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Lucas spare parts
Spare Parts List 3
From CZK1122 to GEX9551
Parts no.                                     Parts                                
CZK1122 X member rear panel
CZK1125 Plate
CZK1126 Plate
CZK148 Chrosmember
CZK3002 Bar
CZK3004 Bonnet lock
CZK3005 Windscreen Morris Marina 1,3/1,8
CZK3009 Striker lock
CZK3040 Moulding
CZK3041 Moulding
CZK3059 Regulator glass
CZK3093 Moulding
CZK3114 Glass 1/4 rear Marina 1,3/1,8
CZK3231 Vaether strip
CZK3253 Rubber ??
CZK3320 Clips
CZK3329 Badge DELUX  (NOS)
CZK3335 Badge MARINA (NOS)
CZK3336 Badge MORRIS (NOS)
CZK3348 Clips
CZK3349 Clips
CZK3349 Clips
CZH3355 Sold ----
CZK3368 Clips
CZK3395 Badge  TC
CZK3426 Finischer
CZK3446 Spring
CZK3480 Knob pull
CZK3493 Grille
CZK3538 Badge Coupe to Marina  (NOS)
CZK3694 Clips
CZK3695 Clips
CZK3707 Rear 1/4 glass Marina 1,3/1,8 coupe
CZK3776 Door handle
CZK3777 Door handle
CZK3792 Handle
CZK3773 Handle
CZK3984 Sold ----
CZK3986 Lock assy R/H.
CZK3994 CableLock assy R/H.
CZK4216 Sold ----
CZK471 Clipd
CZK523 Hinge bootlid
CZK6009 Rear bumper corner L/H. Marina Van
CZK6035 Badge  10 CWT (NOS)
CZK6044 Badge MORRIS (NOS)
CZK6096 Control unit assy
CZK6114 Front bumper
CZK6126 Lock striker
CZK6146 Cable
CZK6161 Badge 500
CZK6336 Parts mirrors
CZK64 Outer sill Marina 1,3/1,8
CZK6472 Sold ----
CZK6475 Clips
CZK6479 Fan
CZK65 Outer sill Marina 1,3/1,8
CZK6612 Lock assemblyOuter sill Marina 1,3/1,8
CZK6648 Sold ----
CZK6669 Sold ----
CZK6699 Catch knob
CZK6713 Bracket bumper
CZK6724 Spring
CZK6875 Clips
CZK6890 Clips
CZK6974 Heater control
CZK7439 Knop
CZK7458 Barrel to bootlid
CZK7459 Gasket barrel
CZK7564 Glov lid sty
CZK7568 Moulding
CZK7589 Clips
CZK7694 Wiper arm
CZK7835 Clips
CZK7859 Clips
CZK7918 Grille Marina 1,8
CZK7929 Badge  GT
CZK7980 Badge "L" MORRIS
CZK7981 Badge MARINA
CZK7983 Badge 1-3 SUPER
CZK7987 B Badge 1-8 SUPER
CZK7989 Badge 1,8
CZK8075 Air Grille
CZK8242 Clip
CZK8289 Finischer
CZK8356 Door handle surroundFinischer
CZK9145 Suppoet
CZK9413 PlinthSuppoet
CZK9493 Sold ----
CZK9816 Parts
CZK9935 Handle
CZP404 Screw
C16062 A Brake light switch
C28520 Flasher unit
C34770 A Voltage stabiliser BR1310/00
C37222 A Coolin fan alternator
C40090 A Wiper wheelbox MG-Triumph
C5192 A Banjo bolt
C5574 Rubber ??
C8939 A Bush rear spring Triumph
C9928 A Rubber ring
DAB10076 Badge front Mini
DAB10085 Sold ----
DAB10106 Badge front Metro/ Rover
DAB101320 Badge front Mini  "35"
DAB101600 Sold ----
DAB101720 Badge front bumper MG.F/TF
DAC2044 sold----
DAE10088 Stafering
DAE10088LMP Stafering
ADE10088MMG Stafering
DAE10090LMP Stafering
DAF10116MNB Badge rear wing MG.
DAF10146LNS Badge Surf 1.3
DAF10239RWY Decal racing green
DAF10397 Sticker MINI COOPER
DAG10014 Badge rear ROVER
DAG100210 MNC Badge rear ROVER
DAH10034 Badge rear MINI
DAH100410 Badge rear MINI
DAH100590MMM Badge MINI
DAH100630MMM Badge rear MINI
DAH100920MMM Badge rear COOPER SPORT
DAH100950MMM Badge rear COOPER
DAL10159 Badge rear 420GSI 89->92
DAL10230 Badge Rover (827 S)
DAL10237 Badge rear 1.3 I
DAM10030 Badge VITESSE
DAM10030 Badge TURBO
DAM1725 2nd gear
DAM1754 Spring
DAM1758 Synchronizer hub
DAM1759 Synchronizer hub
DAM1926 Circlip
DAM1933 Baulk ring
DAM1955 Sold ----
DAM1997 Bolt
DAM2285 Baulk ring
DAM2377 Locktab
DAM2413 Circlip
DAM2670 Pin
DAM2768 Spring
DAM2821 protector oil seal
DAM2905 Sold ----
DAM2925 First motion shaft drive gear A+
DAM2959 Insert
DAM3022 Gaiter for rod change ooil seal
DAM3180 Thrust washer
DAM3181 Thrust washer
DAM3183 Thrust washer
DAM3187 Layshaft A+
DAM3619 Change lever
DAM3632 Gromet
DAM3683 Bearing
DAM3745 Baering A+
DAM3796 Parts
DAM4000 Locktab
DAM4102 Nut
DAM4103 Nut
DAM4440 Gearlever knob
DAM4822 Shim
DAM4823 Shim
DAM4824 Shim
DAM4825 Shim
DAM4932 2nd gear A+
DAM4964 Shaft
DAM5066 Sold ----
DAM5071 Washer
DAM5353 Plunger
DAM5355 Clutch arm Verto A+
DAM5621 Locktab
DAM5845 Buffer cable
DAM5846 Support
DAM5847 Seating cable
DAM5921 Boss Verto
DAM5922 Bolt Verto A+
DAM5923 Locktab A+
DAM5992 Plate for slavecylinder A+
DAM6013 Steering arm
DAM6028 Speedo drive
DAM6140 Locktab
DAM6192 Clutch arm Metro
DAM6215 Bush
DAM6486 Thrust washer
DAM6487 Thrust washer
DAM6488 Thrust washer
DAM6490 Thrust washer
DAM6491 Diff pinion
DAM6624 Pinion
DAM6628 Sold ----
DAM6640 Gear knob
DAM7167 Gear knob MG
DAM7300 1st motion synchronizer hub ring
DAM7323 Vacuum hose
DAM7355 Drain plug
DAM740 Input shaft
DAM7425 Sold ----
DAM7426 3-4ad selector fork
DAM7455 Use 22G2263
DAM7456 3-4th synchronizer hub
DAM7485 Nut A+
DAM7755 Bolt UNC
DAM7758 Bolt
DAM7760 Bolt
DAM7915 Plate stop manual gearbox
DAM8038 Shaft
DAM8216 Pin
DAM8217 Plunger
DAM8218 Spring
DAM8706 Bush
DAM8740 Master cylinder clutch Sherpa 185-255 1974->1982
DAM8887 Bush primary gear
DAM8888 Primary gear 998 A+
DAM8889 Bush primary gear
DAQ100060MMM Badge 2,0Litre Rover 75
DAR100440PMD Use DAR100620PMD
DAR100620PMD Decal door black front R/H Rover 200/25/ZR
DAR100650PMD Decal door black L/H. rear Rover2/400
DBC100610LPU Finisher foof drin rail L/H. Rover 600
DBE10006 PMD Gutter moulding cap black
DBE10006S Gutter moulding cap S/S
DBM633 Gear 1st 38 teeth Rover 200/25-ZR-400/45-ZS- 600/800-MG.TF
DBM740 Bolt
DBP1363 Glass
DBP4184 Rubber ring
DBP6376 Clip
DBP6574 Badge ROVER
DBP6744 JF Coover Mirror R/H Ma/Mon
DBP6744 ME Coover Mirror R/H Ma/Mon
DBP7047 Pedal pad MG.F.
DBP7098 Gasket Exh. 1600cc
DBP7099 Spring
DBP7104 Mounting Exh
DBP7667 A Petrol cap
DBP9045 Mounting rubber gearchange Rover 6/800
DBP9274 Seal stem Exh
DBP9326 Valve cotter
DBP9375EVA Use GTG202
DBP9434 Oil seal Maestro
DBP9444 Clip
DCB000100PMA Finisher windscreen black R/H. Rover 75/ZT
DCB10001 Use DCB10012
DCB10012 Finisher
DCB10025 Use DCB101050
DCB10038 Moulding W/creen Rover 2/400
DCB10074 Finisher W/creen Rover 200
DCB100760 Moulding top W/creen Rover 600
DCB100820 Moulding L/H. W/creen Rover 600
DCB100870 Moulding R/H W/creen Rover 600
DCB100930 Finisher windscreen A post L/H Rover 400/45/ZS
DCB100960 Finisher windscreen upper Rover 400/45/ZS
DCB101050 Finisher windscreen L/H. Rover 800
DCB101210 Finisher windscreen L/H. Rover 75-ZT
DCB118   LUCAS Condenser B.S.A.
DCC10005 Use DCC10014.
DCC10015 Finisher
DCD10094 Finisher backlight R/H. Rover 2/400 > 95
DCD102230 Finisher-backlight upper corner  R/H    Rover 600
DCE10040 Parts
DCE100440 Sold ----
DCP3289 Rubber ring
DCP3320 Dust cover rear damper Rover 800
DCP3625 Nut
DCP3630 Bush to anti roll bar
DCP3631 Rubber bush
DCP3656 Bush
DCP3703 Accelerator cable
DCP3813 Wheel nut
DCP3851 Bush tie bar
DCP3928 Wheel nut
DCP4117 Clip
DCP4230 Conn elbow
DCP4656 Extension  W/Arch
DCP4888 Gromet
DCP4901 Clip
DCP4978 Parts
DCP5150 Bracket
DCP5181 Finisher rear bumper
DCP5380 Cover
DCP5389 AJ Finisher A post
DCP5773 Rubber buffer
DCP6029 Finisher front bunper Rover
DCP6040 Bracket front bumper
DCP6274 Sold ----
DCP6311 Clip
DCP6419 Button trim
DCP6424 Parts
DCP7089EVA Hose expansiong tank Rover 800 2,0 - 2,5 V6
DCP7222 Bush to anti roll bar
DCP7228 Bush
DCP7354 Mounting rubber
DCP7494 EVA Ball Joint R/H Rover 820/25/27
DCP7495 EVA Ball Joint R/L Rover 820/25/27
DCP8004 Retainer
DCP8791 Headlamp Rover 800 ->91
DCP9170 Ring
DCP9266 Resistor INJ.
DCP9977EVA Use GEX33380
DDC10033 Finisher front door L/H. rover 2/400 ->95
DDC102020MMM Finisher front door R/H. Rover 75 
DDD100440PMP Finisher BC post black R/H. Rear Rover 400/45/ZS
DDE10027 Finisher assy rear top door L/H. Rover 2/400 ->95
DDE10060 finisher door top
DDE10061 Finisher door top
DDE100840 Finisher rear door top L/H. Rover 600
DDF10020 Finisher dixhlight R/H Rover 2/400 ->95
DDF100570PMD Finisher cheater Rover 2/400
DDJ000740 Finisher body side sill Rover 75-ZT
DDJ100460COQ Finisher-body side sill R/H. N.F/read Rover 600
DDQ100280 Sold ----
DDQ100320 Sold-----
DDQ100470 Clip MG.F.
DDR10008 End cap Rover 2/400  ->95
DDU100070 Clip Rover 600
DEA3220 Door seal black
DFD000180 Stop lamp to spoiler Rover 200/25
DFD000300LML Spoiler tailgate MG.ZR.
DFD10016LML Spoiler trunk Rover
DFD10089JRJ Spoiler tailgate Rover 2/400 ->95
DFD10089PMF Spoiler tailgate Rover 2/400 ->95
DFD101120LML Spoiler trunk Rover 600
DFD101550LML Spoiler tailgate Rover 200/25
DFD100700LML Spoiler rear Rover 200/25/ZR
DFJ100240LML Sport pack arches
DFJ100250LML Sport pack arches
DFK100460LML Sport pack arches
DFK100470LML Sport pack arches
DFP100400 Finishing strip arches
DFT100640 Fittings kit to spoiler Rover 600
DFV10037LML Cover Rover 2/400  200 3/5 doors
DFY10006 Rail sill flare attachment Rover 2/400 -> 95
DGB102210PMX Rubbing strip front fender L/H. Rover 2/400 -> 95
DGB102280LML Rubbing strip front R/H Rover 400/45/ZS ->2004
DGC10227HDP Moulding front door L/H. Rover 800
DGC102340LML Rubbing strip front door R/H. Rover 600
DGC102340LPU Use DGC102340LML
DGC102380PMX Moulding front door R/H. Rover 2/400 ->95
DGC102500LQW Moulding front door MG.ZS
DGC102510LML Rubbing strip front door L/H Rover 400/45-ZS
DGC102800PMA Weaterstrip door R/H. MG.F/TF
DGC102880PMX Rubber strip assy R/H. front door black Rover 800
DGD102010HOP Rubber strip assy rear door L/H. B/R/green Rover 800
DGE10124PDC Rubber strip R/H Rover 800
DGE10124PMX Rubbing strip assy tonneau black R/H. Rover 800
DHB000050LZW Grille MG.ZS.
DHB000450LML Grille radiator bezel Rover 45 VIN 5D637209 ->
DHB101920MMM Grille Rover 2/400 92->
DHB101950MMM Grille assy Rover 4000 to ->2000
DHB102150 MMM Grille Cooper 92->
DHF100010 MMM Chrome inner ring Wipac
DHF100060 Mini headlamprim 1997 on
DHH10048LML Finisher headlamp R/H. Rover 2/400 -> 95
DJE000010 Straps-hood folding-upgrade MG.F.
DJP2537 Ring Exh Rover 400/45/ZS
DJP4816 Cir clip  Rover 800 2,7cc
DJP5822 Washer
DKB10098 Wiper arm
DKB102090 Wiper arm L/H. Rover 400/45-ZS
DKC000099PMA Wiper blade Rover 25-ZR
DKC000145SLP Wiper blade Rover SD.1
DKC100730 Wiper blade rear Rover 25/ZR/45/ZS
DKC100840 Wiper blade MG.F.
DLS10001 Link wiper motor
DMA3901 Oil pipe
DMA3903 Hose to oil cooler
DMA3957 Gearlever
DMA5276 Engine mounting
DMA5509 Bush
DMA5509 Bush
DMA8302 Link arm
DMA8303 Link arm
DMA8467 Spring
DMA8648 Cable
DMA8769 Springe
DMA8770 Springe
DMA8850 Heater hose
DMA8940 Heater control unit assy
DMA9749 Choke cable
DMB102640 Washer bottle Rover 400/45-ZS
DMB102650 Washer bottle Rover 400 4 door
DMB103310 Ewasher bottle Rover 45-ZS 4 door
DMC000125 EVA Washer pump
DMC100490 Washer pump Rover 400 95->99
DMC100500 Washer pump rear Rover 200
DMC100620 Washer pump to head lamp Rover 45-ZS
DMC92140 Carbon mirrors cover
DMF100140 EVA Filler neek container Rover 600
DMK8864 Radiator hose
DMP2840 Rivet
DNA1067 Headlamp panel L/H. Leyland Sherpa
DNA3151 Rubber mats
DNA4133 Channel filt
DNA4137 Sealing ring
DNA4622 Handle R/H.
DNA5542 Door hinge.
DNA5543 Door hinge
DNA5544 Door hinge
DNA5545 Door hinge
DNA5707 Dr handle  rear.
DNA5741 Badge SHERPA 250
DNA101440 Jet Rover 75/ZT
DNG100170 Connector Rover 400/45/ZS  Rover 600
DNH000080 Hose headlamp vasher Rover 400/45-ZS
DNJ000320PMA Jet to headlamp R/H. Rover 75/ZT
DNJ000380 Use DNJ100420
DNJ000834EVA Jet
DNJ00812 EVA Jet
DNJ100420 Jet R/H
DNJ100980XXX Jet headlamp assy Rover 75-ZT ->2004 ->VIN321637
DNL100030 Gromet Rover 600
DPB001870LML Front bumper Rover Streetwiser S/Hand
DPB003000LML Front bumper MG.ZT 2004 on
DPB10085PMG Bumper black to Mini
DPB10166 R Bumper Mini
DPB10208LML Front bumper Rover 2/400 GTI
DPB102430LML Use DPC103060PMD
DPB102470LML Front bumper Rover 2/400
DPB102480LML Front bumper Rover 2/400
DPB103060PMD Front bumper Rover 2/400
DPC000250LML Use DPC000251LML
DPC000251LML Front bumper Rover 45 -> VIN 5D637280
DPC000360LML Front bumper Rover 25 YD471565 on
DPC000770LML Front bumper MG.TF.
DPC000771LML Front bumper MG.TF.
DPC003000LML Bumper
DPC10030 Front bumper Rover 100 90->
DPC10050 Front bumper Austin Metro 84->91
DPC101110LPU Sold ----
DPC101330LML Use
DPC101331LML Sold ----
DPC101740LML Use DPC000360LML
DPC103060PMD Front bumper Rover 2/400 2 door coupe ->95
DPD000010JQW Holder parkingaid transducer L/H mid/blue Rover 75/ZT
DPD000370LML Kit-parking aid holder Rover 25-ZR
DPD00048 Use DPD000010JQW
DPD000480LML Kit parking aid holder Rover 75-ZT
DPG10006 Braket front bumper Rover2/400
DPG100390 Bracket front bumper mounting Rover 600
DPJ000030 Foam to front bumper Rover 75/ZT
DPJ000170 Foam to front bumper MG.ZT.
DPR10046 Moulding to front bumper chrome
DPR10047 Moulding to front bumper red
DPR10061CNE Moulding to front bumper Rover
DPR10061MMM Finisher front bumper Rover 2/400 ->95
DRC100780RTH Applique assy-licenecplate Rover 400/45 4.door 2000 on VIN471064 ->
DRP10074MMM Finisher front bumper Rover 2/400 VIN 798420 ->
DRP10075MMM Finisher front bumper Rover 2/400 VIN 798420 ->
DPR100870MMM Moulding to front bumper chrome
DQB101890 Rear bumper Rover 2/400 and  Cabriole  VIN605482   1992 on
DQB102030 Rear bumper Rover 2/400 ->95
DQB102480LML Sold----
DQC10050LML Front bumper Austin/MG.Metro
DQC101041LML Rear bumper 4 door Rover 400 95->2000
DQC101211LML Rear bumper Rover 200 95->2000
DQC101400LML Rear bumper Rover 400/45
DQE105610 Armature assy rear bumper Rover 75-ZT 2000 on  VIN166297 ->
DQG10030 Bracket rear bumper R/H. Rover 2/400->95
DQJ100240 Foam to rear bumper Rover 75/MG.TT
DQQ000020MMM Parts to Exh rear MG.ZT
DQR10049CNE Moulding red Rover 2/400
DQR10059MMM Sold ----
DQR100770MMM Moulding to rear bumper Rover 200 95->
DQR106130LML Finisher rear bumper L/H.
DQY100210PMD Radiator grille lower MG.F
DRC000010LML Frame to number plate Rover 400/45/ZS
DRC10071 Rear panel Rover 2/400
DRC1090 Switche to window regulator
DRC1133 Switche
DRC1286 Washer pump
DRC1575 Washer
DRC1834 Clip
DRC1849 Switche
DRC1933 Switche to interior lamp
DRC2000 Lamp
DRC201 Bulb monitor Rover SD.1.
DRC2161 Gasket rear lamp Rover SD.1.
DRC241 Harness fiber optic Rover SD1
DRC2444 Switche to roof
DRC2482 Switche to mirrors Rover SD.1.
DRC250 Wiper blade to headlamp Rover SD.1.
DRC2576 Petrol hose clip
DRC2648 Sold----
DRC276 Lamp number plate Triumph TR6
DRC2879 Sold ----
DRC2904 Sold ----
DRC3017 Regulator
DRC6050 Connector
DRC64 Switch W/Lift
DRC8385 Lucas wiper control
DRC8490 Radio plate
DRC8534 A Indicator to wiper
DRC8558 Tank sender unit Austin Metro
DRC8587 Speedo cable
DRC8606 Control unit carb
DRC8908 Relay unit
DRC9251 El clock
DRC9307 Alarm
DSB116 Use LU 420197
DSD000030PMA Sold-----
DSF101280PMD Seal R/H. to hardtop MG.F -> YD531764
DSF101290PMD Seal hardtop to door glass L/HMG.F to vin YD531764
DSJ10007 Finisher hood well valance Rover 2/400 ->95
DSL10005PMD Back light Rover 2/400
DTB10103MNH Hub cap Rover 2/400
DTB10105MNH Hub cap 14" Rover 2/400
DTB101320MNH Hub cap Rover 400/45
DTB101340MNH Hub cap Rover
DTB101360MNH Hub cap Rover
BTB101390MNH Hub cap Rover 200 -> 2000 -> VIN471564
DTB101500MNH Hub cap 15" Rover 600
DTC10054MNH Center cap 
DTC100630MNH Center cap MG.
DTC100680MNH Center caps S/Pack 13" Mini
DTC100690MNH Center caps 12" Mini
DTC100790MNH Trim centre cap wheel
DTF100580 Kit flare RR. sill Rover 2/400
DUB000100XXX Finisher tail pipe
DUB000110XXX Finisher tail pipe
DUB100360MMM Finisher tail pipe
DUB100680MMM Finisher tailpipe
DUC008069 EVA Fitting kit Exh. Mini
DWE100002PAM Parts topedo Rover 75/ZT
DXB10006 Parts front  spoiler Rover 800
DXB10007 Parts front  spoiler Rover 800
DXB100470PMA Bezel assy front bumper fog lampL/H. Rover 75 ->4D321637
DXC100100 Stoneguard to bumper Rover 400
DXD000020LML Finisher rear bumperprimer Rover 75/ZT
DXH100010 Clip Rover 600
DXH100020 Clip Rover 600
DXP100030 Hose hudrauliv Rover Metro Cabrio
DXP100040 Zip convertible hood backlight MG.F-TF
DYA100110 Gromet blind
DYC10024 Clip hose
DYC10029 Clip
DYC10030 Clip
DYC10033 Clip
DYC10036 Clip R.2/400
DYC10039 Clip R.2/400
DYC10042 Clip R.2/400
DYC10052 Clip R.2/400
DYC10053 Clip R.2/400
DYC10061 Clip R.2/400
DYC10064 Clip R.2/400
DYC10066 Clip R.2/400
DYC10067 Clip R.2/400
DYC10070 Clip R.2/400
DYC101090 Sold ----
DYC101630 Clip front bumper Rover 75
DYH100880 Clip
DZA125 Bonnet locking platform Austin Allegro
DZA136 Panel headlamp mounting R/H  Austin Allegro
DZA137 Panel headlamp mounting L/H  Austin Allegro
DZA1435 Clip
DZA1457 Moulding crome
DZA1506 Glass flasher lamp fronr Allegro
DZA1512 Parts
DZA1530 Glass
DZA1531 Glass
DZA1534 Glass rear Allegro
DZA1535 Glass rear
DZA1768 Badge 1100 Delux
DZA1769 Badge 1300 Super
DZA1772 Parts
DZA1783 Sill cover
DZA1792 Grille Austin Allegro
DZA1799 Parts
DZA1811 Clip
DZA1858 Sill R/H. Allegro (non genuine)
DZA1859 Sold----
DZA1873 Sold----
DZA1918 Parts
DZA1919 Cover
DZA3142 Rubber washer to bumper
DZA3302 Front panel
DZA3328 Moulding
DZA3332 Hose
DZA3343 Hose demter
DZA3359 Screw
DZA3364 Lock boot
DZA3365 Clip
DZA3416 Finisher blsck
DZA3448 Parts
DZA3462 Screw
DZA3466 Moulding
DZA3503 Parts mirror
DZA3517 Clip to brake pipe
DZA3652 Boot carpet
DZA3682 Blanking plate
DZA476 R Sold ----
DZA477 R Sold----
DZA4947 Finisher roof
DZA5033 Control unit assy Allegro
DZA5115 Demister L/H.
DZA5116 Gearlever gaiter
DZA5132 Clip
DZA5173 Badge SUPER (NOS)
DZA5176 Badge 1300 (NOS)
DZA5177 Badge AUSTIN  (NOS)
DZA5218 Parts
DZA5237 Badge 1500   (NOS)
DZA5323 Parts
DZA5337 Gromet
DZA537 Sold---
DZA5449 Cabel
DZA5450 Cabel assy
DZA5819 Spring
DZA62 Parts Allegro
DZA6200 Wascher
DZA6208 Parts
DZA6209 Parts
DZA6268 Clips
DZA6278 Int mirrorParts
DZA6292 Finisher roof
DZA63 Parts Allegro
DZA6365 Deflekter
DZA796 Sold ----
DZA801 Front bumper Austin Allegro
DZA804 Glass
DZA852 Use DZA1792
DZA899 Sold ----
DZA923 ClipParts
DZA932 Moulding
DZA943 Clip
DZA945 Moulding
DZA946 Window regulator R/H front door Austin Allegro
DZA949 Moulding
DZA951 Botton locking
DZA955 Lock boot
DZA959 Moulding
DZB100340 Seal Rover 75/ZT
DZB3014 Parts glass
DZB3053 Door glass
DZB3302 Clip
DZB3387 Gasket ring
DZB3389 Parts
DZB344 Parts R/H.
DZB3610 Parts mirror
DZB3611 Parts mirror
DZB3636 Clip
DZB3732 Finisher R/H. wing
DZB3733 Finisher L/H. wing
DZB3786 Adjust knob
DZB3805 Clip
DZB3840 Part
DZB3904 Clip to badges
DZB3917 Badge rear AUSTIN (NOS)
DZB3918 Badge 1800 (NOS)
DZB3919 Badge rear1800 (NOS)
DZB3943 Badge 1800 HL (NOS)
DZB3976 Nut plast
DZB4119 Wiper arm L-H-D. Austin Princess
DZB4132 Wiper arm Austin Princess
DZB4280 Rubber seal
DZB4650 Windscreen Austin Princess
DZB5184 Clip
DZB5228 Handle
DZB5229 Handle
DZB5239 Moulding
DZB5245 Badge Princess  S/H.
DZB5251 Badge Princrss
DZB5586 Trim
EAC1385 Parts Rover V8
EAC3883 Parts
EAC5541 K Muts kit to connecting rod
EAC8161 Spring
EAH000760PPA Sold----
EAH001120LNF Sold ----
EAH001140SCD Set drop in mats LHD. Rover 75 Biege
EAH10029LCG Carpet mats kit Rover 200
EAH10029LNK Carpet mats kit Rover 200
EAH10029SMJ Carpet mats kit Rover 200
EAH10081SMJ Mats kit F/Rear Rover 2/400
EAH101790LNF Mats fronr Rover 600
EAH101820LNF Mats rear Rover 600
EAH102570SMJ Mats kit Rover 800
EAH102660SMJ Mats kit Rover 800
EAH103070LNF Mats kit Rover 200 1995 on
EAH105350SCD Mats kit Rover 400/45/ZS Beige
EAM1210 Glass rear
EAM1211 Glass rear
EAM1340 Stop rubber
EAM1650 Interior lamp
EAM2078 Rear lamp Marina Van
EAM3191 Wiper arm black
EAM4158 PA Cover mirror
EAM4159 PA Cover mirror
EAM4361 Lock bonnet
EAM4725 Mirror
EAM4737 Knop
EAM5138 Parts bumper Rover
EAM5202 Rubber seal
EAM5483 Bracket
EAM6250 Headlamp rim Metro ->84
EAM6251 Headlamp rim Metro ->84
EAM6319 Front bumper black Metro
EAM6330 Corner bumper Metro
EAM6331 Corner bumper Metro
EAM6332 Corner bumper Metro
EAM6333 Corner bumper Metro
EAM6442 Pad mirror
EAM6695 Cover to mirror
EAM6715 Clip Metro
EAM6891 Parts rear door
EAM7097 Hose
EAM7285 Gasket
EAM7724 Opening 1/4 light seal Mini MK3->
EAM8127 Pin striker
EAM8130 Bonnet lock
EAM8301 Cable
EAM8477 Quarter rear
EAM8530 Parts glass R/H.
EAM8531 Parts glass L/H.
EAM8704 Gromet
EAM9211 Jet rear
EAM9340 Seal
EAM9757 Clip
EAN100800SMJ Finisher front sill flor cover Rover 400/45
EAP100662MMM Plate floor cover front sill tred chrome Rover 75
EAP100882MMM Chrome moulding R/H. Rover 75
EAP8247 Petrol cap
EAP9321 Gasker Exh
EAU1552 EVA ´Rear brake shoe set Rover Sd.1
EAW1381 Parts
EAW2254 Gaiter steering rack
EAW3059 Needle roller bearing
EAW4959 Pipe
EAW517 Sold ----
EAW797 Pinion bush
EBC8330 Gasket
EBF10001 Loadliner + mat Rover
EBF10002 Loadliner + mat Rover 2/400
EBW1229 Oil seal
ECJ100090 Parts topedo Rover 600
ECX100081 Tube Rover 75/ZT
ECP245 Oil seal Rover
ECP260 Oil seal crankshaft
ECP550 Strainer
ECP7463 Rubber ring
EDG10005LUM Finisher sunroof Rover 200/25/ZR
EDL100150LNG Plug blanking
EDN10025LNF Handle Rover 2/400
EDN100310LPY Handle
EDN100310LYP Handle
EDP1007 Hinge rear L/H. Rover 800
EDP1045 Damper
EDP1051 Clip
EDP1147 Finisher
EDP3050 EVA Release bearing Rover 827
EDP3587 Bush rubber
EDP3842 EVA Shock absorber rear R/H. Rover 800
EDP4254EVA Use GBP90334AF
EDP4785 Spring
EDP5392 Clip
EDP5550 LH Buttom sill Rover
EDP5564 COF Plug spoiler
EDP5564 HNR Plog
EDP6029 Clip
EDP6202 Engine splash gaurd Rover 8000
EDP6203 Stoneguard L/H.
EDP6204 Kover R/H. Rover 800
EDP6571 Moulding
EDP6573 Moulding
EDP6767 SMJ Studs
EDP7132 Circlip
EDP7423 EVA Shock abshorber rear Rover 800
EDP7438 Rubber tie bsr Rover 800
EDP7555 Cable
EDP7769 Use EDP7438
EDP7854 EVA Brake hose front R/H. Rover 800
EDP7855 EVA Brake hose front L/H. Rover 800
EDP7856 EVA Brake hose rear R/H. Rover 800
EDP7857 EVA Brake hose rear L/H. Rover 800
EDP9301 Ring tank Rover 600/400/45/ZS
EDP9317 Gasket petrol pump
EDP9345 Valve tank Rover 800
EDP9431 Petrol hose Rover 800
EDP9434 Petrol hose Rover 800
EDP9446 Petrol hose Rover 800
EDP9447 Petrol hose Rover 800
EDP9620 EVA Radiator hose Rover 800
EDP9915 Hose tank Rover 800
EDP9923 Petrol cap
EDP9963EVA Use GEX33354
EDU100010LNF Handle lifting
EDU1068 Exh. valve
EDU1082 EVA Oil filter Rover 827
EDU1203 EVA Rotor Rover 827
EDU1255 Switch oil lever Rover 800
EDV100260LPY Finisher front sunroof Rover
EED000250 LUM Sunroof assy Rover 200/25/ZR
EED101330 LUM Sunroof assy Rover 200/25/ZS
EEP10 Use GCA8113
EEP11 Aerial roof mounting Rover
EEP37 Switch interioe lamp
EEP8 Gromet
EEP9 Naestro aerial
EEP92 NIT-control-window lift Rover
EFP3347 MMP Alloy wheels
EFP3438 Hose  1,4cc Rover 2/400 ->95
EFP6671 Intulator lower
EGF10007 LNF Cover
EFG100080 LYP Cover to Rover 400/45/ZS/600
EGF10007 LNG Cap roof grab handel Rover 2/400 ->95  R 800
EGP1617 EVA Rear silencer Rover 2/400 1600cc
EGP1750 Rubber ringunder front spring Rover
EHD10002 Locator drive cable
EHM102710 Air bag L/H Rover 400/45/ZS
EHT000010 Air bag front  Rover 75/ZT
EIP100000MMM Bezel-door  R/H chrome Rover 75/ZT
EJB115530 LPD Door panel L/H. front Rover 600
EJB118570PCZ Casing assy front door L/H. 5 dors rover 200 ->V40471564
EJB1436 Rep kit
EJD101650 Parts front door Rover 200/25/ZR
EJF100180 Bracket lock cover Rover 400/45/ZS
EJF100380 Bracket Rover 75/ZT
EJK10009 LNF Parts front door
EJP1254 Disc brake rear Rover disc238mm
EJP1419 Caliper seal kit Rover
EJP1495 Spring
EJP1496 Spring
EJP1497 Use SMK100190
EJP1498 Use SMK100180
EJP1500 Kit -shoe hold down Rover 2/400 - 400/45-ZS
EJP4033 Gasket EXH
EJP7368SLP  Disc brake front Rove Rover2/400 ->95 disc238mm
EJP7738 Nut special
EJU10003 Inner door finisher Mini
EJW100250PMA Fret-front rear door speaker Rover 200/25-ZR
EKM100110L Clip-cup Rover 75/ZT
ELT100140 Seal door inner waist R/H rear Rover 600
EMB10016 Moulding windscreen R/H. Rover 200
EMH100640LPZ Finisher bc post lower R/H. Rover 400/45-ZS 1998 on VIN 250020 ->
EMK5549 Pivot
EMK5701 Cable
EMK8866 Radiator hose A/Morris J2 Van
EMN100290SMJ Finisher D post lower L/H. Rover 400/45 4 dors
EMP7120 EVA H/Brake cable R/H. Rover 800
EMP7423 EVA Damper Rear L/H. Rover 800 88->96 
EMP7537 EVA H/Brake cable  L/H. Rover 800
EMP9072 Use WFH10056
EMP9299 Hose Rover 800
EMP9462 Petrol hose Rover 800
EOE100090 Finisher clamping MG.F/TF
EPB10024 LNF Parts
EPU10001 PAM Sunblind assy-rear black Rover 800
EQG100280 PAM Finisher clamping MG.F/TF
ERA1268 Sold----
ERC1102 Specer
ERC1637 A Valve collet
ERC1637 A Valve collet
ERC2154 Gasket
ERC2734 Ring Exh Rover 3500
ERK100410PUY Cover assy wiper motor
ELD101030 Sheeder assy rear door water L/H. Rover 75/ZT
ERC3256 Use GHT173
ERC3588 Ait tube L/Rover
ERC4480 Spill rail L/Rover
ERC474 Pulley Rover V8
ERC5655 Gasket L/Rover
ERC6432 Rubber ring
ERC666 Use GRH828
ERC7151 Use 557967
ERC7744 A Parts shaft engine controls
ERC7987A Sold ----
ERC8976 Screw adjusting
ERG1028 Nut
ERN100090 LNF Plug blanking
ERR1266 Parts L/Rover
ERR1304 Washer
ERR2826 Valve exh
ERR3615 Gasket
ERR4621 Washer
ESK10009 Net-carpet stowage Rover 2/400
ESK100220 Net-carpet stowage Rover 2/400
ESK100230 Net luggage Rover 200/25/ZR
ESK100430 Net-carpet stowage Rover 75/ZT
ESK100460 K Kit Finisher clamping MG.F/TF
ETC4298 Injector pipe No 3 L/Rover
ETC5337 kobber ring Exh.
ETC5369 Oil seal L/Rover
ETC6643 Injector pipe No 4 L/Rover
ETC7333 Timing belt L/Rover
ETC7607 Timing belt L/Rover
ETC7750 Manifold gasket 2,1-2,4 Diesel L/Rover
ETC7939 Fan belt
ETC8042 Washer sealing
EUL10002 Panel plenum
EVB10143PMA Seat belt assy  active
EVB103030LNF Seat belt assy front L/H Rover 200/25/ZR
EVB103980LPZ Seat belt assy front R/H.  Rover 400/45/ZS
EVB104650LNF Seat belt assy-actice front shortend MG.F/TF
EVL102740LPZ Seat belt assy rear R/H.Rover 400/45/ZS 5 door
EVL104020PAM Seat belt assy-individual rear  long end Rover 75/ ZT
ELV104022PAM Seat belt assy-individual rear  long end  Rover 75/ZT
EVL104930LNF Seat belt assy rear centre Rover 200/25/ZR
EVL105360PAM Seat belt assy-individual rear  long end  Rover 400/45/ZS
EWC100480 Adjuster mechanism assy-frot seat belt R/H. Rover 75/ZT
EXN100090 Clip
EYA10007 Clip
EYC10006LNF Clip
EYC10006LNF Clip
EYC10048 Clip
EYC10052 Clip
EYC100741 Clip
EYC100770 Clip
EYC100780 Clip
EYH10002 Clip
FAM1041 Mounting Princess
FAM1043 Mounting Princess
FAM1211 Accelerator cable
FAM1303 sold----
FAM1445 Knuckle joint
FAM1660 Badge "L"
FAM1735 Bush
FAM1765 Clip
FAM1905 Arm upper assy L/H Allegro MK2/3
FAM200 Adaptor
FAM2004 Flange
FAM2052 Bush front suspension Austin Allegro
FAM2088 Engine mountimg R/H. Austin Allegro 11/1300
FAM2089 Sold ----
FAM2223 Bracket
FAM2380 Cable accel
FAM2390 Swivel hub R/H. Mini
FAM2391 Swivel hub L/H. Mini
FAM2406 Bush steering column
FAM2562 Washer
FAM2563 Washer
FAM2655 Use GVC2002
FAM2764 Bump stop
FAM2767 Spacer
FAM2807 Oil gauge hose
FAM2903 Hand brake cable Mini
FAM2954 Cable
FAM2994 Wheel nut
FAM3017 Bolt
FAM3462 Washer
FAM36 Sold ----
FAM3640 Knuckle joint
FAM3968 Suspension cone spring Mini
FAM4010 Nut
FAM4333 Buffer
FAM4614 Rubber bush
FAM4663 Hub cap
FAM5006 Rubber bush
FAM5010 Brake pipe
FAM5285 Sold ----
FAM5359 Hub cap
FAM536 Bush
FAM5602 Use FAM8101
FAM57 Bump rubber
FAM5701 Wheel nut
FAM5820 Use FAM8101
FAM5832 Plate civer
FAM621 Compensator where cables meet
FAM625 Front cable Mini Van Est
FAM6292 Rear subframe Mini
FAM65 Washer
FAM663 Parts
FAM67 Use FAM8101
FAM6924 Bush
FAM7307 Steering rack Mini L/H/D.
FAM7314 Hand brake cable Austin Metro 80->85
FAM76 Bush
FAM7677 Bracket
FAM7821 Regulator valve
FAM8101 Mounting rubber crosstude Allegro / Princess 18/2200
FAM8175 Accelerator cable
FAM8266 Brake disc
FAM8327 Spring
FAM8338 Brake drum
FAM8404 Brake disc
FAM8419 Wheel bolt
FAM8560 H/brake cable Ha/Montego
FAM8714 Parts
FAM8970 Brake disc
FAM9123 Mounting
FAM9124 Mounting engine Maxi
FAM9270 Spring washer
FAM9370 Badge
FAM9525 Mounting MG.F/TF.
FAM9594 Suspension knuckle Metro
FAM9601 Sold ----
FAM9830 Mounting
FAM9943 Bush to anti roll bar
FAQ000050 ANV Lid glove box Rover 75
FAQ000070 ANV Burr walnut dash panel Rover 75
FB106067 Bolt
FB108075 Bolt
FB11011 Bolt 10X55mm
FB112101  Bolt M12 X 50
FBT1200120 Clip Rover 600
FBW100040 PMJ Panel to cigarette lighter
FBX10012 Panel to 5 switches
FDG100050 Kit- veneer fascia wood insert Rover 400/45-ZS
FDG100170 Use FDG100050
FDU1111 EVA Gasket thermostat Rover 2/400
FDU1260 Guide exh valve Honda 16/1800cc
FDU1632EVA Air filter element Rover 2/400 -> 95
FDU2522EVA Use GSP7662
FDU2800EVA Use GHT255
FHH10006 SMJ Parts Rover 800
FRH100160 PMA Housing clock/SW MG.F.
FJD100050 LN Centre console & armrest Rover 2/400
FJD100070 LPZ Centre console & armrest Rover 400/45/ZS
FJD100070 SMJ Centre console & armrest Rover 400/45/ZS
FJL100720PMA Handbrake gaiter black MG.F-TF
FJN10003 Frame to gear lever gaiter
FJV10091 Parts
FJV101420ANV Finisher assyRover 75
FKD100110 Spring fascia ashtry Rover 600
FMK5137 Bush
FMK8455 Cable
FMK8859 Radiator hose MG.A/B.
FMZ10011 Parts
FNN2410 Nut L/H rear Mini LHT.
FNZ208 Nut
FNZ2212 Nut
FNZ306 Nut
FNZ506 Nut
FNZ507 Nut
FNZ508 Nut
FNZ604 Nut
FPA902 Union petrol pump
FPQ10001 Spring bonnet MG.A / Mini
FPS100240 Bonnet lock assy Rover 200/25/ZR
FPS100340 Bonnet lock Mini
FPS100410 Bonnet lock Rover 800
FPS100420 Bonnet lock Rover 200/25
FPW10002 Shield bommet Rover 2/400
FPW105090 Shield bonnet latch Rover 200/25/ZR 2000 on 471565->
FPY100010 Safety catch Rover 600
FQB100020 Striker door lock Rover 400/45/ZS/600
FQB100110 Striker door lock Rover 75/ZT
FQJ000090 PAM Door lock L/H. MG.F.
FQJ10056 Door lock
FQJ10057 Door lock
FQJ10080 Door striker front R/H. Rover 2/400
FQJ10085 Door lock parts Rover 2/400
FQJ102850 Door lock assy L/H. Rover 2/400 
FQM000090 Door striker rear L/H. Rover 75/ZT
FQW000040PMA Use FQW10009PMA
FQW10009PMA Cover- trunk
FRC00050 Use FRC100080
FRC100080 Cable lock tailgate Roverr 200/25/ZR
FRC1203 Washer
FRC1941 Steering arm Land Rover
FRC2622 Pin
FRC3379 Spring
FRC3755 Synchronizer hub Land Rover
FRC4586 Oil seal Land Rover
FRC5419 Rubber ring Land Rover
FS108255 Bolt
FS108357 Bolt
FSE000130 Cable bonnet release Rover 75/ZT
FSE10020 Cabel bonnet
FT5301/11 SMITHS tank sender unit (NOS)
FTC2783 Use FTC4785
FTC4785 Oil seal L/Rover
FTC4822 Oil seal front drive shaft L/Rover
FTC5200 Clutch release bearing Land Rover
FUB102750 Latch  actuator assy L/H. front door Rover 400/45-ZS
FUD10048 Actuator central locking R/H. Rover 2/400 ->1995
FUE100370 Switch central door locking R/H. Rover 2/400 ->1995
FUG101480PMA Actuator central locking L/H. rear door Rover 600
FVC101890LNF Handle assy ash grey L/H. front door Rover 400/45-ZS
FVC101910LPZ Handle assy L/H. rear Rover 400/45/ZS
FXB10012 Switch panel 5 switch
FX108047 Nut SPI/MPI Mini
FYC100240 Clip door Rover 600
FYC100280 Clip
FYG10007 Bolt
FYG100100 Bolt Rover 600
FYP101220A Screw radiator Rover 75/ZT
FZX1473 F Sold ----
FXZ4044 Clip
GAC158 Mud flaps Marina
GAC159 Mud flaps Marina
GAC169 Overider A/Morris 18/2200
GAC217 Rubber mats kir A/Morris 18/2200
GAC326 Mud flaps Maestro rear
GAC349 Mud flaps Montego front
GAC354 Mud flaps Metro front
GAC355 A Mud flaps Metro rear
GAC360 A Mud flaps Maestro front
GAC361 A Mud flaps kit Montego
GAC392 Mud flaps Rover 800 rear
GAC4020 A Carpet kit front rear Rover 800
GAC4068 P Ally rocker cover A
GAC4069 P Ally rocker cover B
GAC4101 U/J car plate pair
GAC4124 X Aston petrol caps
GAC461 A Mats Maestro rear
GAC417 A Mats Metro rear
GAC419 A Mats Montego rear
GAC422 A Mats Rover 800 front
GAC423 Mats Rover 800 rear
GAC4503 A Sold ----
GAC637 Mud flaps Rover SD1 front
GAC638 Mud flaps Rover SD1 rear
GAC8000 Hylomar
GAC8425 X Bonnet lock kit Mini
GAC9213 X Windscreen washer kit
GAE102 Bracket to switches
GAE106 Switches wiper
GAE131 Reverse light switch
GAE139 Wiring
GAE140 Switches
GAE143 Cigarette lighter
GAE191 Reverse light switch
GAE226 Switches fog lamps
GAE295 A Switches fog lamps 
GAE300 Cigarette lighter
GAL118 Reverse lamp
GAL167 K Lamp assy
GAL270 A Fog lamp kits to Montego
GAM152 A Mirrors R/H. black
GAM153 A Mirrors L/H. black
GAM217 A Mirrors R/H.
GAM218 A Mirrors L/H.
GAM221 Mirrors R/H.
GAM224 A Mirrors L/H.
GAM226 A Mirrors
GAM227 A Mirrors
GAM229 A Mirrors R/H.
GAM230 A Mirrors L/H.
GAM258 A Mirrors R/H.
GAM259 A Mirrors L/H.
GAM260 A Mirrors head van pickup
GAM261 A Mirrors R/H. black
GAM262 A Mirrors L/H. black
GAW116 A Sold ----
GAW117 Wheel arch set Mini
GAW118 A Sold ----
GAW130 Wheel nuts MG.Montego
GBC106 Sold ----
GBC129 Brake caliper L/H. rear MG.F/TF
GBC130 Brake caliper R/H. rear MG.F/TF
GBC131 Brake caliper Metro 84->
GBC132 Brake caliper Metro 84->
GBC138 Brake caliper Mini
GBC141 Brake caliper Mini
GBC169 Brake caliper R/H. MG.F.
GBC170 Brake caliper L/H: MG.F.
GBC2030 &1 Brake caliper kit Metro Turbo
GBC90185 Carrier front R/H Rover 600
GBD101 Brake disc Cooper S.
GBD102 Sold ----
GBD103 Sold ----
GBD148 Brake dics S/Midget steel wheels
GBD154 Brake dics Triumph Spitfire
GBD155 Brake dics Triumph TR.3->6
GBD156 Brake dics MG.B.
GBD158 Brake dics S/Midget wire wheels
GBD496 Brake dics Metro Turbo
GBD697 Brake dics Ma/Montego MG.F.
GBD608 Brake dics Triumph Dolomite
GBD811 Brake dics Rover 100
GBD90800 Brake dics Rover 800
GBD90802 Brake dics Rover 800 rear
GBD90806 Brake dics 8,4" Mini
GBD90829 Use EJP7368SLP
GBD90830 Brake dics Rover 2/400 90->96
GBD90836 Brake dics Rover 600 front
GBD90837 Brake dics Rover 600 front
GBD90842 Brake dics rear MG.F/TF.
GBH102 Brake hose Mini Mk1
GBH104 Brake hose MG.A. (NOS)
GBH105 Sold ----
GBH106 Brake hose front Au/Morris 1100 MK1
GBH108 Brake hose Morris Minor
GBH110 Brake hose
GBH113 Sold ----
GBH117 Brake hose rear frame Au/Morris 11/1300 MK1-11
GBH122 Brake hose
GBH123 Sold ----
GBH130 Brake hose
GBH136 Brake hose
GBH157 Brake hose
GHB158 Brake hose
GBH159 Brake hose
GBH162 Brake hose front Au/Morris 11/1300 MK11
GBH164 Brake hose
GBH165 Brake hose
GBH166 Brake hose (NOS)
GBH167 Brake hose (NOS)
GBH170 Brake hose front Mini
GBH171 Brake hose
GBH172 Brake hose
GBH175 Brake hose
GBH176 Brake hose
GBH177 Brake hose (NOS)
GBH178 Brake hose (NOS)
GBH192 Sold ----
GBH193 Brake hose
GBH203 Brake hose
GBH204 Brake hose
GBH211 Brake hose
GBH216 Brake hose
GBH219 Brake hose  Triumph TR.7/8
GBH223 Use GBH248
GBH240 Brake hose Rover 800
GBH241 Brake hose Rover 800
GBH242 Brake hose Rover 800
GBH243 Brake hose Rover 800
GBH245 Brake hose Rover 200
GBH246 Brake hose Metro front 
GBH247 Brake hose Metro rear R/H.
GHB248 Brake hose Metro rear L/H.
GBH249 Brake hose Mini front
GBH250 Brake hose Mini rear
GBH304 Brake hose
GBH310 Brake hose Rover SD.1. rear
GBH418 Brake hose Triumph TR.7.
GBH90266 Brack hosr resr Rover 600
GBH90282 Brake hose MG.F. rear
GBK1001 Fitting kit Triumph
GBK1010 Fitting kit
GBK1011 Fitting kit
GBK1016 Fitting kit Ma/Montego / Rover 800
GBK1017 Fitting kit Metro 80->85
GBK1024 Fitting kit Rover SD1 84->86
GBK1025 Fitting kit Metro 85->90
GBK1026 Fitting kit Mini/S/Midget
GBK1027 Fitting kit Na/Montego
GBK1733 Fitting kit spring front Mini
GBK1834 Fitting kit spring rear Mini
GBK2105 X Clip kit MG.A.
GBK901036 Fitting kit Rover 2/400
GBK901040 Use SMN000120
GBP101 Brake pads Cooper 997
GBP102 Brake pads Cooper 998
GBP103 Brake pads Cooper S./1275 GT.
GBP106 Sold----
GBP114 Brake pads MG.C/T.TR.
GBP119 Brake pads
GBP166 Brake pads Triumph
GBP202 Brake pads MG.B.
GBP244 Brake pads Austin Princess 18/2200   09-75 -> 11-81
GBP258 Brake pads Metro 84->90
GBP259 Brake pads Metro 80->84
GBP267AF Brake pads L/Rover  R/Rover
GBP272 Brake pads L/Rover
GBP281 Brake pads S/Midget / Mini / Triumph TR.7.
GBP311 Brake pads Rover 800
GBP312AF Use GBP90327AF
GBP328 Brake pads Rover 2/400
GBP574 Brake pads Triumph Spitfire/Herald / Ford Escort/Cortina / Hillman Avanger
GBP656 AF Brake pads Ma/Montego
GBP663 Brake pads Rover SD.1.
GBP713 Brake pads L/Rover Defender
GBP719 AF Brake pads L/Rover  R/Rover
GBP90311 Brake pads Rover 800
GBP90312 Brake pads Rover 825/827
GBP90320 Brake pads Rover 100
GBP90323AF Brake pads MG.F. rear
GBP90324AF Brake pads front Rover 827
GBP90327AF Brake pads frront Rover 800 1986->91 brakedisc 285mm
GBP90328AF Brake pads Rover 2/400 - ABS ->95
GBP90334AF Brake pads front Rover 800 86->91  brakedisc 262mm
GBP90336AF Brake pads Rover 2/400 front
GBP90337AF Brake pads MG.F. front
GBS704 Brake shoe S/Midget ->62 front
GBS705 Brake shoe Morris Minor front
GBS706 Brake shoe A55-60 58->69
GBS721 Brake shoe T/Toledo front
GBS733 Brake shoe Mini front
GBS734 Sold ----
GBS739 Brake shoe Triumph TR4-TR6 ->69
GBS740 Brake shoe MG.B. rear
GBS746 Brake shoe Triumph GT.6. MK3
GBS749 Brake shoe Triumph Spitfire
GBS780 Brake shoe Triumph D/Sprint
GBS795 AF Brake shoe Rover SD.1.
GBS813 Sold ----
GBS819 Brake shoe Minor/S/Midget rear 
GBS828 AF Sold ----
GBS834 AF Brake shoe Mini S/Midger rear
GBS90795 Brake shoe Rover SD.1.
GCA8113 Sold ----
GCC102 Clutch diaphragm Mini
GCC118 Clutch diaphragm MG.B.
GCC166 Clutch diaphragm Austin Allegro - Maxi 1500/1750
GCC197 Clutch diaphragm Triumph
GCC221 Clutch diaphragm Leyland Sherpa
GCC228 Clutch diaphragm 8"/8½" Triumph
GCC230 Clutch diaphragm Marina
GCC239 Clutch diaphragm MG.EFI - Ma/Montego
GCC90282 Use URB10033
GCD101 Rubber coupling Mini  A/Morris 11/1300
GCK100 Clutch kit Mini - A/Morris 11/1300 - Allegro
GCK104 Clutch kit Marina 1,8
GCK109 Clutch kit MG.B.
GCK144AF Clutch kit Rover 23/2600
GCK151 Clutch kit Mini/Metro 82->
GCK2123AF Clutch kit Mini 1,3 SPI/MPI
GCK260 Clutch kit Minor - S/Midget 1100cc
GCK261 Clutch kit S/Midget 1275cc
GCK278AF Clutch kit Princess 2.
GCK285AF Clutch kit Freight Rover LVC
GCK601AF Use URF009539EVA
GCL110 Ignition coil
GCL132 Sold ----
GCL143 Ignition coil 10/89-> & SPI
GCP102 Clutch plate S/Midget - Minor 948cc
GCP103 Clutch plate S/Midget - Minor 1000
GCP104 Use GCP132
GCP109 Sold ----
GCP114 Use GCP250
GCP116 Clutch plate MG.B.
GCP132 Clutch plate Austin A55-60 -MG.T- MG.A/B
GCP183 Use GCP250.
GCP185 Clutch plate Maxi / Allegro 15/1750
GCP201 Clutch plate Marina 1,3cc
GCP204 Clutch plate Mini - A/Morris 11/13 - Allegro
GCP212 Clutch plate S/Midget 1275cc
GCP248 Clutch plate Rover SD.1. 23/2600
GCP250 Clutch plate A/Morris 1800 MK11           
GCP266 Clutch Plate  7 ½"   23 Spl
GCP273 AF Clutch plate Leyland Sherpe 1,7/8.
GCP283 Clutch plate Marina 1,8cc
GCP308 Clutch plate Rover 2L - Ma/Montego
GCP90311 AF Clutch plate Verto A+
GCP90408AF Clutch plate Rover 2/400 ->95  1,4cc
GCP90821 AF Clutch plate  MG. Metro Turbo
GCP90828 AF Sold
GCP90829AF Clotch plate Rover 825-827
GCP90832 AF Clutch plate Verto 1300cc
GCS101 Contact set 25.D.
GCS102  Contact set Austin A90/95/99/135  B/Healey 59->63- Jaguar 2,4/3,4/3,8 Aston Martin (NOS)
GCS105 Contac set Triumph
GCS106 Contac set Triumph Dolomite - TR7 (NOS)
GCS107 Contac set  GLT - MG.A- S/Midget - Mini (NOS)
GCS108 Contac set Triumph Stag -> LF1081E (NOS)
GCS111 Contac set Cooper S. 32oz spring  Orginale Unipart (NOS)
GCS112 Contact set MG. / Jaguar.
GCS114 Contact set Triumph Stag LF1081 -> (NOS)
GCS116 Contact set Rover-L/Rover (NOS)
GCS117 Contact set Rover V8. (NOS)
GCS126 Contact set L/Rover - R/Rover V8 83-> (NOS)
GCS2101 Contact set 25.D.
GCS2102 Contact set B/Healey 59->63- Jaguar (NOS) LU 420 197
GCS2105 Contact set Triumph Spitfire
GCS2111 Contact set 32oz fjeder Cooper S, 45.D. (NOS)
GCS2118 Contact set 45.D. 74->80
GCS2119 Contact set Ducellier
GCS2124 Contact set 59D 80 ->
GCV1013 CV. Joint Mini - Metro - A/Morris 11/1300 - Allegro
GCV1052 CV, Joint Montego
GCV1102 Pot Joint Mini -  Austin Allegro
GCV1103 Drive shaft L/H,. Mini drum brakes 73->
GCV1105 CV. Joint Mini drum brakes
GCV1107 Drive shaft assy Metro
GCV1134 CV. Joint Maestro & MG.F.
GDA1077 Shock absorber
GDB102 Brakr drum Ma/Montego
GDB105 Brake drim Mini
GDB106 Brake drum Mini Cooper S. 1275 GT
GDB112 Brake drum Cooper 998 -  Metro
GDC101 Distributor cap 6 Cyl
GDC102 Distributor cap 25.D.
GDC103 Distributor cap 25.D.
GDC104 Sold ----
GDC106 Sold ----
GDC107 Distributor cap B/Healey 100/4
GDC110 Distributor cap Triumph TR.7
GDC114 Distributor cap Triumph TR.
GDC115 Distributor cap 22.D. 6 Cyl
GDC123 Distributor cap Triumph He/Spitfire
GDC136 Distributor cap 45/59.D.
GDC142 Distributor cap 45/59.D.
GDC156 Distributor cap 45/59.D.
GDC159 Distributor cap Rover 825
GDC214 Distributor cap ducellier 
GDC219 Distributor cap Daihatsu
GDC384 Distributor cap K. engine
GDC403 Distributor cap Rover 2/400
GDC405 Distributor cap Rover 600 93->96
GDG151 Use TDR100500EVA
GDG152 CV. Gaiter kit Rover 600
GDG154 Use TDR000180
GDG202 CV. Gaiter kit Mini - Metro - Allegro - A/Morris 11/1300
GDG234 P/J. Gaiter kit Mini - Allegro
GDS103 Cover distributor
GDS1147 Use GUG1015HS
GDS1221 Use GUG1015HS
GEG1222 Head gasket set Jaguar 4,2L 1974->
GEG1226 Use AJM1226
GEG1237 Use GEG1222
GEG1253 Use GEG1222
GEG178 Head gasket Triumph TR.3->4
GEG183 Head gasket Triumph 1200
GEG203 Conversion set 12/15/1622 engine
GEG215 Conversion set Triumph 1300cc engine
GEG216 Sold ----
GEG222 Conversion set Cooper S.
GEG237 Conversion set 1800cc 62->65
GEG248 Conversion set Triumph TR.
GEG272 Conversion set Leyland Diesel
GEG273 Use AJM273
GEG274 Conversion set A/Morris 1800cc
GEG288 Conversion set
GEG304 Use AJM377
GEG322 Head gasket B/Healey 3000
GEG416 Use GUG5008VC
GEG419 Rocker cover gasket MG.C.
GEG432 Rocker cover gasket L/Rover 6 Cyl
GEG433 Rocker cover gasket Rover P5. 3.L.
GEG4458 Use GUG5008VC.
GEG434 Sold ----
GEG447 Use AJM447.
GEG450 Use GUG5008VC
GEG463 Use GUG5008VC
GEG505 Bottom end kit A/Morris 18/2200
GEG558 Bottom end kit A/Morris 18/2200
GEG661 Exh gasket
GEG612 Manifold gasket Rover P.6. 2/2200
GEG613 Manifold gasket Triumph 6.cyl
GEG615 Manifold gasket Triumph
GEG623 Manifold gasket MG.C.
GEG624 Manifold gasket B/Healey 3000
GEG662 Manifold gasket A/Morris 2200
GEG685 Manifold gasket L/Rover
GEG693 Use GUG4032
GEG696 Use GUG4417MG
GEG701 Gasket exh Triumph
GEG702 Gasket exh Triumph
GEG717 Gasket exh Triumph
GEG718 Gasket exh Triumph
GEG723 Gasket exh
GEG732 Gasket exh
GEG749 Gasket exh Triumph TR.7 - Rover SD.1.
GEG753 Gasket exh MG.B. - S/Midget
GEG755 Gasket exh
GEG811 Gearbox gasket kit Austin Princess 2.
GEU6603 Sold----
GEU6605 Sold ----
GEU6609 Tegulator Typ 16.AC
GEX109 Exh assy Austin/Morris 11/1300
GEX11013 Use GEX1932
GEX116 Exh assy Mini Van/Est/Pick MK1 (NOS)
GEX12043 Down pipe Mini SPI/MPI
GEX1206 Use DUB000100XXX
GEX12061 Tail pipe finisher
GEX12068 Use DUB0001100XXX
GEX1252 Sold ----
GEX1259 Sold ----
GEX1287 Exh pipe Cooper
GEX1288 Parts
GEX1289 Exh Front pipe Austin  A40 Farina
GEX1296 Exh Rear pipe Austin/Morris A55/60
GEX13002 Use WCU100990
GEX135 Exh assy Mini MK1 59->67 (NOS) BMC
GEX1371 Exh L/Rover
GEX1377 Exh L/Rover
GEX140 Exh Van JU Diesel
GEX1467 Sold ----
GEX1470 Sold ----
GEX1478 Front pipe Triumph 2/2500 68->77
GEX149 Exh assy Allegro 1,3
GEX150 Exh assy Allegro 1,3
GEX155 Exh assy Mini Van/Est/Pick
GEX1621 Exh Triumph Spit 75->
GEX1727 Dovn pipe Rover SD.1. 23/2600
GEX1763 Front pipe L/Rover V.8
GEX177 Exh assy Mini saloon
GEX1793 Exh Leyland Sherpa
GEX1794 Exh rear Leyland Sherpa
GEX1866 Exh pipe L/Rover
GEX1891 Exh front pipe Rover SD.1. 3500 SE
GEX1894 Exh front pipe Rover SD.1. 2600
GEX1932 Exh front pipe Montego  Moestro 2,0cc MG
GEX1987 Tail pipe Rover 825
GEX3171 Sold ----
GEX3178 Sold ----
GEX3209 Sold ----
GEX3210 Sold ----
GEX3218 Exh Triumph 1300 TC.
GEX3234 Exh box 
GEC3238 Sold ----
GEX3236 Exh rear box Austin A40 Farina
GEX3240 Exh box rear Austin Maxi
GEX3243 Exh front pipe Austin A55/60
GEX3245 Use GEX1296
GEX3252 Exh box rear S/Midget
GEX3260 Exh box rear MG.1300 67->71
GEX3301 Exh box L/Rover
GEX33017 Sold ---
GEX3302 Exh box rear L/Rover
GEX33055 Ehx box rear MG Metro
GEX33062 Exh middle box system MG.Maestro
GEX33078 Exh middel box sydtem MG. Montego Turbo
GEX33090 Exh middel box MG. Montego
GEX33091 Exh box rear MG. Montego
GEX33198 MA Exh assy 2" Metro 1,3
GEX33231 Use GEX33078
GEX33328 Exh box R/Rover
GEX33354 Exh fronr pipe Rover 800 89->92
GEX33380 Exh pipe Rover 825
GEX33423 Exh system rear Rover 800 89->92
GEX33426 Exh downpipe Metro 1,3  84->90
GEX33501 Exh middel box Rover 820
GEX33516 Exh rear box Mini Cooper
GEX33528 Exh Rover 2/400 89->
GEX33551 Exh box rear Rover 2/400 
GEX33631 Down pipe Rover 214/25 96->
GEX33688 Exh box rear Rover 414/16/ZS 95->03
GEX3369 Sold----
GEX33716 Exh pipe Rover 2/414  92->95
GEX3406 Exh rear Austin Maxi 15/1750
GEX3424 Exh pipe Triumph 1300 TC.
GEX3433 Exh middle box Triumph 2/2500
GEX3438 Exh box rear Triumph Toledo
GEX3482 Sold ----
GEX3489 Down pipe vid box Fright-Rover
GEX3490 Exh front Sherpa - F/Rover
GEX3497 Exh R/Rover V8
GEX3535 Exh front A/Morris & Princess 2200
GEX3669 Exh front Rover SD.1. 2600
GEX3688 Exh front pipe Marina 1,3    71->80
GEX3774 Exh box rear Marina 1,3/1,8
GEX3839 Exh box Rover SD.1. 2000cc
GEX3913 Exh box rear MG.Metro ->84
GEX3917 Sold ----
GEX6032 Exh front Rover 2000
GEX6039 Sold ----
GEX7036 Exh mounting front pipe Rover 2000/2200cc  P6 1963->77
GEX7039 Exh mounting Triumph
GEX7044 Exh mounting Triumph TR.
GEX7046 Exh clamp Mini/Minor/A/Morris 11/1300
GEX7047 Exh clamp
GEX7048 Exh clamp
GEX7049 Exh clamp
GEX7050 Exh clamp
GEX7052 Exh bracket
GEX7053 Exh bracket
GEX7054 Exh mounting
GEX7060 Exh mounting
GEX7063 Exh clamp
GEX7075 Exh clamp
GEX7081 Exh mounting
GEX7082 Exh bracket
GEX7084 Exh bracket Mini
GEX7096 Exh mounting
GEX7097 Exh mounting
GEX7099 Exh mounting
GEX7098 Exh mounting
GEX7098 Exh mounting
GEX7100 Exh mounting
GEX7102 Exh mounting
GEX7111 Exh mounting
GEX7117 Exh mounting
GEX7118 Exh mounting
GEX7120 Exh bracket
GEX7123 Exh bracket
GEX7124 Exh bracket
GEX7125 Exh bush
GEX7127 Exh mounting
GEX7130 Exh mounting A/Morris 1800
GEX7131 Exh mounting
GEX7132 Exh bracket
GEX7133 Exh mounting
GEX7141 Exh parts
GEX7143 Sold ----
GEX7151 Exh rubber ring
GEX7152 Exh bush
GEX7155 Exh mounting
GEX7166 Exh mounting Spacer
GEX7177 Exh mounting
GEX7180 Exh mounting
GEX7181 Exh bracket
GEX7182 Exh bush
GEX7183 Exh bracket
GEX7188 Exh mounting MG.G.
GEX7190 Exh mounting Bracket
GEX7196 Exh parts MG.A./B/C.
GEX7202 Exh mounting MG.
GEX7209 Exh bracket centre R/H A/Morris 18/2200 Wolsely 18/85.
GEX7210 Exh bracket centre L/H A/Morris 18/2200 Wolsely 18/85
GEX7212 Exh bracket
GEX7228 Exh bracket
GEX722 Exh mounting
GEX7230 Exh mounting
GEX7248 Exh bracket
GEX7249 Exh bracket
GEX7251 Exh mounting
GEX7252 Exh mounting MG.
GEX7253 Exh clamp
GEX7259 Exh parts
GEX7266 Exh mounting Jaguar
GEX7273 Exh bracket
GEX7275 Exh mounting
GEX7282 Exh bracket
GEX7283 Exh clamp
GEX7284 Exh clamp
GEX7285 Exh clip
GEX7286 Exh parts
GEX7288 Exh clamp
GEX7307 Exh mounting
GEX7308 Exh clamp
GEX7309 Exh bracket
GEX7320 Use GEX7460
GEX7325 Exh mounting tail pipe Rover 80-100-110
GEX7326 Exh mounting
GEX7329 Exh bush
GEX7330 Exh rubber ring
GEX7338 Exh mounting
GEX7343 Exh bracket
GEX7352 Exh gasket
GEX7359 Exh mounting Triumph
GEX7363 Exh mounting
GEX7367 Exh mounting
GEX7420 Exh bracket
GEX7422 Mountibg G/box
GEX7423 Exh mounting Minor 1000
GEX7431 Exh clamp
GEX7433 Exh mounting
GEX7435 Exh bracket
GEX7439 Exh ring V8
GEX7453 Mounting G/Box MG.B. 67->
GEX7460 Mounting Exh Jaguar/Daimler
GEX7469 Exh ring Rover 3500
GEX7470 Exh ring
GEX7481 Exh buffer Rover SD.1.
GEX7488 Exh clamp
EXH7497 Exh clamp
GEX7499 Exh clamp
GEX7500 Exh clamp
GEX75005 Exh ring Rover 620
GEX7505 Exh brackrt Triumph Dolomite
GEX7506 Exh clamp
GEX7509 Exh clamp
EXH7413 Exh clamp
GEX7508 Bracket exh Triumph
GEX7514 Exh bracket Rover
GEX7515 Exh bracket Rover
GEX7516 Exh bracket L/Rover
GEX7517 Exh bracket L/Rover
GEX7518 Exh Bracket
GEX7519 Exh bush
GEX7521 Exh mounting Rover
GEX7523 Exh parts
GEX7524 Exh bracket Rover
GEX7526 Exh bracket Mini
GEX7540 Exh clamp
GEC7620 Exh parts
GEC7622 Exh parts rubber ring
GEX7624 Exh mounting
GEX7626 Exh mounting
GEX7632 Exh bracket MG.Metro Turbo
GEX7638 Exh mounting rear  MG.Metro Turbo
GEX7654 Exh spring Rover SD1
GEX7655 Exh parts
GEX7659 Exh gasket Rover 2/400
GEX7665 Exh bracket
GEX7669 Exh bracket
GEX7678 Exh mounting Metro 84->
GEX7680 Exh bracket
GEX7689 Exh mounting Rover 825/27
GEX7691 Exh gasket Ma/Montego
GEX7694 Exh ring Rover 825/27
GEX7695 Use WCM0007695EVA
GEX7696 Exh gasket Rover 800
GEX7697 Exh gasket Rover 825/27
GEX7698 Exh gasket Ring
GEX7699 Exh spring
GEX7700 Exh bracket
GEX77006 Exh mounting rubber Rover 600
GEX7707 Exh mounting
GEX7710 Exh parts
GEX7713 Exh bracket
GEX7731 Exh mounting
GEX77524 Nut
GEX7756 Use WCM007756EVA
GEX7761 Exh gasket
GEX77659 Bracket
GEX7772 Exh bracket
GEX7773 Exh gasket
GEX7774 Exh gasket
GEX7775 Use WCN007775EVA
GEX7779 Exh gasket 1,3 I
GEX77898 Exh gasket cat
GEX7793 Use GEX7698
GEX77940 Use WCU100761
GEX7801 Exh clamp
GEX7802 Bump stop Metro
GEX7818 Exh gasket
GEX8060 Use WAG103651
GEX8069 Cat assy
GEX8070 Use WAG103651
GEX9007 Exh clamp
GEX9008 Exh clamp
GEX9010 Exh clamp
GEX9502 Exh mount kit Mini
GEX9503 Exh mount kit Marina 1,3
GEX9508 Exh mount kit Allegro 11/1300
GEX9516 Exh mount kit Princess 2200
GEX9551 Exh mount kit Mini
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