Spareparts no.1 Å.K.M. Racing
spareparts no.2 Lerpyttervej 31 7700 Thisted Danmark
spareparts no.3
spareparts no.4 tlf. +45 97 92 01 82 
spareparts no.5
spareparts no.6
Lucas spare parts
Spare Parts List 7
No. from 4G1588 to 97H717
Parts Number                                    Parts                                                            
4G1588 Spring Bonnet
4G2512 Grommet
4G3676 Spring cup
4G4920 Grommet
42B413 Sold ----
42B535 Washer
42B536 Washer
42B538 Washer
42B539 Washer
42B540 Washer
42B75 Locktab
42H1011 2nd speed gear
42H1019 Baulk ring
42H1022 Drain plug
42H1038 Parts G/Box
42H1069 Locktab
42H1070 Locktab
42H1113 Bush
42H1116 Rod change eye sleeve
42H118 Oiel seal Austin Maxi
42H1236 Parts G/Box
42H143 Locktab
42H144 Locktab
42H1853 Circlip
42H1896 Bearing
42H303 Circlip
42H321 Locktab
42H33 Selector fork (NOS)
42H400 Pivot
42H42 Locktab
42H428 Washer primary gear
42H435 Washer kobber
42H45 Parts
42H491 Clutch arm
42H637 Locktab
42H834 Washer
42H835 Washer
42H836 Washer
42H992 Cable gear shift (NOS)
42H993 Cable gear shift (NOS)
43A250 B Gasket Exh
44E1101 Headlining grey (NOS)
44E1337 Sun visors
44E3219 Door pull & Arm rest
44E3223 Door pull & Arm rest
44E3841 Side stripe
44E4293 Side stripe
44E4308 Side stripe
44E4406 Side stripe
44E4409 Side stripe
47H5060 Use  LU 54570130
47H5086 Sold -----
47H5112 Use 37H3234
47H5126 El parts
47H5155 Use LU 744744
47H5200 Glass green
47H5236 Use  LU 748752
47H5250 Condenser 25 D.
47H5308 Sold ----
47H5355 Glass rear amber L/H. Mini Mk1- MG.A MK11 (NOS)
47H5356 Screw
47H5357 Screw
47H5358 Glass rear L/H. Mini MK1 - MG.A MK11 (NOS)
47H5359 Screw
47H5360 Gasker rear lamp
47H5362 Glass rear amber R/H. Mini MK1 - MG.A MK11 (NOS)
47H5363 Glass rear R/H. Mini MK1 - MG.A MK11 (NOS)
47H5388 Brush kit
47H5389 Spring dynamo
47H5395 Sold
47H5504 Glass front Minor - MG.A (NOS)
47H5507 Glass assy front Minor - MG.A (NOS)
47H5570 Vacuum unit
47H5590 Sold -------
47H9535 Rubber strap
47H9573 Rubber strap  assy seat Minor
48G438 Sold ----
48G535 Rep kit water pump  (NOS)
48G570 Rep kit water pump  (NOS)
5D1401 Side stripe
5D1402 Side stripe
5D4085 Sold -------
5L1022 Cable fro battery to boddy
5L1137 Cable body to engine
5L1331 Sold----
5L1334 Sold -------
5L191 Wiring lomm braided Mini MK1 floor start
5L24 Switch knob (NOS)
5L245 Rubber to switch  (NOS)
5L286 Sleve
5L287 Sleve
5L289 Sleve
5L296 Lucas switches BMC Box   (NOS)
5L427 Fuse cover
5L433 Adaptor headlamp
5L489 Grommet
5L503 Sold ----
5L518 Sold ----
5L691 Sold ----
5L871 Sold ----
5L877 Battery cover
5L888 Battery cable
5L924 Battery cable
51K1177 Nut
51K1178 Lock nut
51K1193 Nut
51K1769 Cotter pin
51K1809 Bolt
51K282 Stud short
51K328 Nut
51K3424 Wishbone plug
51K4001 Bolt
51K4006 Bolt
51K554 Stud
51K881 Stud
51K885 Stud
53K1031 Bolt
53K1048 Bolt
53K117 Bolt
53K1184 Nut
53K1420 Nut
53K146 Bolt
53K1483 Bolt
53K155 Screw
53K165 Screw
53K1770 Bolt
53K1834 Bolt
53K1835 Bolt
53K1842 Bolt
53K1863 Bolt
53K243 Stud
53K269 Stud
53K2852 Wing nut
53K3503 Screw
53K3755 Washer
53K402 Stud
53K487 Stud
53K490 Stud
53K507 Stud
53K525 Stud
53K531 Stud
54K1723 Nut
57H5050 Shaft distributor
57H5051 Sold ----
57H5085 Fitting
57H5090 Wiper rack cable Mini MK1-11-Van-Pickup
57H5114 Use  LU 54570766
57H5128 Glass
57H5156 Glass
57H5158 Glass R/H front
57H5159 Glass L/H front
57H5169 Glass rear Van/Est (NOS)
57H5191 Cam distributor
57H5197 Vacuum unti Lucas 54415088 (5-17-10)
57H5241 Sold ----
57H5260 Sold ----
57H5296 Headlamp rim
57H5354 Glass rear
47H5355 Bezel rear lamp
57H5356 Rubber reaar lamp
57H5357 Glass rear lamp
57H5358 Gasket rear lamp
57H5399 Gasket rear lamp
57H5456 Seating rubber headlamp
57H5461 Glass
57H5462 Glass
57H5474 Sold ----
57H5478 Block 25D.
57H5569 Screw
57H5586 Wiper gear 120%
57H5592 Wiper gear 150%
57K3565 Criclip
6K26 Lock tab
6K35 Clip
6K431 Washer
6K516 Washer
6K529 Braring G/Box
6K592 Sold ------
6K629 Nut cam
6K630 Bolt
6K653 Spring
6K681 Bearing G/Box
6K836 Crank keyway
6K853 Spring  oil valve
6K881 Locktab connecting rod
6K927 Locktab main bering
6L5008 Clip
62H118 Gasket
62H361 Valve in 1,8 Diesel
62H362 Valve ex 1,8 Diesel
62H433 Pipe
62H461 Spring
62H472 Spring
62H477 Clutch pipe
62H576 Fuel pipe
67H5010 Starter pinion 9 T.
67H5012 Parts
67H5014 Parts
67H5017 Badge  M
67H5020 Spring H/lamp
67H5024 R Headlamp bowl metal
67H5025 Screw
7H1792 Rep kit oil pump 15-1800
7H25 Use  500319
7H28 O ring
7H3001 Spring
7H3081 Clutch release bering
7H3141 Use  GRB109
7H3166 Use  GCC108
7H3171 Spring
7H3185 Clip
7H3211 Use  GCC108
7H3214 Use  GRB103
7H3215 Use  GCP132
7H3600 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3682 Track rod end MG. TD-TF (NOS)
7H3718 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3724 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3725 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3726 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3772 Track rod end (NOS)
7H3778 Use  88G597
7H3858 Grase nipple long
7H4410 PartsGrase nipple long
7H4643 Sold ----
7H4644 Sold ----
7H4773 Sold ----
7H4903 Sold ----
7H774 Sold ----
7H4925 Dist washer
7H5002 Brus set
7H5008 Sold ----
7H5028 Use  GGB105
7H5040 Use  GSB102
7H5041 Use  27H6768
7H5045 Spring starter
7H5046 Starter pinion 9T
7H5086 Use  GRA101
7H5087 Contact set MG. TB-TC-TD-TF- Jaguar (NOS)
7H5121 Use  601721A
7H5130 Brus set wiper
7H5183 Glass
7H5202 Bulb holder
7H5390 Bush dynamo
7H5485 Use  LU 553940
7H5582 Use  27H6713
7H6255 Felt bush steering column
7H6838 Head lamp bowl 3 adjuster assy 
7H6908 Lock device boot A/Morris 11/1300 Mk11
7H6912 Screw
7H6920 Use  GSD105
7H6951 Vacuum unit (NOS) Spri/Mid/Minor
7H6993 Rep kit W/Cyl rear 22,22mm
7H7520 Bolt
7H7577 Spring
7H7847 Banjo bolt
7H7923 Rubber seal cup Minor MM - MG.TD - TF
7H7943 Rubber H/B arm
7H7949 Sold -----
7H7950 Sold -----
7H7995 Banjo bolt
7H8652 Oil seal
7H8827 Nut
7H904 Spring
7H907 Clipt
7H9867 Use  610624
8D2490 Ashtray
8G2052/10 Bearing (NOS)
8G2110 Sold ----------
8G2198 Bearing
8G2198/10 Bearing
8G2198/20 Bearing
8G2203 Bearing
8G2332 Bearing
8G2332/10 Bearing
8G2332/20 Bearing
8G2389/40 Bearing
8G2391 Bearing
8G2391/10 Bearing
8G2391/20 Bearing
8G2391/30 Bearing
8G2397 Bearing
8G2399 Use 8G2198
8G2404 K Sold -----
8G24022 std T hrust washer kit
8G2441/20 Piston 1098cc
8G2441/40 Piston 1098cc
8G2441/60 Sold -----
8G2443 Gasket
8G2539 Gasket
8G2540 Gasket
8G2553 Bearing
8G2553/10 Bearing
8G2553/20 Bearing
8G2565 Use 8G2580
8G2580 Terminal set
8G2585 Bearing Austin Maxi
8G2668/20 Piston Cooper S.
8G2668/40 Piston Cooper S.
8G2668/60 Piston Cooper S.
8G2670/20 Piston 8,8-1
8G2670/40 Piston 8;8-1
8G2670/60 Piston 8,8-1
8G4153 Rep kit
8G4181 King pin set pair Austin Morris BMC J2 - A 152 - 250 JU
8G4197 Swivel pin kit
8G4208 King pin kit S/Midgey
8G4220 A King pin kit S/Midget
8G4221 King pin kit MG.B.
8G4222 Use 8G4224
8G4224 King pin kit
8G4236 Upper bal pin kit Morris Marina 1,3-1,8 
8G4242 Use GSJ191 
8G4243 Carster kit
8G4248 Carster kit
8G4249 Tie rod kit
8G438 Synchro 3rd & 4th 3 synchro box (NOS)
8G549 O ring
8G554 Oil seal
8G589 Falcrum nut
8G601 Selector fork (NOS)
8G602 Selector fork (NOS)
8G6027 Cover column cowl Mini MK1
8G603 Selector fork (NOS)
8G6032 Cover column cowl
8G6033 Use 8G6035
8G6035 Sold ----
8G612 Sold ----
8G619 O ring
8G621 Bush
8G679 Filler cap
8G683 Sold -----
8G712 Camshaft
8G713 Shaft G/box
8G7134 Radius arm repair kit
8G7135 Sold -----
8G718 Sold ----
8G766 Cover to distributor cap
8G727 Cover to ignition coil
8G764 Gasket 15/1750cc
8G766 Primary gear Mini MK1 (NOS)
8G8095 Repair kit rear wheel cylinder A/Morris J2 (NOS)
8G8204 Sold ----
8G8224 Repair kit S/Midget
8G8230 Repair kit
8G8243 Repair kit
8G8245 Repair kit
8G8249 Repair kit
8G8254 Repair kit front wheel cylinder  Mini 1959->64  (NOS)
8G8258 Repair kit
8G8280 Repair kit
8G8379 Brake pads MG.A 1600cc
8G8420 Repair kit
8G8424 Repair kit
8G8446 Repair kit
8G8587 Repair kit
8G8600 Repair kit
8G8625 Track rod end
8G8626 Track rod end A/Morris J4 M10 (NOS)
8G8641 Repair kit
8G8642 Caliper piston
8G8668 Repair kit
8G8674 Repair kit
8G8689 Repair kit
8G8710 Mirror head  (NOS)
8G8711 Mirror head black  (NOS)
8G8730 Repair kit
8G8766 Repair kit 18,75mm
8G8797 Repair kit
8G8801 Repair kit
8G8806 Repair kit
8G8816 Repair kit
8G8830 Repair kit
8G8837 Repair kit
8G8885 Repair kit
8G8991 Repair kit
83H335 P  Number plate lamp plastic
83M846 Brake hose (NOS)
86K330 Washer
88G209 Shaft
88G210 Plug
88G211 Side cover dif
88G215 Gasket
88G216 Shaft G/Box
88G220 Use 88G402
88H221 Gasket
88G222 Parts G/Box
88G223 Parts G/Box
88G224 Parts G/Box
88G228 Parts
88G234 Shaft
88G255 Sold ----
88G257 Sold -----
88G274 Bush
88G276 Wheel nut
88G275 Bolt
88G278 Bush
88G291 Tap radiator drain (NOS)
88G296 RP Oil pump Rep kit
88G302 Needle roller bearing
88G303 Sold ----
88G305 Sold ----
88G307 Diaphragm Mini seat
88G308 Clip
88G314 Hose
88G320 Oil seal
88G322 Nut
88G324 Washer
88G325 Washer
88G326 Washer
88G328 Sold ----
88G332 Use 88G322
88G336 Hub cap (NOS)
88G337 Sold ----
88G341 Hub cap Austin 11/1300 (NOS)
88G342 Hub cap Morris 11/1300 (NOS)
88G347 Pedal
88G396 Needle roller bearing
88G400 Layshaft
88G402 Gasket
88G409 Needle roller bearing
88G411 Gaskrt
88G414 Track rod end
88G421 Gasket
88G423 Gasket
88G429 B Gasket
88G441 Oil seal
88G446 Sold ----
88G450 Filler cap Fuel oil (NOS)
88G455 Sold ----
88G456 Lever
88G459 Valve cotter
88G469 Parts
88G470 Parts
88G486 Sold ----
88G490 Oil seal
88G494 Needle roller bearing
88G495 Needle roller bearing
88G496 Needle roller bearing
88G499 Oil seal
88G508 Washer
88G520EVA Use GHK1485
88G538 Sold -----
88G542 Bearing
88G545 Oil seal
88G549 Ring
88G553 Shaft
88G555 Cover wheel Mini/Clubman
88G561 Oil seal
88G562 Oil seal
88G563 Oil switch
88G564 Gasket
88G577 Use 88G322
88G588 Heater valve
88G597 Ball pin
88G598 Track rod end  BMC A60  (NOS)
88G601 Heater valve
88G606 Wheel spinner R/H 8 tpi
88G607 Wheel spinner L/H 8 tpi
88G616 Top cap
88G617 Valve top cap
88G618 Pipe
88G619 Plug
88G621 Oil seal
88G806 Use 88G606
88G807 Use 88G607
90536094 Orangeindicator lamp Link rear MG.B.
90573474 Sold ----
97H2031 Link rear MG.B.
97H2282 STD Piston ring
97H2772M Hose
97H626 Bearing front dynamo
97H690 Use  GHS206
97H717 Peg