H705 Exh Valve
32H706 Inl Valve
32H782 Gasket
32H83 B Gasket
32H838 Leyland Diesel pulley crankshaft
32H842 Thermostat housing
32H85 B Gasket
32H902 Bolt
34A1032 Parts
34E1707 Trim
34E2014 Moulding Austin Maxi
34E2020 Moulding
34E2032 MouldingRadio box
34E2267 Radio box
34E2405 Side strip Blue
34E2406 Side strip
34E2408 Side strip Blue
34E2409 Side strip
34E2410 Side strip
34E2411 Side strip Blue
34E2412 Side strip Amber
34E2413 Side strip
34E2414 Side strip
34E2417 Side strip
34E2420 Side strip
34E2422 Side strip
34E2431 Parts
34G1289 Use  GWW951
34G1295 T piece
34G1441 Plint
34G162 Control unit assy
34G1722 Parts door lock
34G2111 Moulding
34G2139 Stem mirror
34G2512 Sold ------
34G252 Badge MG
34G2520 Sold ----
34G2528 Window winder
34G2529 Door opening handle
34G2778 Rubber plug
34G3450 Glass seal
34G3453 Sold ----
34G3551 Clip
34G3651 Grommet ½" hose
34G3724 Ash tray
34G3755 Batt cradle
34G384 Dove tail
34G385 Dove tail
34G389 Rubber plug
34G415 T piece
34G523 Nut
34G977 Pin bonnet
37D2260 Core plug
37H1368 Headlamp assy
37H1443 PartHeadlamp assy
37H1528 Filter head
37H1759 Gasket rear lamp
37H1772 Use 17H8043
37H1942 Filter O/D.
37H1956 Oil seal
37H1959 Bolt
37H2013 Front backplate R/H.
37H2014 Front backplate L/H.
37H2047 Plate
37H2047 Plate
37H2079 Parts steering rack
37H2099 Switch headlamp dip floor
37H2100 Vacuum unit 3-10-10
37H2175 Vacuum unit 3-7-8
37H2606 Use  LU 54415328
37H2621 Spring
37H2676 Switch wiper 1 speed
37H2689 Gasket rear lamp
37H2690 Gasket rear lamp
37H2691 Gasket rear lamp
37H2692 Gasket rear lamp
37H2736 Gear wiper 120 % Mini  Van/ Pickup 67->80 MG.B. (NOS)
37H2792 Rubber seal
37H2949 Filler cap M/C.
37H2978 Nut
37H2981 Parts distributor
37H3043 Bush for door hinge
37H3044 Pin
37H3048 Use  LU 54702595
37H3067 Wiper gear 110%
37H3234 Sold ----
37H3348 Bracket
37H3350 Glass
37H3351 Glass L816
37H3374 Fuse box
37H3400 Use 37H7512
37H3491 ClipUse 37H7512
37H3651 Nipple krome W/W. (NOS)
37H3702 Gasket
37H3753 Use 37H6841
37H3793 Ring
37H3796 Wiper gear 110%
37H3833 Gasket
37H3841 Vacuum unit  (NOS)
37H4067 Switch light
37H4183 Vacuum unit (NOS)  6-14-8
37H4186 Glass
37H4187 Glass
37H4228 Cover
37H4229 M Vacuum hose
37H4231 O ring
37H4279 Spring
37H4293 Bolt
37H4295 O ring
37H4296 Grommet
37H4325 Bolt
37H4335 Use BCA4294
37H4495 Bezel switchs
37H4518 Vacum unit 25.D. (NOS)
37H4590 Brake hose
37H4596 Brake hose
37H4599 Brake hose
37H4629 O ring
37H4642 Sold
37H4670 Field coil
37H4672 Baseplate starter M35J.
37H4674 Parts
37H4675 Bracket starter
37H4696 Starter pinion
37H4727 A Cover
37H4737 Glass rear MG.
37H4739 Glass rear A/Morris 11/1300
37H774 Wing side repeater lamp
37H4836 Strap & seal for wiper motor
37H4837 Glass rear
37H4838 Glass rear
37H4848 O ring
37H4896 Valve non retura
37H4960 Sold ------
37H4963 Glass rear Van/Est. (NOS)
37H4964 Rear flasher lens Van Pickup Estate (NOS)
37H4995 Bezel switche
37H5169 Wiper rack
37H5208 Wiper rack
37H5297 Glass B1450
37H5393 Inner choke cable (NOS)
37H5409 Parts distributor
37H5429 Wiper rack
37H5437 Sold -------
37H549 Filter
37H5519 Use 37H6928
37H5520 Glass amber
37H5531 Glass red
37H575 O Ring
37H6042 Wiper spindel bush kit Mini MK1-11 (NOS)
37H6043 Wiper arm
37H6088 Wiper spindle busk kit
37H6099 Wiper wheelbox
37H6100 Wiper wheelbox Mini MK1 (NOS)
37H6109 Gras red  Big/H. 3000
37H6111 Glass
37H6114 Glass MG. L695
37H6125 Sold ----
37H6130 Glass
37H6132 Parts to wheel cylinder
37H6134 Adjuster box
37H6138 H/B. lever arm
37H6196 Cireuit print Morris Marina 1,3 - 1,3- 1,8cc
37H6300 Rubber stripCireuit print
37H6316 Wiper wheelbox
37H6399 Track rod end
37H6406 R/H Brake lever arm
37H6519 Clip
37H6535 Glass
37H6544 Switch steering lock/igniton  S/H.
37H6778 Gasket rear lamp
37H6822 Slave cylinder 22mm Marina 1,3/1,8
37H6836 Fitting kit
37H6838 Switch steering lock/igniton
37H6841 Sold ----
37H6865 Brus kit
37H6880 Wiper bush kit
37H689 Bolt
37H690 Use 37H1528
37H6928 Glass clear
37H6965 Glass rear MG.
37H6966 Glass rear MG.
37H7015 Union BSF
37H7024 Headlamp rim 5-½"
37H7034 Face vent
37H7085 Use BAU5065
37H7119 Glass rear MG. USA.
37H7171 Switch
37H7200 Wiper wheelbox
37H7201 Wiper bush kit
37H7203 Wiper gear 95%
37H7204 Clutch
37H7216 Heater radiator
37H7284 Mirror stem
37H7286 Interior mirror
37H7297 Rubber seal
37H7330 Sold -------
37H7347 Clip
37H7421 Clip
37H7512 Glass rear
37H7541 Sold --------
37H7572 Nunber plate lamp (NOS)
37H7587 Headlamp Assy Cibie (NOS)
37H7588 Headlamp rim Cibie (NOS)
37H7599 Double filament bulb holder
37H7602 Double filament bulb holder 
37H7609 Parts Hinge
37H7620 Servo assy Austin Allegro (NOS)
37H7626 Wiper/washer switches 
37H7630 Switch igniton & starter
37H7637 Glass rear
37H7731 Headlamp rim Austin Allegro
37H7732 Seating rim
37H7738 Wiper wheelbox MG-Triumph
37H847 Wiper arm
37H7848 Wiper arm
37H7858 Spring
37H7922 Grass rear Austin Maxi
37H8019 Sold ------
37H8052 Black insert
37H8064 Bush steering rack (NOS)
37H8090 Push rod
37H8108 Seating
37H8115 Parts
37H8128 Brake caliper
37H8129 Brake caliper
37H8130 Plastic amber
37H8174 Print cireuit Austin Allergo 1,1-1,3-1,5cc
37H8221 Wiper motor
37H8225 Vacum unit to distributor
37H8248 Rear door hinge Austin Prinsess
37H8259 Box cover
37H8286 Wiper switch
37H8290 Vacuum unit MG.B. 10-15-5
37H8351 Switch igniton & starter
37H8363 Glass
37H8414 Vacuum unit (NOS)
37H8421 Bleeder screwVacuum unit (NOS)
37H8541 Mounting kits
37H8571 Wiper switch Austin Princess (NOS)
37H8579 Circlip
37H8623 Brake caliper Austin Princess
37H8634  Spring brake 
37H8635  Spring brake 
37H8636  Spring brake 
37H8698 Use 37H7620
37H8705 Gaiter kit
37H8706 Clip drive shaft
37H8707 Parts
37H8713 Wiper gear 130% (NOS)
37H8737 Parts
37H8754 Glass rear
37H8784 Sold ----
37H8857 Part bolt
37H8858 Washer
37H8859 Part
37H8862 Sold ----
37H9053M Door seal Morris Minor
37H9719 Peg
37H9798 Washer bottle
37H9871 Seating for overider
38G464 1/2 Cooper S MK3 Engine (NOS)
38G561 Sold ----
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