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Lucas Spareparts  
No. from GZA1112 to ZUA000780
Parts number                                     Parts                                                 
GZA1112 Radiator hose
GZA1114 Radiator hose L/Rover
GZA1129 Radiator hose
GZA1338 Hose
GZA1894 Hose by pass V.8
GZA2052 Hose
GZA2061 Radiator hose
GZA2063 Radiator hose
GZA2083 Radiator hose
GZA2083BLU Radiator hose
GZA2100 Hose
GZA2102 Hose
GZA2106 Radiator hose
GZA2291 Plint number plate lamp
GZA8310 Sold ----
GZF8311 Sold ----
GZF105 A Chrome moulding Cooper
GZF107 A Chrome moulding
GZF108 A Black moulding
GZF205 Side stripe
GZF221 Side stripe
GZF225 Side stripe
GZF226 Side stripe
GZF232 Side stripe
GZF233 Side stripe
GZF236 A Side stripe
GZH998 Sold ----
GZS1477 Bush shock absorber
GZS1486 Hudrolastic fluid 5L
GZS810 Link anti roll bar
GZS856 use NAM3292 A
HAD124390LOY Headrest Kitescuthcon F/Rear Mini/Metro
HAD124390SMJ Head rest kit rear Rover 400
HAM102350LOY Headrest Assy front Mini
HAM1286 Wiring harness rear Mini
HAM1487 Sold
HAM1755 Use LGH101140
HAM1814 Use XFB10086
HAM1833 Use XFJ10025
HAM1866 UseADU7080
HAM1867 Use ADU7079
HAM1872 Glass flasher lamp front Metro
HAM2174 SPE Sold
HAM3707 Parts battery
HBA104370SMK Coover assy front seat leather Rover 400
HBZ2534 Sold ----
HBZ2730 Bolt
HBZ1029 Use HBZ730
HCA1002 Use CHA93
HCA104280SMK Cover assy front seat lether Rover 400
HGC100620 Suspension assy front seat squab Rover 75/ZT
HGK100260 Element- front seat squab heater Rover 200/25
HGL000010 Element seat heater Rover 200/25/ZR
HHC10023 Lumbar support mec-manual front seat L/H Rover 200/25/ZR + more
HJH101180LNF Cover front seat Black
HJN100130LPZ Hand wheel front seat Rover 400/600
HJP100140 LNF Parts H/Rest rear Rover 200/25
HJP10014LOY Use HAD124390LOY
HLH000140 HGH Head rest Rover 200/25/ZR
HLH000140 JSP Head rest Rover 200/25/ZR
HLH000140 WSK Head rest Rover 200/25/ZR
HLU100020 PMA Bracket assy
HMA106650 LNF Seat cover rear Rover 200/400
HYC10006 Clip
HYG100290 Bolt 8X10mm to front seat Rover 400/600
HYG100300 Bolt 8X16mm
HZA272 Parts
HZA273 Parts
HZA4224 Sold ----
HZA489 Bracket
HZA491 Bracket
HZA492 Jacking point
HZA5207 Door hinge
HZA5414 Rubber seal for windscreen MG.
HZA5511 Sold ----
JAM107 Washer
JAM1813 Adaptor
JAM2036 Gasket
JAM2132 Use JAM3300
JAM2133 Use JAM3301
JAM3300 Valve inlet
JAM3301 Valve exh
JBD10026LNM Fresh air vent
JCG10001 Clip  air hose
JEC10060 Use JEC10080
JEC10061 Use JEC10080
JEC10072 Use JEC10080
JEC10080 Kit control control
JEC10081 Use JEC10080
JEC10082 Use JEC10080
JEF10005 Heater radiator 92->
JEP10007 Kit to BAU5043
JEP10008 Kit to heater radiator
JFD101785 Control assy automativ air conditoning Rover 75 - ZT
JFD10039 Badge
JFF10003 Heater cable
JFF10048 Heater cable  Mini MK5
JFF10051 Heater cable Mini SPI
JFF100650 Heater cable control Rover 600 L.H.D.
JGH100020 Solenoid Rover 600
JHB10006 EVA Sold----
JHB10018 Use GRH905
JHB100570 Use GRH905
JHC10017 Use GRH905
JJB10011 Heater valve Mini MK5
JJB100260 Heater valve Mini MPI.
JJB1007 Use JJB10011
JJC10018 Heater valve Morris Minor
JKD100050 Mouldinf front W/Screen Rover 600
JKR100080 Pollen filter Rover 400/45/ZR
JKR100220 Pollen filter Rover 400/45 - ZS 1999 on VIN 354435 ->
JKY100010 Pollen filter Rover 400/45/ZS
JLM254 Use GFU2221
JLM263 Use GRA102
JLM9534 Use GEG1222
JLM9639 Use GUJ111
JLM9651 Use GWW125
JNC10001 Enginr to air con Rover 800 91->
JOE100010 Block & pipe assy evaporator Rover 75 - ZT
JPC1461 Strip L/H.
JPC1512 Rubber strip
JPC1578 Rubber strip
JPC1579 Rubber strip
JPC1620 MG Decal EFI
JPC1785 Mirror L/H. Maestro
JPC2017 Finishing clip
JPC2412 PAM Use ALA6621
JPC2616 LG Clip
JPC2617 Clip
JPC2618 Parts
JPC2632 Wiper arm L/H. Montego
JPC3066 LG Parts
JPC3788 Use DBP8744
JPC3870 LMP Badge Sufe
JPC3870 LP Badge sufe
JPC4199 Vent tonau
JPC4432 Moulding
JPC4903 LG Center console
JPC5047 PA Rarts
JPC5114 Use GNU7744
JPC5127 Front bumper centre Metro 84->
JPC5128 Rear bumper centre Metro 84->
JPC5489 Maulding Rover
JPC5636 Parts headlamp Metro
JPC5637 Parts headlamp Metro
JPC6065 Rubber strip
JPC6103 Use CPC10033
JPC6436 CC Escutcheon
JPC6595 Moulding L/H
JPC6601 Rubber strip
JPC6674 Panel acoustieRubber strip
JPC6778 Parts
JPC6893 Parts
JPC6894 Parts
JPC7250 Stoneguard tapr R/H.
JPC7251 Stoneguard tapr L/H.
JPC7691 Finisher Rover
JPC7851 Bracket container
JPC8153 Use EJU10003
JPC8217 LG Moulding bezel
JPC8304 Use CPC10033
JPC8387 PA Door opening handle
JPC8396 Use JPC9848
JPC8406 Morror R/H. black Metro
JPC8488 Finisher rubber
JPC8744 Finisher
JPC8897 CA Decal tailgate
JPC8914 Finisher 1/4 light
JPC9030 Finisher red
JPC9089 LS Use JPC9091 LG
JPC9091 LG Retainer FT sill
JPC9338 Mirror R/H. Rover
JPC9778 Mirror R/H Austin Metro
JPC9848 Mirror R/H. Mini MK5 
JPC9849 Mirror L/H. Mini MK5
JPC9854 Use JPC8406
JPC9013 LP Stripe MG.
JPC9912 LP Stripe MG. Front wing
JPC9913 LP Stripe MG.
JRB10015 Condenser air conditioning Rover 800
JRB100510 Use JRB106210
JRB106210 Condenser/fan&frame assy air conditioning Rover 200/25/ZR
JRC1446 Rubber buffer
JRC1567 Parts
JRC1778PMA Button Lock
JRC1871 Parts
JRC2084 Sold
JRC2091 Badge 2600S  Rover
JRC2113MG Badge MG.
JRC2135 Finisher R/H.
JRC2136 Finisher L/H.
JRC2137 Finisher
JRC222 Parts mirror R/H.
JRC2281 Moulding-front wheelarch liner L/H
JRC2302 Rubber strip glass
JRC2376 Sold----
JRC2387 Tuber
JRC2421 Bracket bumper
JRC2455 Parts
JRC2614 Bumper clip
JRC2615 Bolt
JRC2616 Parts
JRC2619 Bolt
JRC2671 Rubber seal windscreen Mini
JRC2673 Sold ----
JRC2674 Rubber seal rear screen Mini
JRC2677LP Decal L/H Mayfair
JRC2678LP Decal R/H Mayfair
JRC2720 Finisher R/H.
JRC2721 Finisher L/H.
JRC2743 Spacer glas
JRC2841/2/4 Use WPA9091BLA
JRC2844 Boot handle
JRC2928 Use JPC4432
JRC3191 Clip
JRC3748 Parts mirror
JRC3749 Part mirror
JRC3777 Clip grille
JRC3898 Washer
JRC3920 Parts
JRC3921 Parts
JRC3960 Badge  1,3
JRC4644 Front bumper Metro 84->91
JRC4757 Grille silver  Austin Maestro
JRC4757 Grille silver  Austin Maestro
JRC5036 Rubber seal windscreen Metro
JRC5050 LG Parts H/Rest
JRC5051 G Grille grey Metro
JRC5051 PA Grille black Metro 
JRC5053 B Rim H/Lamp black Metro
JRC5073 Side stripe MG. Metro
JRC5115 Parts
JRC5122 Parts R/H. bumper front grey Metro
JRC5123 Parts L/H. bumper front grey Metro
JRC5124 Parts bumper rear R/H. Metro
JRC5125 Parts bumper rear L/H. Metro
JRC5127 Sold ----
JRC5128 Bumper rear Metro 84 on  Nimbus
JRC5142 Glass 1/4 light cler Mini MK3
JRC5277NF MG. Badge
JRC5570 Badge MG
JRC5307 Sold ----
JRC5436 Clip bumper Metro
JRC5549LP Side stripe
JRC6606 Use DFD10016LML
JRC6607CC Screw cover
JRC6607LG Screw cover
JRC7004 Badge MG
JRC7006 Retainer pad
JRC7008 Sponge seal
JRC7370 EXT spoiler
JRC7483 Blanking plate bumper Metro
JRC7898 Front drain seal
JRC8000 Seal bonnet Mini 97->
JRC8125 Badge  EFI
JRC8461LG Seal
JRC8734 Panel filler R/H.
JRC8735 Panel filler L/H.
JRC8735 Panel filler L/H.
JRC8815 Finiser L/H.
JRC9596 Kasette box
JRJ100660 Air con dryer Rover 200/25
JRJ100670 Air con dryer Rover 400/45/ZS
JS499A Use Use  520666
JUE001690 Hose air con Rover 400/45/ZS
JUE106010 Hose air con Rover 200/25/ZR
JUE110231 Use JUE1690
JUE110232 Use JUE1690
JUF10040 Hose air con Rover 800
JFU10054 Use JUY100010
JUU10002 Rubber ring
JUU10003 Rubber ring
JUY100010 Hose air con
JZV1081 Parts
JZV1085 Spacer carburettor
JZV1102 Hose
JZV1222 Use NPC10001
JZX1259 SU clip
JZX1394 Screw
KAJ10018 Use CHM64
KAM1139 Use KAM1981
KAM1189 Wheel spanner
KAM1503 Cap Fuel Oil
KAM1939 Rubber tp pipe
KAM1979 Cable
KAM1981 Cable
KAM77 Sold ----
KBM100280 Locking wheel nut Mini
KBP100050 Parts
KGE00060 Use KGE110
KGE000071 Mounting MG.F/T.
KGE000110 Mounting MG.F/T.
KGE100050 Rubber front frame
KGE100060 Rubber front frame
KGP1000050 Wheel nut cap
KHB10023 Use KHB10024
KHB10024 Rear subframe
KHU10011 Bracket exh subframe
KHU10012 Bracket exh subframe
KKB10032 Engine mounting
KKF100390 Use CRC5329
KKF101320 Rubber bush
KKH101245 Bracket R/H. Rover 400/45/ZS
KKH101372 Rod assy lower tie Rover 75 - ZT
KKQ101352 Mounting R/H. Rover 75/ZT
KL71563 Use 8G8095
KMM170 Use AAA318K
KNB100240 Use XPT000117ACB
KPC1487 Rear screen seal Rover 100
KPC1825 Mudshield
KTP0017 Use GVS198
KTP9017 Use BHM7282
KTP9401 Plug
KYG100680 Bolt M12 to Rover 600
LBS1008 Bush
LBS507 Bush
LBB10900N 1/2 Engine Mini MPI
LCN000140L Lower eng rail  K. engine MG.F/T.
LCN100210 Use LCN000140L
LDF104850 Cylinder head 16V. K engine
LDF105800 Cylinder head Mini MPI
LDF109390 Sold ----
LDG100040 Cylinder head stud Diesel
LDL100210 Plate blanking camshaft Rover 2/400 MG.F/TF
LDL100380 Use STC4634A 
LDR10074 Use CAM6822
LFB10001YEL Connecting rod bearings K. engine
LFB101620 Connecting rod berings std.. Rover 2,0 Turbo
LFH10006 Connecting rod bolt 1,3->1,8cc
LFP000140 Use LFP101360
LFP101360 Pistonrings kit K. engine
LFS100 Use 552651
LFS107 Use 552650
LGH10004 B Use LGH101140
LGH10005 Valve exh
LGH10020 Valve Rover
LGH10065 Valve exh K.V6 engine
LGH100830 Velve Honda eng Rover 600
LGH10098 Exhaust valve 2,0 Diesel
LGH101060 L Use LGH10020
LGH101140 Valve in
LGJ10013 Valveguide
LGJ100540 Guide valve inlet T.2,0 Engine
LGJ100550 Guide valve exh T.2,0 Engine
LGH100640 Use 12G1963
LHB10028 Pulley Exhaust T.Engine
LHB10029 Pulley inlet T Engine
LHF10005 Crankshaft pulley
LHM100 Washer
LHM106 Use B104
LHM122 Bolt
LHM2 Ring
LHM3 Ring
LHM595 Cynchro 5 gear Rover
LHM7 Use CDU72
LHM84 Washer
LHM94 Washer
LHM95 Washer
LHM96 Washer
LHM97 Washer
LHM98 Washer
LHN10029 Timing belt 2,0 Diesel
LHN100390 Timing belt K. engine VVC
LHN100400 Timing belt rear K. engine VVC
LHN100560 Timing belt K. engine  26mm
LHP10015 Sold ----
LHP100390 Tensioner timingbelt Diesel Rover 200/400/25/45-ZR-ZS
LHP100900 Tensioner timingbelt K. engine
LHP100940SLP Tensioner T/Belt rear Rover 2000cc Diesel
LJC000030 Valve cup kit  16V K. engine
LJC100240 Top cap velve Valve cup Rover SD1
LJQ100560 Seal valve stem
LJR10168 Timing cover with breather Mini SPI
LJR103580 Timing belt cover lower 2,0cc T engine
LJR104640 Cover assy  T-Chain Honda CRF450
LKB10477 In manigold Mini SPI
LKC10090 Ex manifold Mini SPI/MPI
LKC10200 Exh manifolfd 16V. K engine
LKG000170 Use LKJ101110
LKG10030 Gasket inlet 2,0cc T Engines
LKG100300 Gasket Exh K engine
LKG100551 Gasket Manifold
LKJ10029EVA Gasket inlet manifold 1,4cc K. engine
LKJ100580EVA Gasket Exh  Mini 1,3. SPI/MPI
LKJ100800EVA Gasket upper inlet Rover 800
KLJ100820 Gasket Exh 16V. K engine VVC
KLJ100860 Gasket Inlet manifold
LKJ101110 Gasket inlet 16V. K engine 
LKJ704067 EVA Gasket inlet manifold
LKJ704076EVA Use GUG704077 MG
LKJ704078EVA Gasket inlet
LKJ705902EVA Use GUG705902GM
LKJ705904EVA Gasket T. 2,0cc Engine
LKM10002 Use 12H4344
LK21994 Union 3/1-3/8 BSF
LK30284 Wheel cylinder front MG.TD/TF
LLH10132 Hose Mini SPI
LLH101830 Hose Mini SPI
LPF000030 Oil pump K engine
LPF000129EVA Use GLP129
LPF000153EVA Oil pump Rover 200/400/800 2,0cc
LPF10049EVA Use GLP161
LPF100790 Use LPF000030
LPW000167 EVA Use GFE167
LPW000198 EVA Use GFE198
LPW100180 Use GFE280
LPZ000103 EVA Use GFE1033
LPZ000109 EVA Use GFE109
LQM100560 Dipstick T. engine Turbo
LQN000050 Oil pipe
LQN101121 Use LQN000050
LQP10033 K Parts 12A engine
LQX100040 Oil seal front Rover K engine
LRC1167 Clip
LRF000192EVA Use GFE192
LRF000197EVA Oli filter Rover 2500cc K. serie engine
LSB101680 Sump assy engine oil Rover 400/45 - ZS
LUB10002 Valve oil seal
LUB100350 Valve oil seal
LUC100220 Oil seal
LUC100290 Oil seal
LUF10002 Oil seal rear
LUF10004 Oil seal rear
LUF10005 Oil seal rear Mini INJ
LUF10006 Oil seal front Mini 90->
LUJ100110 Washer sealing Rover 600 18/2,0cc
LVB000320 Use LVB500190
LVB000321 Gasket Cylinder head K. Engine
LVB10001 Use GUG2511HC
LVB10045EVA Cylinder head gasket Rover 2,0 T engine 
LVB10048EVA Cylinder head gasket Rover 2,0 T engine 
LVB101000 Cylinder head gasket Rover 2,0 T engine 
LVB101010EVA Cylinder head gasket Rover 825 V6
LVB500190 Cylinder head gasket K. engine
LVB702528EVA Use GUG702528HG
LVB702538HG Cylinder head gasket
LVF10005 Sump gasket 2,0cc T engine
LVF703034EVA Gasket sump Rover 800
LVH10010 Gasket oil pump K. engine
LVL10001 Use GUG705551GM
LVP10006 Gasket cam cover
LVP100170 Gasket cam cover
LVP100260 Use LVP100630
LVP100630 LX Rocker cover gasket
LVQ000050 Cylinder head gasket set 420/45/6/800
LVQ000060 Supply gasket set 2,0cc T engine
LVQ000070 Buttom set K. engine
LVQ000090 Cylinder head gasket set Rover K. engine
LVQ000100 Cylinder head gasket set Rover K. engine 1,8 .VVC
LVQ000101 SLP Cylinder head gasket set Rover K. engine
LVQ000102 SLP Use LVQ00100
LVQ10036 B Use GUG701116HS
LVQ10043EVA Engine gasket set 2,0cc T engine
LVQ10047 EVA Block  set A+ 1,3cc
LVQ701053EVA Head set Rover 825cc 1986->88
LVQ701159 EVA Cylinder hesd ser Mini MPI.
LVQ701162EVA Cylinder hesd MA/Montego 2.0cc
LVQ701178 EVA Use AJM1140EVA
LVQ701605 EVA Gasket set
LVQ701613 EVA Use AJM201
LWQ000090 Heat shield Rover 45/ZS V.6.
LYR100500 Stud
LYR100790 Stud exh manifold V6 K engine
LYU000010 Dowel K engine
LYU100290 Dowel to head gasket K Engine
LZB10005 Gasket sump
LZB10017 O ring oil pipe Mini 92->
LZB100270 Sold ----
LZV1101 EVA gasket Mini SPI
LZX1028 Sold ----
LZX1110 A Jet wax
LZX1111 A Jet wax
LZX1114 A Jet wax
LZX1118 A Jet wax
LZX1120 A Jet wax
LZX1150 Dashpot damper
LZX1274 Parts SU
LZX1322 A Jet
LZX1323 A Jet
LZX1505 Dashpot damper
LZX2085 Dashpot damper HIF.44
LZX2320 Dashpot damper
MAH10035 Hose purge valve SPI
MDQ100040 Stepper motor MPI
MDQ100170 Stepper motor K. engine
MDY100040 Gasket to GTR313
MEK100060 Use GTR313
MEQ10051 Elec control unit Rover 800 2,7L
MEQ101320 Use  MEQ10051
MHK10004 Lamba sonde Mini SPI & MPI
MHK10006 Sold ----
MHK100490 Use MHK100600
MHK100600 Sensor MPI
MHK100650 Sensor oxygen MPI Rover 600
MHK100820 Sensor manifold pressure
MHQ100130 Switche petrol
MJY10005 Use MJY10023
MJY10023 Petrol dyse T. engine
MJY100460 Petrol dyse Mini MPI
MKC101890 ECU fuel/ignitton box 
MKC104052 E EUC fuel/ignittion box Rover 400/45/ZS
MKC104292 ECU fuel/ignitton box
MKG100260L-00 Fuel injector O ring kit Rover 75/ZT
MKW10006 Regulator for multipoint Austin Metro K. engine     Rover 2/400 ->95
MLB10028 Throttle body assy Mini SPI
MLH10022 Hose manifold SPI
MLH10026 Hose fuel-pipe
MMJ10004 Sold ----
MNE101170 Sold ----
MRC1756 Sun visors
MRC1980 A O ring
MTC5940 Glass  R/H. 2 doors L/Rover
MVF10001 Timing belt rear Diesel Rover 200/25 - ZR 
MWC6328 Glass L/Rover
MXC6094 Bracket mudflaps Land-Rover
MYP100610 Screw
NAD000200 Use GNU4814
NAD004595 Use GNU4595
NAD004604 Use GNU4604
NAD00465 Use GNU4657
NAD10032 Use GNU4598
NAK000105 EVA Use GSB105
NAM1103 Bush
NAM1152 Bellows
NAM1239 Pad rubber
NAM1860 Use BAU001021EVA
NAM2165 Fixing suspencion
NAM2412 Nut alloy wheel
NAM2597 Fork
NAM3292 A Link R/H.
NAM3293 A Link L/H.
NAM3424 Use KKB10032
NAM3601 Bracket
NAM3607EVA Cable MA/Montego
NAM3608 EVA Use GVC2313
NAM3620 Mounting
NAM3760 Mini engine bracket
NAM4081 Bush anti roll bar Metro
NAM4131 Use KGE110
NAM4214 Use KGE110
NAM4352 Wheel nut
NAM4376 EVA Use GSJ268
NAM4600 Use GVC2346
NAM4619 MT Sold ----
NAM4691 Retainer
NAM5001 MH Alloy wheel 5,5"X 14"
NAM5017 Use GDB102
NAM5111 Use GSR1160
NAM5120EVA Use GSA72555
NAM5241EVA Use GRH742
NAM5269 Bolt
NAM5308 Use GSJ269
NAM5487 Wheel bolt
NAM5529 Use FAM8266
NAM5532 T. pice Metro
NAM5533 Hose
NAM5634 PA Sold ----
NAM5636 PA Sold ----
NAM5645 Wheel studs 32mm
NAM5676 Sold----
NAM5725 Use GVC2361
NAM6087 CC Steering wheels Metro
NAM6169 Centre caps  HG. logo
NAM6173 Hub cap Metro
NAM6180 Badge Austin to steering wheels
NAM6255 Bolt
NAM6384 Choke cable Mini MK2/3/4
NAM6474 Use NAM3607EVA
NAM6491 Parts
NAM6857 Sold ----
NAM7141 Choke cable Mini/Metro
NAM7150 Bush
NAM7155 Use GDB112
NAM7262 Hub cap MG.
NAM7353 Nut
NAM7554 Lower suspension ball L/H Maestro Montego
NAM7555 Lower suspension ball R/H Maestro Montego
NAM7806 Use GBD607
NAM7911MV Trim-roadwheel
NAM7912 Acc cable Metro
NAM7914 Accelerator cable
NAM8300 Sold ----
NAM8553 Bush Mini 85->96
NAM8563 Bush Mini 85->96
NAM8677 Hose Mini
NAM8970 Use GBD607
NAM9075 Use RRD10009
NAM9105 PMD centre caps Mini
NAM9164 XXX Use  NAM6173
NAM9462EVA P Lower ball joint R/H Metro 1,4 GTA.
NAM9463EVA P Lower ball joint L/H  Metro 1,4 GTA
ND606041 Nut
ND607041 Nut 7/16" UNF slot top
ND608041 Nut
NEC000110 Jet petrol Rover V.6
NGC000040 Ignition lead set 14/16/18cc K. engine
NGC000090P Ignition lead set 14/16/18cc K. engine ->2000
NGC000248 EVA Use GHT248
NGC10011 EVA Use GHT241
NGC10015 EVA Set high tension lead ignition SPI
NGC10222 EVA Use GHT271
NGC102300 EVA Use GHT278
NGC102450 EVA Use GHT273
NGC103060 EVA Use GHT289
NGD10016 ht LEAD SPACER t Serie 2,0cc Engines
NH806011 Nut
NJC10001 Use  NJL100060
NJD000159EVA Use GDC159
NJD000405 Use GDC405
NJD10010 Distributor cap K. engine
NJD100130 Use GDC403
NJE002263 EVA Use GRA2263
NJE100060 Use GRA2324
NJE100070 Rotor K. engine
NJL100050 Use NJL100060
NJL100060 Distributor modul 65D
NKC105 A Oil seal
NKC39 A Oil seal
NKC99 A O ring
NLP000040 Spark plug  to Rover 2/4/6/800/25/45
NLP000050 Use GSP7664
NLP000090 Spark plug Champion RC8YCC
NLP002003EVA Spark plug
NLP004352EVA Spark plug MA/Montego Turbo
NLP007664EVA Spark plug Rover 600 623SI   620
NL607041 Nut
NL610041 Nut
NNK10001 Sensor air Mini SPI/MPI
NNM100010 Cruis control Rover 400/45/ZS
NNN000110 Electric control unit assy Rover 75
NNN100682 Use NNN000110
NNP100450 Pipe vacuum Rover 800
NNS10001 Switches accelerator
NPC10001 Fuel trap Mini SPI
NPN022854 Cover
NPN2005 Relay Land Rover Frilander
NPN2008 El parts Land Rover
NRC2523 Radiator hose  L/Rover V8
NRC3947 Pipe
NRC5403 Exh spacer L/Rover
NRC5494 Acc cable L/Rover  V8  90/110"
NRC5593 Bush
NRC6404 Hose
NRC6481 Parts
NRC8966 Front pipe
NRC909 Cheke cable V8.
NRC9836 Rear Exhaust R/Rover V8  10-85->10-89
NSC000010 Sensor camshaft K. engine
NSC10003 Sensor crankshaft Rover 2/400 ->95 Rover 600/800
NSC100330 Sold ----
NSC100760 Sensor crankshaft K. engine
NTC1322 Use GEX33328
NTC5232 Bumper corner rear R/H 1986-> R/Rover
NTC5233 Bumper corner rear L/H 1986-> R/Rover
NTC5890 Engine mounting L/Rover V.8
NTC7297 Radiator hose L/Rover V.8 
NTC7833 Sold----
NT110051 Union
NT114040 Nut
NT114041 Use NT114040
NT3079 Roll pin
NT604041 Nut
NT605041 Nut
NT605061 Use NT605041
NT606041 Nut
NT607041 Nut
NT608041 Nut
NT610041 Nut
NUC000124EVA Use GPS124
NUC005010EVA Use GVC5010
NV110051 Nut
NYP100070 Screw
OYA001255EVA Use DNL100030
OYF705660EVA Use GUG705660GM
OZB000135EVA Use GHS135
OZB000213EVA Use GHS213
PAM1014 Moulding door glass R/H.
PAM1015 Moulding door glass L/H.
PAM1019 Use EAM7724
PAM1320 Striping MG. Metro
PAM1322 Striping MG. Metro
PAM1325 Tape ?
PAM1377 Pivot
PAM1378 Pivot
PAM1397 Door handle L/H.
PAM1914 Badge METRO
PAM2051 Seat squab
PAM2226 Rear 1/4 glass
PAM2239 bracket
PAM3076 Glass upper door seal Mini R/H.
PAM3077 Glass upper door seal Mini L/H.
PAM3394 Clip
PAM4327 PA Cap
PAM4730 Hose
PAM4735 Adaptor
PAM4869 Box
PAM4887 Ring locking
PAM5130 Gearlever gaiter
PAM5401 AP Headlining kit white
PAM5401 BL Headlining kit black
PAM5401 LNG Headlining kit grey
PAM5646 LG Parts
PA116201 Roll pin
PBC10021EVA Use GRH962
PBC101350 Oli cooler engine K.V6 40 degreesc
PBH101790 Aose air con
PCC001077EVA Radiator Rover 600
PCC10308 B Use GRD148
PCC10339 B Use GRD172
PCC10358 B Use GRD172
PPC104080 SLP Radiator assy Mini Cooper 1300
PCC106340 EVA Use GRD974
PCC106340 SLP Radiator assy Mini Cooper 1300 MPI
PCC108350 Use PCC108352
PCC108351 Use PCC108352
PCC108352 Radiator assy Rover 400
PCF101240 Sold ----
PCH000505EVA Use GRH505
PCH000618EVA Use GRH618
PCH000650EVA Use GRH650
PCH000735EVA Use GRH735
PCH000744EVA R/Hose Montego 86->91
PCH000753EVA Use GRH753
PCH000772EVA Use GRH772
PCH000796EVA Use GRH796
PCH000832EVA Use GRH832
PCH000833EVA Use GRH833
PCH000852EVA Use GRH852
PCH000912EVA Use GRH912
PCH000943EVA Use GRH943
PCH000988 Use GRH961
PCH001269EVA R/hose Rover 200/400 2,0cc ->95
PCH001276EVA Use GRH1276
PCH001520 R/hose Rover 75. V6/V8
PCH001790 Hose engine to oil cooler Rover 75/ZT V6
PCH001810 Hose heater to  oil cooler Rover 75 V6 from 1D235721 on
PCH002490 R/hose MG.F.
PCH002960 Hose assy top MG.F/TF
PCH003091 Hose Rover 75 1,8 Turbo
PCH003320 Pressure relief thermostat and house assy MG.TF Auto/Steptronic 2003 on
PCH00744EVA R/Hose
PCH00958 EVA Use GRH958
PCH100450 Lid-air cleaner Rover 600
PCH10532 R/Hose
PCH10716EVA R/Hose exp tank Rover 2/400 ->95 1,4MPI
PCH108040 EVA Use GRH1285
PCH109500 EVA Top hose Rover 2/400
PCH11020 Use GRH1369
PCH110990 Hose radiator Rover 400 2,0cc ->2000
PCH112580 EVA Top hosr Rover 800 2,0cc
PCH112950 Use GRH1404
PCH113020 R/hose Rover 400/45/ZS
PCH113700 Use GRH905
PCH115590 Hose-cooling system Rover 200/25/ZR
PCH11573 Hose to radiator Rover 200/25/ZR  14/1600cc
PCH119190 Hose assy In/out 1800cc
PCH119242 R/hose Rover 75/ZT. V6
PCH119334 Hose assy In/out Rover 75-ZT Dirsel 2000 on Vin 171776 ->
PCP10006 Pipe to R/hose
PCR1230 A Use PRC1230 A
PCR809 Clip
PCU103492 Bracket rad L/H Rover 75/ZT
PEB000080 Use GWP333
PEB000132 EVA Use GWP132
PEB000144 EVA Use GWP144
PEB000145 EVA Sold----
PEB10036SLP Use GWP187
PEB10037SLP Use GWP188
PEB10051 Use GWP333
PEB10139 Water pump Rover 2/400
PEB101710SLP Water pump Rover 600 2,300cc
PEB102510 Use GWP333
PEB102511 Use  GWP333
PEF10010 Use GTG219
PEG10002 Sold ----
PEG100030 Sandwich plate thermostat
PEH10021 Sold ----
PEH100850 Hose heater return MG.F-TF
PEH100950 Use GRH905
PEL10004 EVA Thermostat Rover 825/27
PEL10007 EVA Use GTS298
PEL10016 Thermostat 88% K.engine
PEM000020 Thermostat housing MG.F/TF
PEM10025 Thermostat housing Rover 200/25/MG.ZR
PEM10036 Sandwich plate thermostat
PEP10131 Pipe heater Rover 800
PEQ10010 Thermostat housing Mini 90->
PEQ10019 Thermostat housing Mini 90->  32mm
PEQ100650 Thermostat housing Mini MPI
PEQ100690 Thermostat housing Mini SPI
PET10003 B Gasket
PET10010 SL Rubber ring water pump
PEU10096 Bracket Rover 2/400
PFF100040 Adaptor hose collant Rover 400 MG.F/TF
PFR108 Clip
PFS103 Clip
PFS104 Clip
PFS106 Clip
PFS312 Use GHF714
PFS326 Use AK606021
PGF10005 Use PGF10007
PGF10007 El fan assy Maestro
PGF10043 Fan/cowl & Motor assy Rover 2/400 ->95
PGF10050 El fan assy Rover 220 Turbo Tomkat
PGG000270 Cooling fan assy MG.F-TF
PGG1058 El fan assy Mini 91->96
PGG100932 Use PGK170
PGG100960 Ving Rover 400/45/ZS
PGK000170 Parts Rover 75
PGK100390 Parts Rover 600
PGK10034 Radiator cowling  to Mini
PHB10130 Air box assy Rover Metro 114 SPI 16 V
PHB101980 Air box assy Rover 200/25
PHD102360 Duct air to Rover T.engine Turbo
PHE000121EVA Air filter
PHE001001EVA Use GFE1001
PHE001003EVA Use GFE1003
PHE001004EVA Use GFE1004
PHE001033EVA Use GFE1033
PHE001091EVA Use GFE1091
PHE001124EVA Use GFE1124
PHE10002EVA Use GFE1136
PHE10015EVA Use GFE1143
PHE10021EVA Use GFE1142
PHE100420 Air filter MG.F. -> 2000
PHE100540 Air filter MG.F. 2000 ->
PHP10027 Vacum pipe SPI
PHP10043 Vacum hose Mini SPI
PHU000190 Mounting Rover 75/ZT  190 Hk
PJ8808 Clevis pin 5/16" X Use  8
PHX100020 EVA Use GUG705561GM
PMK10006 Valve Turbo
PQG Tensioner aut ancidary drive
PQR10001 Pulley to power steering
PQR10028 Fanbelt adjustment pulley Mini MPI
PQR101110 Pulley pas pump power Rover 2/¤-24/45/600/800 2,0cc T engine
PQS050925 EVA Use GMB50920
PQS10035 Drive belt alternator 2,0cc
PQS100840 Drive belt K.engine
PQS101160EVA Belt alternator Rover 600
PQS101210EVA Belt alternator Rover 825
PQS101290EVA Belt power assisted stering Rover 600
PQU100170 Bracket Rover 800
PRC1039 Use BAU1074A
PRC108040EVA Sold----
PRC1229 A Use UKC9173
PRC1230 A Number plate lens
PRC3049 Petrol tank sender unit
PRC3824 number plate lamp L/Rover
PRC9916 A Wing side repeater lamp
PSF10002 Ring gear Rover 2/400/25/45/ZR
PZB105520 Seal Rover 75/ZT
YXX4465 R4 Side stripe MG. Metro Turbo
PYC102860 Clip Rover 75/ZT
PYH10001 Nut
PYG100510 Bolt Rover 623
QBZ10001 Steering rack gaiter kit MG.F.
QEB001163 E Steering rack Mini
QEB001163  N Use GSR1163
QEH000230 Use QEH102673
QEH000750 Use QEH102673
QEH101280 Hose servo
QEH101234 Hose power steering Rover 600
QEH102673 Hose air con Rover 75/ZT
QEP10081 Use QEP10111
QEP10111 Pipe 2.0cc T enhine Rover 2/400
QEP103191 Use QEP103192
QEP102192 Pipe assy Rover 400/45/ZS
QEP103521 Pipe 2.0cc T engine rover 600
QEP104010 Use QEP104011
QEP104011 Pipe /hose p/stering Rover 400/45/ZS
QEP104690 Pipe assy return union to cooler Rover 400 -> 2000
QEY000050 Steering rack gaiter Rover 200/25/ZR
QEY10001 EVA Use GSV1141
QEZ10004 Cap power assisted Rover 2/400 -> 95  200/25-ZR  
QFR10004 Clamp pover steering
QGK100030 Washer
QGX100150EVA Joint ball outertrack rod L/H Rover 600
QGX100050 Use GSJ495
QGX100060 Use GSJ496
QGX100140 EVA Use GSJ876
QJB000733 EVA Use GSJ734
QJB10004 EVA Use GSJ734
QJB100120 Track rod end Rover 200 oup to year 2000
QJB100140 Use GSJ827
QJB100141 Ball joint outer steering  Rover 25 MG.R
QJB100180 Track rod end R/H. Rover 75/ZT
QJB100190 Track rod end L/H. Rover 75/ZT
QJB100240 Rtack rod end Rover25/MG ZR 
QRF100750 Sold ----
QRJ10012 Parts steering lock
QTJ100040 Ring-slip operation Rover 2/400-> 95   Rover 600
QVB100580 Pump P/Steering Rover 2/400
QVB100830 Servo pump Rover 600
QVB101581 Servo pump Rover 200/25/ZR
QVR10002 Servosenser Rover 600/827
QVU100630 Bracket mounting Rover 75-ZT Diesel
QVU100682 Bracket P/Steering Rover 2/400
QYG100290 Bolt Rover 600
QYG100290 K Bolt
RBG000020 Ball joint upper MG.F. OE Rover
RBG000020 R Use GSJ269
RBG000020SLP Ball joint OE Rover
RBG100110 Kit lower arm ball joint dust seal Rover 75/ZT
RBJ000370 Sold ----
RBJ000380 Sold ----
RBJ000740 Lower arm assy R/H. MG.FT.
RBJ10040 Arm upper front susp Rover 800
RBJ100781 Track control arm R/H.
RBJ100782 Use RBJ100781
RBJ100791 Track control arm L/H.
RBJ100792 Use RBJ100791
RBJ100840 Use GSJ486
RBJ100850 Use GSJ485
RBJ101060 Lower arm assy R/H. MG.F.
RBJ101070 Lower arm assy L/H. MG.F.
RBJ102120 Upper arm assy suspension R/H Rover 400/45/MG ZS
RBJ102121 Use RBJ102120
RBJ102130 Upper arm assy  suspension L/H Rover 400/45/MG ZS
RBJ102231 Upper arm assy  suspension L/H Rover 400/45/MG ZS
RBJ102250 Lower arm assy L/H. Rover 400/45
RBJ102500 Sold ----
RBJ102510 Sold ----
RBK000090 Use GSJ269
RBK000100 Use GSJ269
RBK000614 EVA Track rod end Mini / Metro
RBK000914 EVA Use GSJ194
RBK10007 EVA Use GSV1264
RBK100350 Use RBK100351
RBK100351 Front lower suspension ball Rover 400/45/MG ZS up to 1800cc
RBK100380 Usr RBK100381 R
RBK100381  Front lower suspension ball Rover 400/45/MG ZS 1800cc on
RBK100400 Lower ball joint L/H. MG.F/T
RBK100410 Lower ball joint R/H. MG.F/T
RBP100050 Bearing assy upperarm front Rover 800
RBX10036 Bush anti roll bar  2/400->95 200/257ZR 95->
RBX100410 Bush rear tie bar front Rover 600
RBX100420 Bush tie bar Rover 600
RBX100540 Bush tie bar Rover 6/800
RBX100580 Use RBX100581
RBX100581 Bush front susp Rover 400/45/ZS
RBX100600 Bush fronr Rover 600/800
RBX100610 Bush anti roll bar front Rover 600
RBZ10001 Clip to bumpstop
REB000890 SLP Front spring Rover 75/ZT
RFC001009EVA Use GHK1009
RFM000050 SLP Use GHK1366
RFM000060 SLP Use GHK1400
RFM000070 Wheel bearing kit rear Rover 400/45/ZS
RFM001287 EVA Use GHK1287
RFM001511 EVA Use GHK1511
RFM001807 EVA Use GHK1550
RGD100110 Link anti roll bar rear Rover 600
RGF10002 Aid-spring rear damper Rover 800
RGG102230 Arm lower rear susp L/H. Rover 600
RGN4742 Moulding
RGN6476 Handle door pull
RGR4742 Sold ----
RGV6476 Handle mink
RGX000771 Bush rear suspension Rover 400/45/ZS (NOS)
RGZ100050 Rod track rear MG.F. ->2002 (NOS)
RKB10003 Ball joint lower front Rover 800
RKB100251 EVA Use GRS103
RKC1530 Clip
RLB000070 Rear whell bearing kit ABS  Rover 200/25-ZR
RLB001564 EVA Rear whell bearing kit ABS Rover 600
RLD100010 Nut L/H
RLFK200 Fitting kit sports lamp
RLJ10001 Whell stud 55mm
RLJ100060 Whell stud 78mm
RNB000260 Front shoch abs MG.F
RNB102741EVA Use GSA982807
RNC100130 Parts Rover
RND072530 EVA Sold ----
RND102741EVA Use GSA982807
RND102745EVA Use GSA982807
RND102751EVA Use GSA982806
RND103470 Shock absorber front Rover 200
RND105321 Shock absorber front R/H. Rover 75 1800cc
RNF100100 Isolator/rubber ring
RNK100070 Hydragas unit front MG.F.
RNP100172 Pipe hudrogas rear L/H MG.F
RNP100180 Hose suspension front R/H. MG.F.
RNP100190 Use RNP100350
RNP100210 Pipe hydrogas L/H. MG.F
RNP100350 Pipe suspension front MG.F.
RPC100180 use RPS100060
RPD10051 EVA Use GSA972037
RPD100680 EVA Use GSA972045
RPF100060 Mounting rear damper Rover 75/ZT
RPN100020 Bellows-susp damper Rover 75/ZT
RPS100060 Cap-noise damper Rover 75/ZT
RPY100100 Plate-bumpstop rear Rover 75/ZT
RRB100170 Parts whell nuts
RRC002630 PAM Alloy whell 7X16" MG.F/T.
RRC005080 MNH Alloy whell 6X15" to Rover 2/4/25/45
RRC005140 MNH Alloy whell 6,5/15" to Rover 75/ZT
RRC105480 MNH Alloy whell 6,5X15" to Rover
RRC106034 MNH Alloy whell 5,5X15"
RRC110132 MNH Alloy whell 7/17" to Rover 75/ZT
RRC110460 XXX Alloy whell 7X16" MG.F.
RRC112191 MNH Alloy wheel 7/17" to Rover 75/ZT
RRD10009 Whell nut Mini Cooper
RRD10011 Wheel nuts
RRD100360 Wheel nuts
RRG102960 Suspension arm rear Rover 400/45
RRH100130 Bolt to alloy wheels Rover 75/ZT
RHH100140 Bolt to alloy wheels Rover 75/ZT
RRJ100020 Cap to whell nuts
RRJ100150MNH Center caps alloy wheels Rover 75
RTC0808 Conversion gasket set Rover 2000 SC& TC
RTC1003 Use BAU5264
RTC1115 Bleed screw
RTC1148 Use  GUG705711GM
RTC1150 Sold ----
RTC117 Cable to Rover SD.1
RTC129 Oil sealCable to Rover SD.1
RTC1376 Use GRK2014
RTC1377 Use GRK5008
RTC1466 A Bleed screw 7mm
RTC1474 Use BHM7058
RTC1759/20 Main bearing Triumph Spitfire
RTC1800 Use Use  GSJ151
RTC1847 Lamp rim
RTC1848 Gasket
RTC1868 Use AJM1253
RTC1878 Parts
RTC198 A Brush kitwiper
RTC199 Wipper gear 130%
RTC202 A Wipper cable
RTC2218 Use GSV1104
RTC2219 Use GSV1105
RTC222 A Strips 6"
RTC2237 Parts
RTC2392 Use 13H232
RTC2668 Repair kit Jaguar
RTC2866 Use BRC9219
RTC3270 Use GCS2101
RTC3278 Use GDC136
RTC3282 Use GCS2124
RTC3291 Use GUJ116
RTC3346 Use GUJ108
RTC3406 Use GHB130
RTC3426 Wheel bearing kit L/Rover S.2-3
RTC3508 Use GHS190
RTC3511 Use GHS206
RTC3552 Use GSJ222
RTC3639 Use GWW102
RTC3647 Use PEB145 EVA
RTC364 Use GCS2118
RTC3632 Use GWP103
RTC3880 EVA Use GWW952
RTC39 Use BAU1034 A
RTC4201 Use PGF10007
RTC4255 Wheel bolt
RTC4276 O ring
RTC430 Wiper switch
RTC432 A Switcl floor
RTC435 Sold ----
RTC440 A Fuse box
RTC445 Use AEU1061A
RTC447 A Sold ----
RTC452 Use GXE7708
RTC461 Use 13H5952
RTC466 A Spring to dynamo
RTC5541 Handle kit door
RTC5695 Bumper corner front R/H 1986-> L/Rover
RTC5903 Use GBH418
RTC5930 Use 589470
RTC6 Rubber ring
RTC603 A Connector
RTC606 Brass washer L/Rover
RTC608 Use AJD8012Z
RTC7134 Roll pin
RTC7216 Use GSY104
RTC808 Use Use  RTC0808.
RTC810 Sold ----
RTC826 Use AAU1700A
RUC10005 Use 21A2695
RUC100171 Drive flange Rover 75/ZT
RU608313 Rivet
RZS1216 Roll pin
SAE100040 Cover
SBB000150 Throttle cable Rover 75 1.8cc L.H.D.
SBB000180 Throttle cable Rover 2/400
SBB000190 Throttle cable Rover 200/25
SBB000290 Use SBB103153
SBB10126 Throttle cable Mini Cooper 90->
SBB10186 Throttle cable Mini SPI
SBB103153 Throttle cable MG.F- TF L.H.D.
SBB103720 Throttle cable Mini MPI
SBF10027 Choke cable 32" Mini 87->
SBF10031 Choke cable 36" Mini 90->
SBP100010 Seal cable acelerator Rover 600
SDB000990 Brake disc vented Rover
SDB090800EVA Brake disc front Rover 800
SDB090802SLP Brake disc rear Rover 800
SDB090836EVA Brake disc vented front Rover600 260mm
SDB10026 SLP Brake disc front vented Rover 800
SDB100460 Use GBD90842
SDB100500 Brake disc Rover
SDB90811EVA Brake disc Austin Metro 91->
SDC000102EVA Use GDB102
SEE100150EVA Use GBC90185
SEG10005 Brake caliper R/H. rear MG.F.
SEG10006 Brake caliper L/H. rear MG.F.
SEM100020 Use GBP90337AF
SEX100020 Cap brake blecds crew Rover 75/ZT
SFK10004EVA Use GBP90320
SFK10005EVA Use GBP90312 / GBP90327AF
SFK102 Kit MG.B.
SFP0000170 Brake pads
SFP000360 Use GBP90323AF
SFP000390 Use GBP90336AF
SFP10002 Use GBP656AF
SFP10012 Use GBP90323AF
SFP100190EVA Brake pads front Rover 800
SFP100200EVA Use GBP90328AF
SFP100210EVA Front brake pads Rover 600
SFP100220EVA Rear brake pads Rover 600
SFP100260 Use GBP90336AF
SFP100360 SLP Brake pads rear Rover 800  MG.F-TF
SFP90328AF Use GBP90328AF
SFS100090 Brake shoe set Rover 2/400/25/45-MG.ZR-ZS
SGV3582 Clip fixing mink
SHB000246EVA Use GBH246
SHB000248EVA Use GBH248
SHB000280 Use SHB880
SHB000820 Brake hose rear Rover 2/400 to 95 Rover 400/45-ZS 95 on
SHB000880 Brake hose rear MG.TF.
SHB090266EVA Use GBH90266
SHB10006 Brake hose front R/H. MG.F.
SHB10007 Brake hose front L/H. MG.F.
SHB100611 Use GBH90282
SJ104121 SU. screw
SJ8041/2 Clips Jajuat
SMG100060 Screw bleedbrake Rover 75/ZT
SMK10001 Spring shoe Rover 2/400/25/45
SMK100180 Spring shoe return R/H
SMK100190 Spring shoe return L/H
SMN000090 Rep kit rear Rover 2/400/25/45 96->
SMN000120 Kitshoe rear brake 2/25/4/45/ZR/ZS
SMN10005 Brake lever kit Mini
SMN100091 EVA Rep kit rear Rover 600
SMN100200 Pep kit  W/cylinder
SM105161 Screw
SNB000230 LNF Handbrake assy Rover 75/ZT
SPB000350 Handbrake cable assy Rover 200/25-ZR
SPB10010EVA Use GVC902357
SPB10015EVA Use GVC902358
SPB100431EVA Handbrake cable assy R/H  Rover 600
SPB100441EVA Handbrake cable assy L/H  Rover 600
SPK10002 Gasket pad for H/B cables
SSB000160 ABS. sensor rear Rover 75
SSB10022 Sold -----------------------
SSB10025 ABS. sensor rear L/H. Rover 800
SSB100710 ABS. sensor front L/H. Rover 400/45
SSB100780 ABS. sensor front R/H. Rover 600
SSB100790 ABS. Sensor front MG.F-TF
SSB100881 ABS. sensor Rear R/H MG.F-TF
SSB100891 ABS. Sensor Rear L/H MG.F-TF
SSB100920 ABS. sensor front Rover 200/25/ZR
SSB100930 ABS. sensor front Rover
SBB1011203 Use SSB160
SQB102540 Hose assy brake vacoum Rover 200/25/ZR
SQB102800 Hose assy brake vacoum Rover 200/25/ZR
STC001009EVA Use Use  GMC1009
STC3319 Rover 4,0cc EFI V8 engine assembly L/Landrover & TVR
STC3717 L/Rover Discovery MK1 V8 Tail exhaust pipe
STC4634A Plate camshaft cover Rover 75 - ZT Diesel
STG001002 EVA Use GVP1002
STG001003 EVA Hose
STY000010 Use STY20
STY000020 Rep kit M/Cyl  MG.F.
STY100010EVA Seal clutch master  cylinder Rover 600
SUG100000 Use DBP7047
SYC100550 Clip
SYG100510 Banjo bolt
SYG100600 Bolt T engine
SZU10001 Pedal pad
TAM1058 Valve in 33mm
TAM1059 Valve in. 35,6mm
TAM1061 Valve ex. 29mm
TAM1062 Valve In.  27,0mm
TAM1089 Gasket
TAM1171 Use LZB10005
TAM1174 Bolt
TAM1521 Head gasket
TAM1706 Use CAM6105
TAM1770 Valve exh. 25,4mm
TAM2020 Crankshaft pulley locktab
TAM2050/20 Piston set
TAM2050/40 Piston set
TAM2050/60 Piston set
TAM2097 Sold ----
TAM2106 BR Hose
TAM210611 /16 Hose
TDC000180 Driveshaft R/H. 1,8cc Rover 200/25/ZR
TDJ10015 EVA Joint-constant Rover 2/400 2,0 Diesel
TDR000180 Kit gaiter inner joint
TDR000230 Use GSV1048
TDR001154 EVA Use GSV1153
TDR100159 EVA Use GDG152
TDR100500EVA Gaiter kit inner joint drive shaft Rover 600
TDR100510 EVA Use GDG152
TD108051 A Stud manifold
TEM1688 Use CRC6364
TE505111 Stud
TE606180 Stud
TFP1006   Peg
TFP1010 Peg
TFS106 Fastner
TEG10002 Pick up mainshaft
TGK705973EVA Gasket
TGX100110 Use XHM5008
TJM1089 Sensor
TKC0101 Viscous coupling Triumph & Rover V8
TKC1263 Shock absorder assy
TKC1338 Parts SU.
TKC1555 Use TKC1263
TKC1792 Use GEX1621
TKC2786 Use GSY104
TKC3569 Use TKC1263
TKC3708 Use TKC1263
TKC382 Flasher lamp
TKC4651 Shim
TKC4651 Shim
TKC5281 Valve inlet
TKC5282 Valve Exh
TKC7186 Use CAM1004
TMB100150 Parts Rover 600
TMB100160 Parts Rover 600
TMB105390 Parts Rover 600
TMD100150 Parts Rover 800
TM112061 Union
TM606031 Union UNF
TN110051 Union mm
TN606031 Union UNF
TQB10007 N Converter assembly Mini SPI
TRC000110 N Gearbox assy MG.ZR. 160 Hk.
TRK10004 B Use GUG705567GM
TRK100300 EVA Use GUG705563GM
TRX100080 Seal diff Rover 800
TRX100100 Oil seal G/Box
TRS1114 Rubber ring
TRS1317 Rubber ring
TRS1418 Rubber ring
TRS1721 Rubber ring
TRS2024 Rubber ring
TRS710 Rubber ring
TRX100100 Use CDU72
TRX100110 Oil seal
TSP100390 Use DAM7425
TSP100400 Use DAM7426
TSP100550 Use TSP100551
TSP100551 Fork assy selector Rover 2/4/25/45
TUK10010 Needle roller bearing
TUK10011 Needle roller bearing
TUK100180 Switch push air con ->528054 Rover 400 -> 2000
TUK100320 Idler gear bearing A+
TXD10004 Speedo pinion 15 T
TXD10006 Use 22G2024
TXF10004 Spindlr S/H.
TYX100400 Oring 25mm-2,4mm Rover 600
UAM1465 Use GRH943
UAM1548 Gasket
UAM1599 EVA Use GTB1127 A
UAM1602 Hose
UAM1756 Use LGH10005
UAM1990 Hose
UAM2021 Use GUG4409MG
UAM2110 Parts
UAM2397 Use NYP100070
UAM2489 Pulley belt
UAM2490 B Use GUG2523HG
UAM2530 Rubber ring
UAM2571 EVA Use GRH767
UAM2736 Use GUG4022MG
UAM2857 Washer
UAM2957 Plug
UAM2990 B Use GUG5020 VC
UAM5029 Rubber gasket
UAM5141 Gasket
UAM5445 Use GUG4022MG
UAM5469 Use GWP2155
UAM5487 Cover FRT.
UAM7051 Use NYP100070
UAM7185 Plate tensioner
UAM7323 B Use GUG5020VC
UCK100260LNF Gear lever handle Rover 75
UCK100270LNF Gearlever knob automatic Rover 75
UFS819 Sccrew
UGA5253 Clip
UGJ3234 Sun visors
UGN5055 Use UGN5300
UGN5300 Rubber moulding black
UGU5300 Rubber moulding
UGV5055 Use UGV5300
UGV5300 Door seal Maxi
UGX3234 AP Sun visors
UGX5055 AA Rubber moulding
UHC100131 Control unit Rover 75
UHC100138 Use UHC100131
UHN400 Grease nipple
UHM445 Grease nipple
UKC1110 Oil seal Triumph
UKC1258 Use 18G8985
UKC1690 Circlip
UKC1747 Prop
UKC1779 Kit mounting
UKC1987 Adjusting shims
UKC1989 Adjusting shims
UKC1993 Adjusting shims
UKC2110 Vacum pipe
UKC2213 Wheel stud
UKC2284 Washer
UKC3185 Con rod bolt
UKC3344 Oil seal Triumph
UKC3371 Use 13H9513
UKC3933 Use GSJ185
UKC4225 Bush
UKC4493 Sold ----
UKC4788 Diff thrust washer
UKC4789 Diff thrust washer
UKC4790 Diff thrust washer
UKC4791 Diff thrust washer
UKC4792 Diff thrust washer
UKC4793 Diff thrust washer
UKC4794 Diff thrust washer
UKC4796 Sold ----
UKC4944 Use GSJ158
UKC5285 Use GZA2052
UKC5334 Sold ----
UKC5992 Use BHA4966
UKC6900 Use GZA2061
UKC7521 Filter valve
UKC8321 Gasket Triumph
UKC850 Center caps Triumph D/Sprint
UKC8647 Switch light
UKC8677 Sold ----
UKC8750 Reverse gear Triumph
UKC8769 Rubber bush
UKC9173 Number plate lamp
UKC9920 Hose petrol
UKE100630 Gearlever Rover 6/800
UKJ100710MDC Gear knob
ULC1284 B Gasket Triumph
ULC3132 Bolt
ULC3133 Washer
ULC5098 Rubber ring
ULS100071 Cable assy gear change short MG.F
UL2706 Screw
UNB000117 EVA Use GSY117
UNF100050 A Roller bearing  to gearbox
UNM100019 Bushes kit shaft
UNG100040 Use UNG100050
UNG100050 Oil seal Rover 600
UNG100100 Use CDU72
UQB000220 Use GCP90828AF
UQB000221 Use GCP90828AF
UQB10022 EVA Use URF009065 EVA
URB10033 Vclutch cover
URF000120 Use URF121
URF000121 Clutch kit
URF000131 Use URF000132
URF000132 Clutch kit Rover 2/400/25/45-ZR-ZS-ZT
URF000170 Clutch kit
URF000190 Clutch kit Rover 600/820 Turbo
URF006604 EVA Use GRB239
URF008854 EVA Use GCK100AF
URF009065 EVA Clutch kit  Rover Metro Rover 2/400 1400cc
URF009100 EVA Clutch kit Rover 100
URF009539EVA Clutch kit Rover 600 - Turbo
URP1027 Rubber bush
URP1126 Use GVS108
URP1271 Use GVS101
URP1272 Use CDU2334
UTJ100170 Use GRB90260
UUB10002 EVA Use GSY134
UUB100040 Use GSY195
UUB100100 Use VUB100100
UUB100110 Slave cylinder clutch Rover 400/45-ZS 14/1600cc -> 2003 ->  VIN 618245
UUB100180 Use GRK904039
UUC000050 Clutch cable Rover 25-ZR 2003 on 14/1600cc
UUC10049 EVA Clutch cable
UYH100050 Bolt 10X20 Rover 600
U2U5253 Clip
VP227-010" Main berings 0,10" Austin A40 1947 on
VP227-020" Main berings 0,20" Austin A40 1947 on
VP385-010" Rod berings 0,10" Morris & Wolseley 1½ L engines 1948->1954
VP385-020" Rod berings 0,20" Morris & Wolseley 1½ L engines 1948->1954
VP572 Use 8G2399
VP733 Use 8G2332
VP91120 Use 8G2391
VP91306 Use 8G2553
VP91886 Use BHM1574
VPW41 Use BHM1293
VPW81 Use BHM1292
VTF100000 Boot racks MG.F.TF
VTF100040 Boot rack Rover 75-ZT
VUB002300 Kit-floor matfixing
VUB100090 Wind deflectors Rover2/400
VUB100100 Wind deflectors
VUB100160 Temp indicator
VUB100180 Fitting kit
VUB100200 Recharge  kit Rover 400
VUB101890  LNF Pair Head rest Rover 200
VUB104560 Tow electrice 13 pin kit to Rover 200/400 -> 95
VUB104600 Tow electrice 13 pin kit to Rover 600
VUB104650 Use VUB100100
VUB111950 Cruisecontrol kit Rover 25
VUL100200 Instructions-operation
VUL100210 Harnes main Rover 200-> 2000  Rover 400/45/ZS  Rover 600  MG.TF
VUU100160 Bracket - telephone mounting Rover 75 / ZT L-H-D.
VUU100330 PMD Bracket tlf. Rover 400/45/ZR
VUU105350 Bracket tlf. Rover  200/25/ZR
VUX100030 Radio cassette assy Rover 75
VVW100010 Parking distance el control Rover 400/45/ZS  NG.TF
VYX100010 O Ring
V2A1302 Door panel R/H. Navy
WAE100090 Parts exh. Rover 600
WAG000670 Use WAG000671
WAG000671 Catalyst MG.TF 2000 on VIN 4D522573
WAG103100 Use WAG103101
WAG103101 Catalyst Rover. 2/400 ->95
WAG103650 Use WAG103651
WAG103651 Catalyst Rover 45-ZS MG.F -> 2000  -> VIN 4d522572
WAM2406 Bush assis stering 2/4/25/45/ZR/S
WAM4026 300 Main bearing top K. Engine
WAM4243 Bolt crankshsft Rover "/4/24/45/75
WAT10001 Hose to solinoide
WCD000220 Manifold/Catalyst assy Rover 75/ZT Diesel    OE.Rover
WCD000220SLP Use WCD000220
WCD003911EVA Use GEX3317
WCD011013EVA Use GEX1932
WCD104220 Down pipe Rover 214/25
WCE10109 EVA Connector pipr Rover 800 2000cc T engine
WCE10172 EVA Use GEX33516
WCE10175EVA Use GEX33716
WCE10178 EVA Connector pipe Rover 2/400 2000cc
WCE10182EVA Use GEX33528 or GEX33432
WCE102400EVA Connector pipe Rover 2/400 1600cc
WCE102690EVA Connector pipe Rover 600
WCE103250 Connector pipe Rover 400/45/ZS
WCE103352 EVA Connector pipe Rover 600
WCE103780 Silencer MG.F.
WCE104640 Exh L/Rover Discovery MK2 V8
WCG003913EVA Use GEX3913
WCG003627EVA Use GEX3774
WCG033259EVA Use GEX33055
WCG033423EVA Use GEX33423
WCG102280 Silencer rear Rover 414/16/ZS
WCG102410 Silincer center Rover 400/45/ZS
WCG102610 Silencer rear Rover 400/45/ZS
WCG102620 Use WCG102280
WCM007695EVA Gasket exh Rover 2/400 -> 95  2000cc
WCM00774 EVA Gasket exhaust  T Serie
WCM007756 EVA Gasket exh Rover 2/4/800
WCM007774 EVA Gasket exh
WCM007775EVA Gasket exh Rover 827
WCM10009 Gasket exh
WCM10019 EVA Use GEX7779
WCM100330 EVA O ring
WCM100460 Gasket exh
WCM100480 Gasket exh
WCM100590 Gasket exh
WCM100600 Gasket exh
WCS007325EVA Use GEX7325
WCS007626EVA Use GEX7626
WCS007661EVA Use DBP7104
WCS100060EVA Use GXE7706
WCU100990 Bracket Rover 200/400/25/ZR
WDU100290 Use STC3717
WDU100540 Use WCE104640
WE600101 Washer
WE704061 Washer
WFE106090 Petrol tank Mini SPI/MPI
WFE107262 Fuel tank Rover 400/45-ZS 2003 on VIN 612755 on
WFH10056 Hose to fuel tank Rover 800
WFX10015 Use WFX100910
WFX10045 Use WFX100810
WFX100810 Fuel pump Mini SPI/MPI
WFX100910 Fuel pump Rover 827
WGS100031 Use WGS100032
WGS100032 Module assy Rover 75/ZT.
WJH104030 Hose fuel Rover 800
WJN007001EVA Use GFE7001
WNJ007010EVA Use GFE7010
WJN007015EVA Use GFE7000
WNJ100710 Use GFE5311
WJN101190 Fuel filter MG.F/Mini MPI
WJN101520 EVA Fuel filter Rover 2/400/600 Mini ->WD169573
WJN7010 Use GFE7010
WJX10010 Protector tank Mini SPI/MPI
WKC2466 Rear wing L/H. Triumph Spit MK4/1500 (NOS)
WKC2467 Rear wing R/H. Triumph Spit MK4/1500 (NOS)
WKC504 Sold ----
WKN304 Key
WKN404 Key
WKN405 Key
WKN505 Key
WKN506 Key
WKN608 Key
WLD10026 Use WLD100310
WLD100310 Use WLD100660
WLD100350 Petrol cap
WLD100660 Petrol cap
WQT100030 Switch inertia fuel
WTB101201 Use WTB101203
WTB101203 Canister Rover 400/45/ZS
WTB101331 Canistercnarcola Rover 75/ZT
WTH101745 Hose assy fuel Rover 75 1800cc
WTP100200 Hose fuel pipe
WYA10001 Gromet boot
WYE100350 Use WYE100351
WYE100351 Clamå
WYG100450 Bolt Rover 600
WYH100250 Nut Rover 400/45/ZS Rover 600
WZQ100100 Bulb
WZX1095 Needle valve & seat for HIF Turbo
WZX1099 A Needle valve
WZX1100 A Needle valve
WZX1101 Use WZX1100 A
WZX1101A Needle & valve
WZX1102A Needle & valve
WZX1127 Use WZX1128
WZX1128 Throttle spindle kit 1-3/4" HIF
WZX1170 Throttle spindel kit 1-1/2" HIF
WZX1177 Throttle spindle kit 1-1/2" HS4
WZX1178 Throttle spindel kit 1-3/4" HS6
WZX1300 Float
WZX1301 Float
WZX1302 Use Use  AUC1223
WZX1303 Float H
WZX1310 Throttle spindel kit 1-1/4" HS2
WZX1320 Butterfly 1-1/4"
WZX1223 Butterfly 1-1/5"
WZX1324 Butterfly kit
WZX1335 Return spring kit
WZX1341 Use AUC8460
WZX1440 Use WZX1441
WZX1441 SU parts HIF
WZX1452 Jet assy HIF 44
WZX1453 A Jet assy HIF 44
WZX1454 A Jet assy HIF
WZX1455 A Jet assy HIF
WZX1505 Gasket kit HIF 44
WZX1510 Float HIF
WZX1525 Float camber kit
WZX1526 Camber seal kit
WZX1532 Potentiometer kit
WZX1593 Jet bearing kit SU H4
WZX1595 Jet H4 (NOS)
WZX1701 Valve kit
XAP129 Headlamp Metro 84->
XAP132 Headlamp R/H. Rover
XAP133 Headlamp L/H. Rover
XBC002540 Headlamp R/H.Rover 75 R.H.D.
XBC002870 Headlamp assy front L/H Rover 75-ZT 2004-> VIN 321638 on
XBC10032 Headlamp R/H. Montego
XBC10142 Use XBC10280
XBC10182 Headlamp assy
XBC10280 Headlamp R/H. Rover 800
XBC103040 Headlamp R/H. Rover 2/400
XBC103050 Headlamp L/H. Rover 2/400
XBC103220 Use XBC105230
XBC103410 Headlamp
XBC103560 Headlamp front R/H. Rover 400 95->2000 -> VIN 250028
XBC103960 Use XBC002540
XBC104430 Headlamp Mini Vipac
XBC104960 Use XBC104961
XBC104961 Headlamp front R/H. Rover 25 2000 to 2003
XBC105230 Headlamp assy Mini
XBC105320 Use  XBC105230
XBD000010 Lamp in front bumper Rover 75-MG.ZT ->2004 -> VIN 321637
XBD10041 Front indicator lamp L/H. Metro/Rover 100 91->
XBD10057 Front indicator lamp L/H. Rover 800 92->
XBD100670 Front indicator lamp Mini 96->
XBD100920 Front indicator lamp R/H. Rang Rover 2
XBJ100260 Sold ----
XBL10005 El unit Rover 2/400
XBP100090 Bulb holder H/Lamp Rover 600
XBQ000120 Sold ---
XBQ10048 Glass headlamp R/H. Rover 800
XBQ10049 Glass headlamp L/H. Rover 800
XBQ101020 Kit front lighting foglamp Rover 400/45
XBS100120 Motor for headlamp R/H Rover 600
XBS100140 Motor for headlamp Mini
XBV10021 Use XBV100650
XBV100650 Headlamp cover Rover
XBV100780 Headlamp cover Rover 25/ZR
XBY10002 Spring
XDC10011 Lamp warning door Rover 800 earlt
XDD10008 LNG Interior lamp Rover
XDD10016 LNG Use XDD10008 LNG
XDE000300 Use AFU4091
XFB10082 Rear lamp R/H. Mini
XFB10083 Rear lamp L/H. Mini
XFB10086 Rear lamp R/H. Metro
XFB101050 Rear lamp L/H. Rover 400
XFB101200 Use XFB10082
XFB101210 Use XFB10083
XFB101430 Lamp assy L/H. rear Rover 400/45-ZS 5. Doors
XFB101600 Rear lamp R/H. MG.F/TF.
XFC100280 Rear lamp licence plate Rover 400/45/ZS Rover 600
XFE10007 Rear fog lights kit Mini
XFG10010 Lamp rear high mounting stop Rover 600 / 800
XFG100450 Lamp in rear spoiler Rover 200/25
XFH100460 Rubber seal
XFJ10024 Glass rear lamp Metro
XFJ10025 Glass rear lamp Metro
XFJ10026 Glass rear R/H. Mini
XFJ10027 Glass rear L/H. Mini
XFJ10028 Glass rear R/H. Mini
XFJ10029 Glass rear L/H. Mini
XFJ10031 Glass rear lamp L/H. Rover 2/400
XFK000030 PMP Cover lamp Rover
XFK100220LYP Cover Rover 400/45/ZS
XFK100270PMA Cover
XFN10001 Use XFN100160
XFN100100 Stop lamp Rover 600
XFN100110 Stop lamp Rover
XFN100160 Stop lamp Rover / Mini
XGA2847 Gaiter gear lever black
XGA7431 Side stripe
XGA7432 Side stripe
XGA7433 Side stripe
XGB000100 Side lamp R/H. Rover 75-ZT 2004 on
XGE100010 Bulb holder side reperature Rover 600
XGJ2859 Sun visors
XGJ5176 Sun visors
XGL6622 Sun visors black
XGL6624 Use XGX6624 AP
XGN2382 Rubber seal
XGU1953 Parts
XGU6962 Parts L/H.
XGU6963 Parts R/H.
XGV2383 Moulding
XGV2456 Use  RGV6476
XGX1564AP Clip
XGX6420AN Side stripe Gold
XGX6422AN Side strip gold
XGX6424AN Side strip gold
XGX6622AP Sun visors
XGX6624AP Sun visors
XGX7409AP HD. Lining L/H.
XGX7437AT Side strip red
XGX7676AF Side strip
XGX7678AF Side strip
XGX7681AF Side strip
XGX8862AP Side strip
XGX8922AN Side strip
XGX8926AN Side strip
XGX8927AN Side strip
XGX8949AP Sun visors
XHM102 O ring
XHM103 Diaphragm
XHM123 Gasket
XHM131 O ring
XHM170 Use GUG704024 MG
XHM174 Manifold gasket
XHM177 O ring
XHM184 Gasket ring
XHM185 Rubber ring INJ.
XHM193 O ring
XHM212 Use VYX100010
XHM230 Use GUG704411 MG
XHM248 Use GUG705750 GM
XHM293EVA Use GRA2258
XHM385 Spring
XHM398 O ring
XHM400 O ring
XHM402 O ring
XHM404 O ring
XHM405 O ring
XHM418 Use GFE10007
XHM419 Use GUG705512 GM
XHM420 PVC valve
XHM446 Use GUG702528 HG
XHM480 O ring
XHM489 In valve
XHM491 Use EDU1068
XHM5008 Oil seal
XHM5030 Damper CL
XHM5108 Oil seal
XHM5206 Hub reverse Rover
XHM526 O ring
XHM534 O ring
XHM5384 EVA Use GFE1121
XHM543 B Use GUG3017 SG
XHM5455 Filter
XHM5541 Condenser
XHM558 Rubber ring
XHM5757 Rubber stering arms Rover 800
XHM579 O ring
XHM582 O ring
XHM5922 Use Use  BAU001120EVA
XHM5939 Ins rubber
XHM608 Use GRH944
XHM609 O ring
XHM610 Use XHM609
XHM711 Oil seal
XHM716 O ring
XHM729 O ring
XHM742 Use Use LVQ701053EVA
XHM744 Gasket set
XHM745 Gasket set Buttom 
XKC328 Parts door
XKC3492 Moulding door
XKC3641 Use 819959
XNB10007 Petrol tank sender unit Mini
XNB10008 Petrol tank sender unit Metro
XNB10019 Petrol tank sender unit Rover 800
XNB100380 Petrol tank sender unit Mini fuel injection cars
XPB100640PMJ Switch master lighting/Indicator/headlamp Rover 600
XPE000030 Sold ----
XPE100420PMP Wiper washer switch Mini / Rover 400/45//MG.F/ZS
XPE100430 Wiper washer switch Rover 400/45/MG. ZS
XPH100110 Parts Rover 800
XPT000009ACJ Conneet 2 adaptor
XPT000115ACA Towing el kit Rover
XPT000117ACB Tow bar fixed Rover 400/45-ZS
XQH100040 Clock digital Rover 600 1981 on
XQH100060 Clock digital Rover 600
XQL105630 Wiring to radio Rover 200/25
XQM10002AJ Speaker
XQM100760 Speaker front Rover 600
XUC10034 Motor to aerials Rover
XUC10036 Parts aerials Rover
XUC10037 Aerials Mini
XUJ000060 Aerials roof Rover
XUJ100070 Use XUJ000060
XYC10003 Clip
XYP10008 Parts
X2N1788 Seats trim
X2U3122 Seats trim
X2U3123 Seats trim
X2U5734 Trim
X3A3220 Door check strap black
YAC11036N Sold ----
YAN100370 Lens instrument pack Rover 400)45/ZS
YBD000443 EVA Cable speedometer
YBD000547 EVA Use GSD547
YBD10075 Use GSD488
YBD101410 EVA Speedo cable op Rover 2/400
YBD101640 Speedo cable op
YBD101670 EVA Speedo cable Mini 96->
YBE10030 Sold ----
YCB100320 Sold ----
YEB100820 Horn Rover 400/45/MG.ZS
YEB101130 Horn hightone Rover 75/MG.ZT
YFB10003 Clock digital
YFB100260PMP Clock digital
YFB100270PMJ Clock Rover 600
YGA1763 Sold ----
YGA2387 Use DBE10006 PMD
YGA2653 Parts
YGA4330 Window winder black Mini 82->83
YGA4333 Clip
YGA4340 Ashtry
YGX1020 EA Door bin
YGX2394 LNG Sun visors
YGX2736 BT Side stripe
YGX4173 LNG Sun visors
YJC100720 Tray assy battery 2,0cc Rover 400/45/ZS
YJF100150 Clamp fixing battery Rover 400/45/ZS
YJM100020 Use  5L877
YKC1454 Badge Triumph Spit MK1V
YKC2793 Use GAM262 A
YKR000517 EVA Use GGB517
YMD10259 Wiring looms rear Mini VIN442930->
YMD10717 Wiring looms rear Mini SPI
YMM109822 Wiring to rear door Rover 75
YMS10090 Earth strap
YMZ000140 Linkled Rover 75/ZT
YQH100360 Cover to fuses box Rover 600
YQQ10026 Grommet
YQQ100700 Use YQQ10026
YQR10051 Clip to harness
YUB101260PUY Sold ----
YUD000500PUY Switch pack-window lift rear door Rover 75/MG.ZT
YUD10027 Switch to window lift Rover 800
YUD100570 Switch window lift door 400/45/ZS
YUD101010PMP Switch pack el window lift-console black Rover 200/25/MG.ZR
YUE10003 Use YUE100470
YUE10009 Switche alarme
YUE100470 Switch courtesy light
YUF10048 Switch fog lights
YUF10058 Switch-rocker sunroof Rover 2/400 ->95
YUF100770 Switch to mirrors Rover 600
YUF10100 Use YUF101660
YUF101010 Use YUF101650
YUF101020 Use YUF101680
YUF101030 Switch light MK4
YUF101090 Sold ----
YUF101210PMP Switch electric rear windows Rover 400/45/ZS
YUF101650 Switch brake
YUF101660 Switch hazard
YUF101680 Switch heated rear screen
YUF101690 Switch fog lights
YUF101890PMP Switch adj. mirror Rover 2/400/25/NG.ZR/MG.F
YUG10036 Switch push seat heate Rover 2/400 ->95
YUG101480PMA Switch heater rear windov MG.F to vin XD511058
YUG101600 Switch push seat heate Rover 400/45/MG.ZS
YUG101870PMP Switch push seat heate Rover 200/25/ZR
YUH100050 Switch cruis control Rover 400/45-ZS
YUJ10031 Cigarette lighter
YUJ100770MMM Sold ----
YUJ105780PMP Cigarette lighter
YUL10021 Switch pack facia
YUL10074 Switch panel Rover 800
YUL100770 Switch panel Rover 800 91->
YWB000440 Relay
YWB10012 Relay yellow
YWB10022 Relay engine  SPI.
YWB10032 Relay green
YWB100710 Use YWB100970
YWB100800 Relay air con Rover & MG.F.
YWB100970 Relay Mini MPI.
YWB101210 Use YWB000440
YWC000760 Use YWC001000
YWC001000 Controlo unit multi function Rover 75 - ZT
YWC001520 Sold ----
YWC001521 Sold ----
YWC10050 Relay pink
YWC10072 Relay pink
YWC10087 Control unit el window lift Rover 800
YWC10153 Relay to wiper
YWC102420 Use DRC8534A
YWC102890LNG Transducer-control unit Rover 2/400 ->95    Rover 6/800
YWC102890LPY Transducer-control unit ultrasonic cler grey Rover 400/45/ZS/ rover 600
YWC103790 Control unit assy multi fonction Rover 800
YWC104500 Control unit multi function Rover 2/400/25/45 MG.F/TF
YWC112330 Control unit el window Rover 75
YWC106880 A Use QWC001000
YWG10004 Parts
YWJ000250 Kit-control & diagnostic airbag Rover 200/25-ZR 2003-> VIN wd169573 on
YWJ10024LNG Kit transmitter central door locking Rover 2/400 ->95
YWJ100590 Towing kit Rover 400/45
YWJ100680 Kit-control airbagRover 400/45/ZS
YWL10009 Sold ----
YWT10003 Relay Rover 2/4/600-25/45/ZR/ZS
YWX000280 Transmitter radio remote 433MHz
YWX000360 Use YWX000280
YWX10004 Transmitter Rover 800
YWX10005 Transmitter Rover 2/400 ->95
YWY000080A Transmitter radio sender parts 433MHz
YXX2790K Handel bonnet
YXX3200 CC Gromet
YXX3266 LG Clip
YXX4406 PA Use ALA6621
YXX4633LGN Fastner
ZAU000910 R CV Boot kit
ZCS628 Bolt
ZHM1007 O Ring
ZKC0929 Clips
ZKC1454 Blanking plug TR7
ZKC2544 Clip
ZKC2544 Clip
ZKC3317 Screw
ZKC368 Clip
ZKC368 Clip
ZKC929 Cilips
ZHC701 Parts Triumph
ZUA000100 Use JRB106210
ZUA000170 Use LVP100630
ZUA000410 Timing belt MG.F-TF
ZUA000510LML Use DFD300 LML
ZUA000710 Use XFB101430
ZAU000780 Use CUH000400
ZUA000850 Use XBC002870
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Spareparts no. 6